Righteous Brothers, The - Go Ahead And Cry Lyrics

Love can change a young boy into a man
But a broken heart can change a man
Back into a boy again

You're not the first man to cry
When things have gone wrong
You're only human
You're only so strong

It takes more
Than a tear to knock a big man down
It takes more
Broken heart to keep him down on the ground
It takes three little words
To make him stand again

So cry
Go ahead and cry

Love is so easy to play
But so hard to read
You're still a young man
Your heart will love again

It takes more
Little kiss from her sweet tender lips
It takes more
Gentle touch from her soft finger tips
It takes more than one tear
To mend a broken heart

So cry
Go ahead and cry

Go ahead and cry
Don't be ashamed to cry

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Righteous Brothers, The Go Ahead And Cry Comments
  1. Sydney rullison

    so sad but so true

  2. Al Sunday

    The power of this song alone puts goose bumps up and down my arms

  3. boxx

    The only improvement I would have suggested would have been to vamp the ending out for another minute. A great song.

  4. Jock Bethune

    Every time I play this, I think of my late wife Judy at 1:33 - If only my tears could bring you back - this song and lyrics are so true - just do it - go ahead and cry - I did so much and so hard - but that is part of love and loving - but even with all that and the depth of love I felt and feel for Judy , I can also relate to 1;30 - your heart will love again - without question!! It takes love!!!!!

    argie hoskins shumway

    Jock, The posts which you have shared tell me what a tender soul you are and that your many friends and family love you. I wish for you a very rewarding and amazing New Year.  Kiwi hugs from Argie Hoskins Shumway

    Jock Bethune

    @argie hoskins shumway Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much Argie!!! sending New Year's hugs back to you!!! Jock 

  5. Peter Sammon

    As a former AFRN DJ ..I couldn't air this tremendous record enough on my nightly shows. Great job here and in true STEREO! "Go Ahead And Cry" is by far my favorite RB song!

  6. linda eber

    I agree with u Roger C

  7. Roger C

    I'm 63-years and the Righteous Brothers have always been my favorites.
    live act. Seen Bill and Bobby in person since 1963 what a joy. This is
    truly one of their greatest songs and Bill wrote it. Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley -
    the best singing duo of our generation. This song has so much POWER and SOUL
    it makes me want to cry. No duo could ever replace Bill and Bobby. This song has it all - the orchestra, the background singers, orchestra and Bill and Bobby - what magic !

  8. Robert Hoffman

    Written by Bill Medley.....kick ass rock n roll....when music meant something

    Rob Beadle

    still miss that girl from Hucknall England

  9. Dennis D.Logan Lundberg

    Dear Lord: IF you will give us back the 60's we promise to NOT GO TO VIETNAM, we promise to take real good care of the cars that are now called classics, we promise to never take for granted the music that touch our souls and filled our nights. We promise to never let go of the faith we had in you and will never back down from those who have stolen our future. We promise to love more, to ease the pain of others and remember that it is not about what we want, but about what we had. Thanks LORD

  10. Jock Bethune

    Wow! Powwerful! Wwell done! Thank you!!!