Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous Lyrics

And it's only doubts that we're counting on fingers broken long ago.
I read with every broken heart, we should become more adventurous.

And if you banish me from your profits and if i get banished from the kingdom up above;
I'd sacrifice money and heaven, all for love.
Let me be loved! Let me be loved!

If my brain quits, well, i guess then that's just it.
And if my hands stop working, you can call me lazy.
And if i get pregnant, i guess i'll just have the baby.
Let it be loved! Let me be loved!

I've been trying to nod my head, but it's like i've got a broken neck.
Wanting to say 'i will' as my last testament...
For me to be saved and you to be brave,
We don't have to walk down that aisle
'Cause if marriage ain't enough,
Well, at least we'll be loved.

I've felt the wind on my cheek coming down from the east
And thought about how we are all as numerous as leaves on trees.
And maybe ours is the cause of all mankind:
Get loved, make more, try to stay alive.

I've been trying to nod my head, but it's like i've got a broken neck.
Wanting to say 'i will' as my last testament...
For you to be saved and me to be brave,
We don't have to walk down that aisle
'Cause if marriage ain't enough,
Well, at least we'll be loved

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Rilo Kiley More Adventurous Comments
  1. daydrmnation

    This song's message is timeless

  2. Maddy Mud

    she borrows a Steve Martin rhyme here from King Tut.
    "Now, if I'd know, they'd line up to just see em, I'd taken all my money and bought me a museum."

  3. Riotboy1

    I remember...

  4. Ryan Thugest


  5. Paweł C.

    Radio Paradise brought me here, and Im glad it did so

  6. Jon Ludtke

    eat me punk!

  7. vue_daniel

    2017 and still listening

  8. Stevez61

    One of the best songs of the 00s.

    Seito Stockman

    peak Rilo

  9. Philip Murray

    10/10 album.

  10. Ben Smith

    she is bullet proof

  11. Jason Roggasch

    NO one NO ONE wants to pay to see your happiness. 

  12. Matt Reisenweber

    I cannot find the Music Video on Youtube.  That's quite sad to me because this is probably one of the 20 songs Ive decided would go on my playlist of "songs that define my path in life or mark a specific point in time"


    You mean that stop-motion music video with like hedgehogs? I was hoping to see it as well, I don't know where that video went.

  13. Kevin M

    Love this song.. but its the only one ive heard of Rilo Kiley ._.

  14. nrgins

    Actually, the whole song is a political message.


    This is weird. I didn't see the notification of your reply from 4 weeks ago to my post from 3 years ago. I just felt like listening to this song just now, though I haven't in ages, and did a YouTube search, and this copy of it came up, so I came here. And there was my post with your reply/question there! How bizarre!


    Anyway, to answer your question, the whole song is about George Bush, especially in regards to the Iraq War. You can see little hints about this throughout. The verse that starts with "Any fool can play executioner for a day" is especially strong. "He went that way" referring to Bin Laden. "It's only a switch or syringe" -- referring to GB's bombing of Iraq and his large number of executions as governor of Texas. "You still wear a cross" -- referring to his religion, etc.

    The song talks about the political motivations for the war in Iraq, coupled with the real effects of it. "But it's entertainment; keep the crowd on their toes. It's justice, we're safe." "It's a hit" is a double-entendre in that regard -- popularity of Iraq War (at least among Bush supporters) and the "hit" of a missile on population.

    Courier 2

    thanks for explaining this yo


    Great explanation. I was wondering how the "any idiot can open up a museum, put all the things he loves on display so everyone can see 'em. A house, a car, a thoughtful wife: ordinary moments in his ordinary life" works with the theme? Recently I thought it odd how easily this line could have referred to social media even though it was before that time.


    I can't help but think it currently speaks about Donald Trump, particularly in the line "any chimp can play human for a day". Great song.

  15. Christian Schock

    I remember this from MtvU.

  16. Canned meat salad

    That would be racist if this was about obama.

    Corina Prado

    Lol Bush was president at the time

  17. rad941205

    never actually realised how political rilo kiley were. love it! x

  18. TowardtheLoop

    Wow I forgot about this song. Takes me back to freshman year of high school. "your writers block it don't mean shit"

  19. rumvodkaf1


    Jon Ludtke

    take a hike buck-o

  20. nrgins

    @gracelessdilemma The whole song is a political message against Bush.

  21. iampunitan

    guy fawkes - a holiday for a burning -

  22. Danielle S

    @bayrat6969 @stixsix Found it! Only problem is the sound was disbled by WMG. But it's okay, just start both videos at the same time. I can't post the link but look up "It's a Hit mihalo21" it's the first video

  23. Jake Kendall

    @stixsix The one that had hamsters in it??? i've been looking for it forever.

  24. stixsix

    What happened to the cool video that goes with this tune??? I loved it...!

  25. iampunitan

    but you still wear a cross


    and you think you're gonna get in...

  26. Ryan

    Thank you pandora, anyway I found it using the band golden shoulders. Everyone search "I will light you on fire" by them.

  27. caroldanvers

    @Ratgrappler yeah but they were cute!

  28. caroldanvers

    post the music video! i miss the unipines =[

    Karl Carew

    Me too. Awesome vid

  29. John Greene

    First song I ever heard by them... Still as addictive as it was the first time :)

  30. Wilco362

    I was looking for this song on youtube and it wasn't there.

    Now it is, and it is still as awesome as I remember it.