Riley Green - Numbers On The Cars Lyrics

Stopped by that house on Nisbet Lake
He sittin' in his easy chair
Watchin' the Sunday evenin' race
Tells me my grandma's in the other room
Guess he forgot we laid her down
It'll be a year come June

Then he mumbles about Vietnam
He don't know who the hell I am
But the drivers, he tells me who they are
He still knows the numbers on the cars

Try to get him out like we used to
Now I load the truck and I drive the boat
'Cause there ain't much he can do
Cast him a line and watched it as it sank
Thinkin' how we used to talk for hours
Now he just stares at the bank
He used to know every stop in this fishin' hole
Though he probably thinks that we're in Mexico
But he knows his way around that boat
Even in the dark
And he still knows the numbers on the cars

I know he ain't all there
But I don't care
My mind still full of memories with him
And he may not know
All the words to the song
He still knows Merle Haggard's voice when he hears it

Stopped by that house on Nisbet Lake
With a couple of tickets
To go see the Sunday evenin' race
As we watched those cars fly around the track
I asked the Lord for just one more time bring my old friend back
Then somewhere around lap 23
The old man turned and smiled at me
For a moment I know he knows where we are
'Cause he still knows the numbers
He still knows the numbers
He still knows the numbers on the cars

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Riley Green Numbers On The Cars Comments
  1. kameron swix

    My grandpa had a stroke a few years back and he has a hard time walking and talking and I'm not sure how much time here had left so this song just hits me right in the chest

  2. DED

    love the song but the EP version with just the acoustic guitar was 10x better

  3. Jimbo O'Keef

    Very touching song. Also, that old Bronco is a beauty.

  4. S.S.E-4

    love this song.!!!

  5. Silnardo Cooke

    Your fucking awesome man I would love to have a conversation with you @bo_24insta u the best thing to happen to country music !

  6. Bryson Mcqueen

    I'm a NASCAR fan and when I seen the NASHVILLE FAIRGROUNDS in this video it gives me hope that some racing will return.

  7. Aiden Humphrey

    My Grandfather had Alzheimer's, couldn't remember what happened yesterday but sure could he tell some of the greatest childhood stories i have ever heard

  8. BigDrewskii

    Rest easy papa

  9. Jason TISDALE

    Riley and Luke bringing back real country!!!!

  10. colton gentry

    My minds still full of memories with him


    I ask the Lord if just one last time hed bring my old friend back gets me

  11. Lightning Justin Wells

    Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway....Darrell Waltrip won his first NASCAR Winston Cup Series race at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway in 1977. It is Waltrip’s home track. This song kind of reminds me of Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway but also the legendary and historic North Wilkesboro Speedway.

  12. Muscle Car Madness

    My gram papa love nascar lost him to liver cancer few years ago I miss him so much

  13. Rural Celebrity Music Publishing/ASCAP Nashville

    My grandpa just died this morning. I'm in tears ,he taught me about cars .Took me to all the car shows in phx . I'm really gonna miss him

  14. Alan Nadeau III

    Where'd he have this filmed? My first thought is Bowman Gray but I know it isn't

  15. Stephanie McKinney

    I relate to this song and i wished grandpas never died so much I lost both of my Granddads within months of each other. This song encompasses so much emotion for me cause I feel this way pretty much all the time. My grandma has Alzheimer’s so me wishing they were still here is a everyday thing cause my grandma doesn’t even remember my granddad sometimes. I also love number on the cars cause stockcar racing is something our whole family did. After my granddad died racing is something that made me feel connected to him and unfortunately we’re living through this song with my grandma. But she has moments when she’s really clear and it’s almost always connected to racing and those years with my granddad Thank you Riley for this amazing song and for numbers on the car. Also thank you for using the fairgrounds speedway!

  16. BMfan4eva

    Was this 1 released? If not PLEASE DO

  17. Adam Berry

    Love it. My grandmother is going through this and this song hits home. Good job Jacksonville boy.

  18. Infidel556

    do you think its cool to make me cry riley

  19. Tommy Villarreal

    "I asked the Lord if just one more time he'd bring my ol friend back" gets me every time.

    Austin O'Quinn

    me too brother

    Tommy Boy

    It gives me chills every time

  20. Cooper Autry

    This video does not give the song justice

  21. thinbleuline 1

    Reminds me of my uncle makes me wanna cry he loved NASCAR an died in May it saddens me to a point I can't explain. Moss u buddy love u

  22. Faze Sprite cranberry

    This guy is the goat

  23. Jennifer Lynn

    Wow! This reminds me of my grandmother. She don't know my mom alot of the time, her daughter, but knows the NASCAR drivers and their numbers. Dementia is awful and cruel...😢

  24. Laura Klauss

    Great song! My father-in-law recently passed from Dementia😢

  25. Braydon Crotchett

    Good music man I went to your concert at Talladega

  26. Daniel Harris

    Can we get a damn warning on this song? I'm at work and I clicked on this. Now I'm crying.

  27. Ruben Collins

    I am crying right now

  28. Lyrik Beats

    Good song

  29. keithblank5

    night races are typically on saturday's but ok..

  30. Noah Dempsey

    A lot better than "Baby you a song you make me wanna roll my windows down"

    Kayleigh H

    Oh get over yourself

  31. Grant Shriver

    Riley Green x Jon Pardi x Cody Johnson

  32. David Gardner

    Whoever didnt like this song must be deaf or alil slow

  33. Braydon Crotchett

    I watched him in the concert in Talladega

  34. Connor Seale

    so real when i went to my grandpas funeral today how a week ago he was fine and he fell one day and was the same. spend all the time you can with your grandparent because you will regret it if you dont.

  35. EAVC

    Reminds me of my grandma. She didn't remember any of her kids, but still knew how to pray and play cards. Love you Grandma!

  36. Matthew Herlihy

    This song made me straight up break down. Both of my grandparents suffered from dementia and this song sounds just like my grandfather. Powerful words

  37. Eric Myers

    You made him proud my friend

  38. alwynd

    god dammit, just wanna work and listen to some country music. every second song is making me cry.

  39. Matthew Foster

    Luke Combs, Riley Green Chris Stapleton.

  40. justin krichbaum

    Mr. Riley Green you truly know how to write an emotional and honest song. This song and I wish grandpas never died rally hit me hard, and I am thankful for songs like this. Thank you!

  41. austin kimberling

    Great song

  42. Gary Lankford

    The lake Riley mentions is not what the lyrics read!!!!!

  43. Turn1and2gang

    This song is so emotional it’s becoming one of my favorite songs

  44. Logan Green

    The lyrics are house on Nisbet lake.. love hearing stuff like this. Angel station 🤙🏼

  45. Keaghlan Caffee


  46. WIP

    Sweet, precious song & well said. A person's value is cumulative, NOT a snapshot in time & your heart remembers MORE THAN your mind ever knew. Why we don't know what we had, until it's gone.

  47. Turn1and2gang

    bout made me cry

  48. Eric J

    God bless you for making real country.

  49. Redneck Nation15

    This gonna be me at age 80 knowing only the cars and drivers

  50. ordnps

    POWERFUL. This song needed to be written for all of us who dealt with this disease. Definitely subscribing. Hopefully I will see a show in Louisville one day!

  51. Shilo Owens

    This song got me😭

  52. Ahmed Abuhatab

    Great music

  53. Connor Berdeau

    great song love all of your music.

  54. Bob Sundquist

    I am glad to see country is not dead

  55. Shanna Boone

    This gave me chills!!! 😍😍 love it!! You have really got a way with words! And that voice is amazing!!

  56. Stephanie Risher

    Can I not cry when I hear this song!? Oh I love RG...what a song writer. Fan for life!

  57. Kevin Kristy

    I first heard riley green's grandpa song on the radio yesterday and it brought tears to my eyes... I looked him up on utube and the other song i cam across was this one about grandparents and alzhemiers. anyone in this day and age of bubble gum crap who writes songs about their grandparents is a good man. i hope he makes it big.

  58. Edward sr pops Verstrepen Sr

    Love this song Reminds me ove my Friend Corey Silva who passed away Amen RIP Friend 😂🙏👌💔

  59. tim cook

    I lost my grandfather to Huntington’s disease when I was very young and still haven’t been able to get over it and you will never know how much this song meant to me, I know that I have memories of his In my mind it’s just so far back in my life that I don’t remember them, he was a mechanic and a race car driver we had to sell the race cars when he got sick to pay for the bills but he means still so much more to me than a race car if I could just give up one day of my life to see him again for the rest of my life I would, thank you Riley green for making this song the meaning goes so far for people like me. Rest easy Poppy we can take it from here :).

  60. Wickedsmokr

    Rest in peace grandpa you loved NASCAR

  61. Death Reaper

    Damn this hits home

  62. Benjamin Scott

    love this song

  63. shelton lindsey

    Theres not a song by riley that doesnt change my life for the better

  64. Muslcr71 Adams

    He from my hometown in Jacksonville

  65. Muslcr71 Adams

    Damn ...that almost made me water my beard

  66. JP Bronson

    Love this song

  67. Past Gone

    This sounds like my grandpa. He has Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. He sometimes gets me mixed up with my uncle. He still watches the race every sunday.

  68. Wendy Manning

    This pulled a tear!

  69. Danie Speake

    Got something in my eye, thats all.


    Hell of a song! Sad, sad disease... my heart goes out to anybody who has it, or anybody else who’s gone through it with family or friends


    😢 Damn dude... This song sucks because it’s true. I like the music but it gets me every time!

  72. TTV rrrhyno

    One of the songs that made my summer

  73. Tabitha Bentley

    I absolutely love this song! It's kind of hard to listen to just losing my dad, it reminds me of all our good times and how he got so bad towards the end of his life. Great song tho

  74. NL B


  75. Sometimesithinkiseethem


  76. mariah edwards

    Going to the aces tomorrow go to the races every Friday or Saturday night and soon I will be racing you have to be 15 and I turned 15 the 17th so I hope I get out on the track soon💗💗🏁🤙🏼 and my race car number will be 17

  77. Steven Myers

    I'm glad real music is still being written in an ever changing Nashville!

  78. Christie

    The song was amazing. And I know it's going to touch many hearts just like it did mine. Thank you

  79. Traye Labby

    Riley is the best country artist there is out there right now. All his songs mean something he tells a story in every damn song and thats county music

  80. tobin baker

    Song brought a tear to my eyes. My grandeddy was a mechanic in the air Force. Came home to compete in the first Nascar races and owned a mechanic shop till he died. .this song brought back so many Sunday evening memories

  81. Rafael Luviano

    Having had a grandpa who suffered from alzheimer’s this song really hits home for me 😪

  82. Candi Kinman

    I thought country music had no hope for what it used to sound like until I heard this voice... if Riley keeps making music like this...its only the beginning.. I hope one day he finds his way to Omaha, Nebraska I would love to hear his voice in person...

  83. Jordan Green

    This song makes me think of my grandpa so much. He was my best friend

  84. cole Berry

    Reminds me of my dad,Grampa and me at the oxford 250 were we would sit outside the camper watching all the cars leve the race track.

  85. SE 22

    Good old Nashville fairgrounds. I’m about 30 minutes away from that track. Great song Riley.

  86. Karma FG

    Riley green and Chris Stapleton should get together and write a song 🤙🏻

  87. Pinkannabanana3 *

    This song gave me chills and I might have cried a bit.Man I love my Pawpaw and this song reminds me of him!

  88. ankit nath

    Country songs are always beautiful. Feel good to listen.

  89. Micah H

    Damn good song! Need some more

  90. Chad Swanson

    This is country music to the core. It’s not just a country checklist, it tells a story and it’s raw. This is what the 90s sounded like right here!!

  91. fire nation

    Wow this is really good. I love music from the heart!

  92. J Newlander

    Who the hell dislikes this song, even if you dont like the song itself what about the subject of it

  93. Joe Cor

    I heard from my aunt that my dad and grandpa were inseparable. I, on the other hand, didn't get a chance to bond with him that much since he left the country for work. After hearing this song though, it made me realize that there's still time for us to make up for that lost time. I ain't gonna wait till he don't remember me anymore. Thank you sir.

  94. Wade Dugdale

    This song actually made me cry and i cant even relate as I have no personal experience with this. Well done sir.

  95. Ct Hubbert

    Please release grandpas never died

  96. Justin McEvoy

    This guys deserves so much

  97. Misty Dobbins

    Damn this is a damn good song I have to hear it every morning on my YouTube while I get dressed love it Riley Green 🎶🎶🎶🎶❤❤❤❤❤🍻🍻🍻