Rico Nasty - Won't Change Lyrics

Kenny! Rico!

My bitches act stupid so please don't test them
Walking with a weapon, they don't check me
I'm smoking on some veggies, yeah, I'm feelin' real healthy
Running game on 'em, bet they can't catch me
I feel like a alien like I was in a test tube
Pistol blow your candles out, I'll come and bless you
I'm thinkin' 'bout a vacay, somewhere in the Cancúns
Flyer than a airplane, think I need a parachute
Talkin' like you big shit, I ain't never heard of you
Better than you on my worst day
Designer on my sweatsuit
It look like a spacesuit, ridin' in a space coupe
You look like a cartoon, I wouldn't even watch you

In my own lane, do my own thing
Wanna be great, what's it gon' take?
People false claim, people gon' hate
But you can't worry 'bout them
'Cause they won't change
In my own lane, do my own thing
Wanna be great, what's it gon' take?
People false claim, people gon' hate
But you can't worry 'bout them
'Cause they won't change

I got real money, hoe I ain't frontin'
I don't need nothin', niggas wanna harm me
Bitches wanna crime me, I just fuckin' love me
Stuntin' on a bitch, and I just switched gears
If she talkin' shit, man I really don't care
I just bought that shit, so I know they gon' stare
I been winning so much, yeah, I know it ain't fair
Got more gas than a Shell, I just show and you tell
I think that I'm sick and it might be contagious
It don't matter what I do, they hate it then they take it
People fake it 'till they make it, always dressed up in the latest
You can never catch me slippin', 'cause I'm never fuckin' playin'

In my own lane, do my own thing
Wanna be great, what's it gon' take?
People false claim, people gon' hate
But you can't worry 'bout them
'Cause they won't change
In my own lane, do my own thing
Wanna be great, what's it gon' take?
People false claim, people gon' hate
But you can't worry 'bout them
'Cause they won't change

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Rico Nasty Won't Change Comments
  1. naanhoez

    Baby hairs say nasty...???

  2. Spiritual_ Babe_

    Love this songgg 💕🔥✨

  3. amber

    she was really saying some very real things in the chorus geeze

  4. D'Nea Coates

    This is my daily motivation 🖤 sis spits fire AND speaks . STAN

    D'Nea Coates

    Plus this beat makes me FUCKING HAPPY

  5. Joelcio Junior

    How am I so late to this? 😩

  6. Jisa Jansen


  7. Jo Han

    dear rico! you are an inspiration to me. you are so unique your music means a lot to me and many others im sure. you teach me to be myself and not give a fuck what anyone thinks. 2019 thanks to you and your influence on myself im going to be a bad bitch and make successes. xoxo ❤️

  8. kait

    i was pressed when my good sis wasnt on freshman xxl they better put her on this year :(

  9. Kah'Dijah Barnes

    Can you guys imagine Tierra on this? Whackyyyyyyyyyand Ricoooo

  10. Arlo Dante

    Need a remix with post malone

  11. Amoni&mike Johnson

    Rico can you please do a song to money by card i b because everyone thank it's so annoying please I love you songs so much ❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💖💖💖💖

  12. sad sushi

    We need a Rico X Cardi collab ASAP ❤️👀❤️

    Joelcio Junior

    sad sushi Omg yeah

  13. AngelBaby ASMR

    luv this shitttt

  14. Lil 2Side

    kodie shane shouldve featured 🔥

  15. Faith onovoma

    I love her singing voice

  16. Lindsey Houston

    Rico nasty stay positive you have a different approach to YouTube your music is uplifting and not the majority of the sound of the YouTubers stay true and funny you got it girl🤦🏾‍♀️(TT) said don't stop

  17. mizz royalty

    anyone notice that her edges says nasty

  18. brooke

    Then edges sis ‼️😱

  19. Kourtney

    X and Rico singing NOW THAT'S AN FUCKING DREAMMM

  20. Kareem clyne

    Can you believe she made rage after this😰😰😰

  21. Camryn Clarke

    this needs WAY more views

    Mami Jade

    Camryn Clarke and your comment needs WAY more likes

    Neveah Rentie

    Camryn Clarke rightttt💯

  22. Mocha Montana

    Video please 🙏🏾

  23. vaultz

    im blasting this otw to school🙂

  24. MzReddMusicLIVE

    drop 🎥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Afeni

    Space coupe vibes girrl!!! Yess in her lane👏🏿👏🏿👑🖤

  26. star Queen

    This is block list is my favvvvv song from you but I fuck wit everything you put out 🗣🗣🗣🗣

  27. Kash Adventures

    I love it

  28. Junk Jar

    “I just fuckin love me” 💜🤟

  29. Rose Frazier

    Wont change 💜💙💛

  30. chief immigration officer Ian foot

    My gay friend showed me this song never really payed female rappers much attention admittedly, but this is fire lol love the vibe

  31. Joann Covington

    So underrated😥

  32. kam

    *crying in the club*

  33. Patrick Batemans Waifu


  34. D W

    Did Key! ghostwrite this? Fire regardless

    Redd Smoke

    I can see him hoping on the remix

  35. 6ix 6ix6ix

    Smmfh If we don't get a video for this fire ass song I'm divorcing you Rico.

    oh I forgot to tell you we got married a few years ago.

    BUT! Still I'm feeling this shit. Rico don't fuck around and is always telling these niggas the truth!

  36. Taye Rene

    fwwwwwwww it

  37. zeek vert

    Female uzi

  38. Erica Harrington

    My fav from the whole tape 🖤🖤🖤

  39. Chyna Blissett

    This my fave❤️

  40. HeyItssMari


  41. Dayana Abrego

    This a whole mf vibeee😁

  42. Nayli Marie

    Blessing my ears 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌

  43. A D

    So relevant

  44. Ariana Grande


  45. NoJoke TM

    This song go be the one to push her out their and I love her !!

  46. Krystin Grant

    Fuck bitch I'm Baldheaded no brows no hairline fuck you Nasty

  47. Sydnee Parker

    c’mon baby hairssss👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  48. Iam Johnson

    Everything you drop is fire. Run this shit up!!

  49. Esau Pyramid

    Sounds like smooky margiellas stay 100. Rico my nigga tho

  50. Mariana G

    That “Ew” 😩😩💕💕💖

    6ix 6ix6ix

    Mariana G I know right that shit is too cute!

    Neveah Rentie


  51. _aariss

    This is fye 😍💕🔥👅

  52. Lonixx1

    Am I the only one who noticed the "NASTY " written in her babyhairs?

    Pale Avocado

    Lonixx1 that shit cute asf

  53. Juhm!r

    🎸 🔥

  54. Euphoric Ju

    Rico came through with a valuable lesson!!!!




    yes ricoooooo! i'm so happy for her, she's gonna blow up soon just watch!

  57. king mason

    Fuck Kenny bitch ass and whoever came witem

  58. neferthea


  59. Kitty tam

    My favorite so far ❤️

  60. Rose Gold

    Our girl actually SIGNED y’all... This is RICO Year!!! I’m so happy for our sister!! 🎉💃🏻🎉

  61. m mogg

    damn oddly pop-y and not as dynamic as her old shit!! - lets b real. she signed to a label and is poppin... but in a different way

  62. InOrganicAptitude

    That tempo had me mini jumping throughout!

  63. Markece Davis

    This hard

  64. Justin Armstrong

    Man look!!! 🔥

  65. I Am Python

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. JustChillax

    Def one of my favs 🔥

  67. JustChillax

    I love this beat 😌

  68. Nene trill

    Litttttt duh thanks for blessing my night

  69. angie

    RICO RICO <3333

  70. Bvnks

    So we ain’t getting Like a Drug ? 😩💔

  71. L O N E L Y

    I was waiting for this 🙌🏽😭

  72. Lexi Washington

    LOVE!! ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥

  73. interupted and cold

    I’m mad she wasn’t on xxl and they put that other chick on their who I have never heard of she deserves it #rico2019xxl


    Both of them are great just because u don't the. Doesn't mean they are bad. Both of them deserve it. Rico will have next year and steff had this year she deserved it. So all you haters shut up crusty ass lips. Steff is big ting in England and this like one of first time that England is being represented in XXL. Gyaldem has done alright

    marcus peoples

    She made it this year 💪🏾


    Y'all do know she had it the year before right 😂😂😂😂

    #1 FKA twigs stan

    now shes on it, wild


    u got ur wish

  74. interupted and cold

    My new anthem summer 2k18

  75. Nehizza


  76. Beverley


  77. Ari keller

    These beats mane 😍😍☺️

    Jake W

    Kenny is a god + Rico is insanely talented = instant banger

  78. Biscuit Barbadensis

    *nasty bitch* 🤢💕💔

  79. Sysy Guap


  80. Maite Guzman


  81. Miracle Bolton

    Shit lame

  82. Broken Visuals

    Fuck it up Rico

  83. bunny


  84. mimi X jinnie

    Ricooooo 💕💕💕👏👏

  85. water my necklace

    Going through this whole albums 😍😍 and in love

  86. Ahryona

    Anytime u hear “Kenny” in the beginning..uk it’s about to be a wild ride 😌🔥🔥

    Toya Mel

    ahry ona FACTS

    Rose Gold


    Rosalyn Moore

    I thought she was saying penny😂😂😂😂🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾


    thought she was saying henny

  87. Amaka


  88. sarah


  89. Aquaphene

    Shoulda been on xxl 😔

    Nene trill


    stop, get some help

    She's better than that

    Young Iffy Blues

    @Just Ice hi

    Noah Cels

    Aquaphene she is now

  90. Ariana Grande


  91. Ariana Grande


  92. Jada Parker


  93. Ladyy Niicole

    Rico X Kenny 🔥

    David Cummings

    Kenny Nasty = W

  94. B A.


  95. lianae


  96. Tha Swami

    Blow up my phone then with these notifications... 😫

  97. The Kamo Diaries