Righteous Brothers, The - I Believe Lyrics

I believe in the power and I never, ever doubt.
Ev'ry minute, ev'ry hour I believe.
I believe in myself 'cause I know
I get my help from the power in the sky,
I believe.

No need askin' where I've been just ask me where I'm goin'
I won't be ashamed to tell ya, I live my life knowin'
All the roads ahead of me are filled with peace and love
Ev'ry step so heavenly ya fall and bounce right up
All miracles and dreams realize for me through faith
Nothing seems impossible now if you believe.

I believe in the power and I never, ever doubt.
Ev'ry minute, ev'ry hour I believe.
I believe in myself 'cause I know
I get my help from the power in the sky,
I believe.

Lookin' in the mirror, I can see my eyes are glowin'
Living testimony that the spirit's in me flowin'.
Oh, I'm feelin' so good, got to raise my hands and rejoice
Say a few words to praise him ev'rytime I lift my voice.
All miracles and dreams realize for me through faith
Nothing seems impossible now if you believe.

I believe in the power and I never, ever doubt.
Ev'ry minute, ev'ry hour I believe.
I believe in myself 'cause I know
I get my help from the power in the sky,

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Righteous Brothers, The I Believe Comments
  1. Mary Dean

    Jeannie Brown well said Touches ones Soul like a Flame ! Goodness Grace Happiness and Peace..ol couple way down in TX...

  2. Vera P Alves

    Novembro/ 2019 👏👏👏👏❤️💕🤗 beautiful song and singers

  3. Veronica Ezquiaga


  4. Arrios Mcafee


  5. james pasifull

    I BELIEVE the Irish trio, 'The Bachelors' recorded the best version of this classic tune!

  6. claire reichel

    and then a few years later???!

  7. Denny Potter

    What a voice

  8. Diane Zak

    I believe 🙏

  9. rdegroot72

    So Beautifully Sung...the only way Bobby can do it !!

  10. GrtSatan

    This is totally lame and sap-headed. They were capable of so much better.

  11. Dawn Callander

    Perfect Bobby - no one could do it better. Why is it labelled by the Righteous Brothers . Bill had nothing to do with it.

  12. Rachel Lisette

    Just beautiful 💜

  13. Metal Monkey

    Are they the original singers? This doesn't sound right. Did Elvis sing this?

  14. Zev Feldman


  15. Jo H-B


  16. charels meacomes

    There is and never will be another Righteous Brothers greatest duet on earth !!!

  17. Gloria Lee Young

    This is one of my favorite songs by the Righteous Brothers. I remember listening to it as a teenage. It is so beautiful that our God loves us so much. I wish everyone would know that. I wish more people would belieev in the true God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ our redeemer our
    deliverer the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
    Pray for the Faithful in the Catholic church. Pray; those who were & are abused and are still being abused and also that the Lord will heal their hearts and that the sick element in the Catholic church will be elimtlated or confess and be redeemed b;y the Blood of Jesus.For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever beliveth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.WE are to pray for one another.

    Dawn Callander

    Only Bobby Hatfield singing

    Adrian Otero

    Many sing this song.....but few come close to Bobby......same goes for Ebb Tide ....

  18. Robert Swatrz

    I am in the Au tum of my life. The Righteous Brothels were just starting out. I so miss those good times "KRUZEING" AND PLAYING THE RADIO IN THE HOT RODS,. Where did the time go. MEMORIES FOREVER. RIP MY BROTHER ~!~

  19. Wendy Stewart

    Damn he was good RIP

  20. Robert Swatrz

    such a great loss Bobby. You will never be forgotten RIP MY BROTHER.

  21. Wendy Stewart

    I agree great song sung by many and amazing voices Everytime

  22. Gaylene Kester

    Wow, his voice is fantastic almost unbelievable! It’s incomparable......so sorry he is gone....

  23. Sea Breez


  24. jun 24Juan Huerta

    Wow. What a voice!

  25. robert garcia

    i saw them at the hop long ago wow can they sing

  26. Henry Frost

    Beautiful soulfu,l real artists. Music that will always stay.

  27. Elizabeth Blake

    Love them!

  28. Ellen Radovich

    we really had some great singers back in the day the Righteous Brothers were on one of the top and they're still so great to watch and hear enjoy it so much

  29. belkyss somazza


  30. Janet Lucas

    Now this is music!!! Bobby had such a beautiful voice.

  31. Robert Swatrz

    I am so sad that Bobby Hatfield is gone, Just think what the Heavenly Choir Sound like with Bobby as the Lead Singer "RIP"

  32. SSAMGroup


  33. Daughter OfHeaven

    My late dad's song ; ( miss him so much .

  34. Joe Cannestra

    incomparable duo!!

  35. Vivian Fernandez

    With all due respect, I like the Elvis Presley version better

  36. david thomas

    just great wow

  37. Robert Swatrz

    OHH "GOD" Why did Bobby Hatfield have to go home. . He was my Favorite Male Singer off all time. Just think what Heaven is like with Bobby singing there . I so miss him and his songs.
    Willybob ~!~


    wonderful duet !! Beautifl voice !!

  39. Bill Roberts

    Bobby Hatfield has an amazing range and with Billl Medley they are a hell of a pair.

  40. jhon presly

    this is what i called good taste music, i like metal music but bobby had a fenomenal fucking voice man, this song touches my heart.

    RC Madness

    jhon presly amen

  41. hine HFIE JUIWKQK

    i believe

  42. Adolf Mussolini

    Our culture is formed by music. Trash today shows how low we have sunk

  43. Billy Evans

    Bobby can be so soulful!

  44. Ann Burness

    Just beautiful, !!

  45. Paula Shuttleworth

    This music I could listen to all day

  46. Adolf Mussolini

    tanta bella

  47. Adolf Mussolini

    the music reflects the culture. so much better then. today we are a mess. No morals

  48. Mike Keele

    There was more heart and should in the Righteous Brothers music of that time than this generation of performers can muster in their miserable overlong says in today's market

  49. Alfredo Villanueva

    We were young. We believed in the goodness of humanity. This music did much more than entertain. It shaped the truths we have grown old with..

  50. Adolf Mussolini

    Che una cantone Bella. magnifica

  51. Adolf Mussolini

    very beautiful version

  52. Adolf Mussolini

    no more music now just garbage

  53. Adolf Mussolini

    America was a Euro centric country when I grew up. immigration change in 65 destroyed it. look at what passes for culture now.

  54. belkyss somazza


  55. bluenote824 jones

    beautiful song and really great version.these guys never made a bad record

  56. Susan E Wolfe

    WOW!! That pretty much says it all. They were so good!!

  57. Verna Krueger

    lovely  song

  58. Jay Madry

    never heard this performance super job by great group

  59. smitchelle

    The most beautiful song ever written sung by the most beautiful voice of Bobby Hatfield

  60. belkyss somazza


    PatryArmi Fee

    GREAT The Righteous Brothers!!!

  61. Stefany Dower


  62. Cynthia's Channel

    Amazing song sung by many.. Beautiful Version right here

    Cathie Hardy

    Cynthia's Channel
    The BEST

  63. Beth Davidson

    Love these guys!!

  64. él chikin

    how 39 idiots say no to the love's songs

  65. mariek van-der-voort

    Miss your beautiful voice Bobby.Rest in peace sweetheart.

  66. Robert Flaugher

    I saw them in Vegas and in Peoria, Illinois

  67. barbara puzzo

    time has passed to fast

  68. Anita Symington

    I always liked their music growing up, it's nice to know I don't have to go far to listen to it now..........

  69. Dan Jørgensen

    så godt et nummer :-)

  70. Michael Maxwell

    R.I.P. Bobby Hatfield

    Michael Maxwell

    Afraid so

    mary Bogaert

    Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield died from cocaine use, according to an autopsy report.

    The report, released by Michigan's Kalamazoo County Medical Examiner's office on Monday, states that Hatfield's cause of death was "acute cocaine toxicity." The 63-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer was found dead in his Kalamazoo hotel room Nov. 5, less than an hour before he was scheduled to kick off a Midwest tour with partner Bill Medley.

    Initial reports said he died in his sleep of a heart attack.

    Hatfield did suffer from heart disease, the report says, with one coronary artery blocked as much as 95 percent. His heart condition, combined with the cocaine, proved to be a fatal mix.

    joe vargas

    Mary robles

    Merilyn Winter

    @Robert Flaugher.. Sad... May He Rest in Peace


    Yes! During the 1970s I was exposed to their music. What a voice.

  71. ottokár kibédi


  72. william hull

    makes it so  I can't stop crying words tear at my heart after losing my best friend and mom

  73. Phyllis Thomas

    It's beautiful, their songs touch your Heart

    Bonnell Mixon

    Bonnell Mixon
    My favorite was to listen to the Righteous Brothers.Unchained Melodie my all time favorite.

  74. Sherelle Arts

    What beautiful voices

  75. Cheryl Norton

    What timeless beautiful music. I just love and enjoy it very much.

  76. Carole Ann Davis

    Luv this song!!! Thanks GNRSlashLover for sharing!!

  77. Christopher Woods

    that tour of one " thank you of a Marine

  78. terrence gurnee

    the best my god i swear it!

  79. steve FromEngland

    These guys could do no wrong..... apart from recording 'You'll Never Walk Alone' of course :)

  80. john laudadio

    For anyone who loved  and  lost...this  is  the  best  pick-me-up!

  81. Sheri Strobaugh

    Love it!!!!!

    Brynroc baz

    I thank all of u for ur responses and also sharing the love

  82. The Ophidian

    I love the Righteous Brothers, but for this song; The Bachelors

  83. Judy Waters

    I love all your song...Great voices....,from the heart.....

  84. Sharon Cole

    Can't spell either!!

  85. Sharon Cole

    How old are you James Richettti? 2? See the the mouth on you?

  86. Sharon Cole

    If younger people could have grown up on great music like The Righteous Brothers they might be different people today! More Heart!!

    Marilyn McLeod

    My all time favorite by the Righteous Brothers along with Ebbtide, which I still listen to daily. Brings back a lot of childhood memories. :-))

    Tonatiuh Cordero

    I totally agree with you! Greetings from Mexico.


    @Marilyn McLeod
    Picking a favorite song from the RB. would asking who do you love most of your kiddos?

    ray priestley

    so very true

  87. Ron Lewis

    I Believe, is an inspiring song.
    Hear another song, This I believe. Here is some of its inspiring words.
    I believe in God our Father
    I believe in Christ the Son
    I believe in the Holy Spirit
    Our God is three in one
    I believe in the resurrection 
    that we will rise again
    For I believe in the name of Jesus 

    Go to this website to hear Hillsong sing them. 

    Read many, more, inspiring words and topics,
    in the book, SPIRITUAL MEMOS, author, Ron Lewis. 
    It comes as an ebook or as a paperback, at Amazon or at 

  88. Carol Huff

    Beautiful old song ! 

    Debbie K Jananto

    Yes 😊

  89. James Richetti

    Fucking A.?


    Why such vulgarity? There is no need for it. Please refrain and grow up fast.
    No offense intended, just a little encouragement.

  90. isaac Doherty

    a lovely song ,lovely music, lovely singers.

  91. KJTKen

    Love the Righteous Brothers. This version is done very well. Have you heard this song  done by "Larry Chance & The Earls"?

  92. Jeanine Browne

    They could sing anything and their harmony touches my soul like a flame:)

  93. Deborah Jennings

    All I can say is WOW  and  great 

    James Richetti

    your a sweet heart

  94. R. S. Kurtz

    Sorry.  I don't care for this arrangement at all.  There are many better renditons of this song on You Tube.

    James Richetti

    You ain.t saying shit.a.h.


    @R. S. Kurtz Doubtful!

    Robert Phillifent

    @R. S. Kurtz Agree with you there!

  95. Kitty Daniels

    They are amazing!  yeah I agree, that picture...I just didn't get it....would enjoy doing this song too....

    James Richetti

    you are a gem.xo

    mr. warmth

    try frankie lane

    mr. warmth

    i only play originals

  96. frederick schoenfeld

    Such amazing singers, performers, and people.  The beauty of both singers shines through the beauty of their singing.  A gift to everyone who hears them.  

  97. daniel vanackere

    super !!!

  98. Lisa Tison

    nothing like blue eyed soul

    Marilyn McCuaig

    Lisa Tison qhi


    It was great!

  99. MrPACO317

    "I Believe" is the name of a popular song written by Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl and Al Stillman in 1953.
    "I Believe" was commissioned and introduced by Jane Froman on her television show, and became the first hit song ever introduced on TV. Froman, troubled by the uprising of the Korean War in 1952 so soon after World War II, asked Drake, Graham, Shirl and Stillman to compose a song that would offer hope and faith to the populace. In addition to Froman, "I Believe" has been recorded by many others, and has become both a popular and religious standard.
    Frankie Laine's version spent eighteen non-consecutive weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart. Laine also had the most successful version in America, where he reached #2 for three weeks................Eddie

    daniel vanackere

    merci pour toutes ces précisions !!!


    I can't believe that this song is so old... I thought I heard it later than that.. of course that is entirely possible because of the song's appealing power. God bless. Thanks for the memory!!!

  100. JFJ C

    The one and only great Righteous Brothers.  Thank you for your beautiful music.

    JFJ C

    Two handsome men.

    JFJ C

    "I Believe"

    Chuck Gatza

    JFJ C ;x