Rilo Kiley - Dreamworld Lyrics

She was the girl with the string around her neck,
With the boy who could only give her less.
It could be more if she learned to never expect,
And now she's her and him and then a baby next.

The wedding bells won't ring, but she couldn't care less,
You exist, when you're living in a dream world.

He grew up drinking milk from the cow, from the farm.
He was the traitor's father's father's father.
His father made him go give back to his country.
He gave his both knees, his overseas to fight the disease.

It's spreading fast over maps and it don't look back,
When you're living in a dream world.

It is a lion's science fiction wings,
Just like a jolly dizzy for zero, one, three times
The size of the people that came before.
Me and you and what we'd do for money.

This greed and jealousy turn to need.
See, I'm a man with a plan to use my hands.
I'm touching yours, you're the girl who wanted more.
Now baby, the story has faded from love to lie.

The clover under your feet is shooting stars in the night.
The people under your feet are shooting stars in the night.
The people, all that you meet, they're living in a dream world

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Rilo Kiley Dreamworld Comments
  1. LISA JO



    How my hopes were dashed when they broke up! They were the next Fleetwood Mac! If you haven't, check out her album, The Voyager! Another favorite!

  3. kyooo go

    这是我最喜欢的一首歌之一了 好听

  4. w0mbles

    Have you noticed how many artists/celebrities who complain about equality are the only female in a band surrounded by males, and how they capture centre position in every photo shoot, and how they dress as princesses in order to capture attention? If you want equality, act like it. You don't get to complain about "being one of the guys" while deliberately ensuring that you don't have female competition in the band.

  5. mike kaufman

    Great song. Mesmerizing.

  6. Lynz Ramish

    The vocals remind me of Arcade Fire a little

  7. 528water

    So there I am outside World Market contemplating whether to go in or not. My wife wanted to look at home decor stuff so I trudge in.
    Looking around not much catches my eye. They had some pop music blaring and I tune it out. Next song comes on and I zone in on the bass and guitar melody. Me likey. I am now trying to figure out the lyrics when "Memorial day sale..blah blah" cuts in over the speakers. Start to panic as I might not find out the tune. I check where the speakers are and hear " in a dreamworld..." and then it cuts out AGAIN to more store announcements. I grab my phone, punch up y/t and kaboom. This wonderful tune pops up.

    Moral of the story? Do what your wife wants

    James Paul Chang

    528water this happened to me!! But in Target . Shazmed it right away

  8. drinkingpoolwater

    Fleetwood Mac never sounded better.


    It is a bit fleetwood mac- ish, but , none the less , its good stuff,

  10. Kevin Magno

    This is awesome

  11. daytona227

    did you make it home Paula Elliott

  12. Anna Michalčáková

    when you're living in a dreamworld...
    This song is just amazing. I feel kind of dissapointed that I don't like their other songs at all...

    Kristin McKeever

    Anna Michalčáková even from their other albums?

  13. Olive The puppies

    This song is life. Such a favorite of mine. <3 <3

  14. LeezeBaby

    06/14. jcpenney. Wheaton MD.

  15. Raúl Chávez


  16. Paula Elliott

    I'm riding the train back to our home in Switzerland, leaving Milano. I've never felt so much a resident of a dream world as this moment

  17. Charles Goodson

    Mark Bolen influence maybe?

  18. Nilde Gomes


  19. a012345

    At least it's a good song. Imagine having to listen to Bieber and Rhianna for hours a day if you had to work there.

  20. NailsInYourCoffin

    I'm a Thrash Metal fan through and through, but every now and then something else just catches my ear. Great song!

  21. Ken Hall

    they play this @ the restaurant i work too. i wasfinally able to hear the lyrics and look it up on youtube,

  22. Jeremy Wilson

    they play this song at JCP every hour

  23. FMichael1970

    You should check out Mayer Hawthorne's - "Maybe So Maybe No".

  24. Brendan Jewell


  25. Brendan Jewell

    Sorry! but this was their ONE kicker song!

  26. Tu Winnie


  27. mucalai

    me too :)

  28. Taa TheArtistAmbience

    I loved it when I first heard it on the documentary "Revenge of the Electric car"!!!

  29. darkeclipse693

    awesome chill song

  30. all motor

    wow this is a good little ditty...
    i searched for DAYS to find out who it was when i herd this song in the background of the new movie revenge of the electric car... (its on hulu!!)


    Great movie. I watched it back in 2013 and been following Tesla and Elon Musk since then.

  31. Brendan Jewell

    It's MAC reborn..Omg! this is just perfection in every way!!!!(:-o

  32. YouTooBeeUs

    @Nicknamevanniks Wow they're awesome too! Music at the start is almost identical :)

  33. Nicknamevanniks

    @DeerStop69 Monte Carlo by US Royalty comes close though

  34. YouTooBeeUs

    @DeerStop69 They are fantastic!

  35. DeerStop69

    Perfection. Best Fleetwood Mac-pastiche ever.