Rilo Kiley - Let Me Back In Lyrics

Let it be printed, let it be known
I'm leaving you, I'm going home
And all you can do is just watch me go

I've put you down, talked you up, defended your honor
And then packed it in and picked it up
And all you can do is watch me go

From the Eastern seaboard, the landlocked Midwest
The Keys, the Alps, the Black Hills and Budapest
With my heart in a sling, tail between my legs a-swinging
I'm sorry for leaving

But when the palm trees bow their heads
No matter how wrong I've been
L.A., you always let me back in

And you can bury me when my body breaks
In the earth that created me, in the Golden State
By my mama and her brother and their mama too

'Cause I had a dream I was carried on backs
Of a thousand green birds
And they carried me to a place without words
And there was nothing, but there was everything

And it sounded like this

But when the palm trees bow their heads
No matter how cruel I've been
L.A., you always let me back in

And when the palm trees bow their heads,
No matter how cruel I've been,
L.A., you always let me back in, in

Oh back in, in
Oh back in, in

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Rilo Kiley Let Me Back In Comments
  1. Leticia R


  2. Eileen Perez

    Yeah, I'm missing home real bad now. Just seeing those palm trees made me tear up. I just moved out of state, and I even miss the freeways! This song is so amazing. Thank you Rilo Kiley....

  3. drutgat2

    Great melody, and singing. Thanks for posting it.

  4. brenmip

    Yeah, we're gonna need a new album. I don't care that they're broken up.

  5. April Damaso

    My footage at 2:56! I was front row center at the Seattle Showbox. Rilo Kiley played with Michael Runion and Whispertown 2000. Best concert of my life. She got off the stage and took my spot on the floor to sing "With Arms Outstretched" to the crowd.

  6. Claire Philomena

    this isn't on any Rilo Kiley albums.. where does one locate a high res mp3 of such a delight?

    Calum Sayers

    its on their album rkives, you can find it on spotify

    Claire Philomena

    Thanks :)

  7. Dema Vlogs

    Trump might not want me in, but LA I'm coming <3 sending blessings over there already, much love to all of you

  8. Greg Lee

    god i love this song

  9. Sabu Reznor

    Miss this band like no other. I hope they come back one day.

  10. Shane V

    We are a group of music snobs nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Let me in”.

  11. Meegs B

    Please research the flat Earth!


    say what now?

  12. Franky Vielle

    When the palm trees bow there heads is a prefect song to go home with a hang over or walk of shame

  13. Takayuki Ishiguro

    Jenny is a genius. No doubt.

  14. Dan Hagen

    Great song, but I hear "Sea of Love" all through the verse.

  15. Jorge Guzman

    i want a band


    lets do it

    Jorge Guzman



    haha I can't play any instrument but I have a big will so that's important too :D

    Jorge Guzman

    hahah yeah me too i can¨t play anything

  16. joshyphenry

    Lana del Rey wishes she had this much soul

  17. mummyboy82

    I recently was on a plane and as the plane was starting to prepare for landing this song came on my ipod. I was landing in L.A. I was born and raised in L.A and have always had a love hate relationship with it. This song just reminded me how happy I was at that moment how glad I was to be home.

  18. SNKNostalgia

    Awesome song and Santa Rosa 4 Life!!!! oh well, lol

  19. Kristeena Salas

    It's an Ode

  20. Antonio Torres

    I miss them :(


    Why did they ever break up??!!!😭😭😭

    lauren g

    @Ikoikjji Outgrew being a band and everything that went along with it - touring, bureaucracy, record companies, festivals, drinking, instability, etc, I bet. Doesn't mean they outgrew music as I'm sure it's a large part of their lives.


    if they ever re united I would be sooooo happy

  21. Evan Hampton

    m not supposed to be here. This music is better than me,

  22. Justin Redfield

    From a NY state boy....this song is blissfull, endearing, and lovely. I first heard it 10 years ago on ACL and it had never left my mind, Thank you for posting it

  23. Chris Rudolph

    Love the song but let's face it, LA sucks. Dirty, insane traffic, and not much for good architecture. The sports are good, and also the weather, but everywhere on the coast in SoCal has perfect weather.

    Brandi Fortelny

    The song is not about what you hate, it's about what they love :)

    Chris Rudolph

    Yeah I know what it's about, but LA still sucks.

    Brandi Fortelny

    @Chris Rudolph
    Thanks for sharing :) I'm sorry that living there wasn't a good experience for you... I loved it!


    Not much for good architecture!?! L.A. pretty much wrote the book on American MCM.


    The thing is, there's nothing to do in L.A. I've been wandering around for over 40 years here and have yet to find a museum, concert hall, restaurant, shopping mall, beach, amusement park, any other kind of park, university. Yeah, this town really sucks.

  24. David Goode

    For some reason I left SoCAL for MI. 

  25. Violeta Azcona

    ... and all you can do is just watch me go ♫...

  26. ramenoh10

    beautiful, truly beautiful.

  27. Justin Malesky


  28. thyfacelessgod

    Come back to us!

  29. Andrew Schwegler

    I'm just gonna watch this over and over and cry some more.

  30. MsCanadianwoman

    So bitter sweet. Love it.

  31. Melissa Jensen

    I love the tap dancing in it!!!!

  32. shoplifter771

    They were good. Really good. And this is just another of many possible examples.

  33. K6III

    They're back?!

  34. feavs s.a.

    don't have to let rilo kiley back into my heart, because they never left.

  35. MelieSue

    i cried!

  36. Neiko Frost


  37. Rose Red

    it's over.
    my emotions.

  38. Becca Dorman

    That last shot is definitely on Baxter street in Echo Park! <3 EP & LA

  39. Tama Etra

    Thank you Jenny Lewis. I have loved you for a very long time!

  40. Corina Martinez

    I love Rilo Kiley! I wish I could've seen them on tour. Come back!!! Wouldn't live anywhere else but LA <3

  41. skourgey

    "More Adventurous" was one of those rare albums that will leave you shaking on the floor in pain, sobbing "THANK YOU."

  42. ghost slime

    come back!

  43. Jacob Davalos

    Los Angeles. Greatest city in the world.

  44. Applep Ie

    This is the RK sound I love and miss.

  45. MuttonChopYaz

    READING: IT HELPS! "Rilo Kiley pull together archival tour footage in the clip for their L.A. ode "Let Me Back In" off the rkives compilation of rarities."

  46. Manu Carreño

    ¡Thank god you're back!... I missed you so much.

  47. Victoria Pollock

    This is not a music video. She sang about Palm Trees, let's cut to palm trees...eyeroll. Great song though.

  48. J. Hancock

    I think the postal service just finished up their reunion tour, I WANT A RILO KILEY REUNION NEXT

  49. MuttonChopYaz

    I got to see them once, on the Blacklight tour, and I will never forget it. Blake yelled at some dude, Jenny was perfect... going to rock these tracks until I die.

  50. spektorologist

    This song makes me sad...I wanna see them so bad

  51. Steven Tsapelas

    i first saw rilo kiley perform the summer of 2001. watching this video is like watching my youth.

  52. Csaba Ürögdi

    From the Eastern seaboard, the landlocked Midwest
    The Keys, the Alps, the Black Hills and Budapest
    With my heart in a sling, tail between my legs a-swinging
    I'm sorry for leaving...

  53. adrian rodrigo

    great vid and song…made me a 'lil sad…i'm gonna miss Jenny and the gang!

  54. Leonel Remille

    What the fuck? I Cried a little...

  55. MuttonChopYaz

    I was fortunate to see this wonderful group during the Blacklight tour. So bittersweet.

  56. vivishout

    I have been listening to Rilo Kiley and going to their concerts since 1999, back in the days of the Initial Friend. For the breadth of music I've listened to, no other band has ever captured me quite the way they do. RKives is a nostalgic, melancholy, and oddly comforting bittersweet journey. Rilo Kiley, thanks. At the very least, it's one more for the road. Missed you.

  57. BonerPolice91

    damn rite!

  58. BlAcKlUnGeD

    I hate that we were born on the same year. >:I

  59. ramenoh10

    ive been saying it for years man! and lets get rid of those muggles to! and those filthy hobbitsis too!

  60. HappyHourSketch

    Great to hear from such an amazing band once again!

  61. Traccia7

    I'm almost crying.

  62. MortimerDarkness

    is this new? if it isn't im rather surprised ive never heard it b4!

  63. joshwilkesbooth

    All the feels.

  64. Kumat Mebro

    lmao nice meltdown

  65. Josue Aguilar

    This was great.

  66. Kumat Mebro

    you sound mad
    calm down and listen to your whimsy faggy little song

  67. Kumat Mebro

    all terrible twee garbage

  68. InfamousCrimes

    Bands featuring broken up romantic couples never get back together. They had their moment of greatness and it's past.

  69. Christina D.

    beautiful <3RK

  70. TheBlaaahhhhhh


  71. Koderboy

    You have 104 likes. well here is 105. You have great music taste dude :^D

  72. fortheloveoftuesday

    this makes my heart happy and sad at the same time.

  73. Ray Wijshijer

    transatlanticismmmmmm <3 <3

  74. Queen Schnitzler 蔣志樺

    I went to college in LA and got into Rilo Kiley when they put out executions. I loved the band and was not happy to hear that they broke up. I really liked this song. It's so beautiful and sad, but bittersweet.

  75. Queen Schnitzler 蔣志樺

    I agree. I like all the music you listed. Really good rock music that makes you want to wait for more!

  76. Gary Helsinger

    it's been so long since Dave's couch and the Sandbox ;) Hi.

  77. Narahaia

    I love you more than words can say
    Rilo Kiley. Please, Don't call it a day

  78. Nat LuvsStrawberries

    Why do fuc&in good things have to come to end this band needs to always stay together! Together!

  79. Paul Brown

    This is up there with their very best. Truly beautiful music from still the world's best Indie band. Please get back together, you are truly missed by us all!

  80. brocolizz

    THIS VIDEO IS SO MUCH LOVE I CANT TAKE IT ( yes, caps lock )

  81. ceyk_nic

    Rilo Kiley will forever have a special place in my heart. thanks for the beautiful music :)

  82. Rilo1917

    Will always be my favourite band. Thank you for this!

  83. Cat Cheatle

    Jesus Christ.
    Got me all teary eyed.
    Damn you Rilo Kiley.
    So much love.

  84. Taylor Denise

    i have CHILLS!!!

  85. Jessica Matic

    Is that UCR @1:43? Because I swear it is..... If so, HONORED :)

  86. Jessica Matic

    I have no idea this was being released..... legit crying listening to it on the pitchfork advance stream.

  87. Rye Guy


  88. Horny Toad 69


  89. John Fritz

    I'm listening to this on repeat. Gawd I love you guys. xoxo

  90. GD #Live

    Rilo Kiley will never be forgotten!

  91. cole61992

    I wasn't a fan of RK in 2003-2005. I actually just found out about them about 6 months ago. But seeing this video makes me want it to be 2003-2005 again. It makes me sad that they broke up before i discovered them.
    But I'm glad that I at least found their music, and that i can relate.
    And yes, RK. We'll always let you back in.

  92. Chris Murphy

    I love the sadly sweet but somehow optimistic tone in her voice.

  93. Danielle L

    Oh my god, yes. So many feelings invested in ALL of those albums.

  94. thecenterofwinter

    P.S. Jenny's voice has come such a long way - wow. Amazing vocals.

  95. thecenterofwinter

    Rilo Kiley, I love you forever and always.

  96. Chris Wiegel

    favorite moments: duke biking across stage @0:28 blake and tim jamming on the couch @0:40 , jenny on the plane, @2:26 jason air drumming @3:25

  97. Earl Lemongrab

    Music is pretty cool.

  98. MichaelHortonEsq

    2003 was a hell of a year. Transatlanticism. Give Up. The Meadowlands. Chutes Too Narrow. Michigan. Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Happy Songs For Happy People. Fever To Tell.

  99. dobbsiancant

    i love this band to death,even if blake did mock our bagels.

  100. Jordan Smith

    Are they not a band anymore?