Ricky Van Shelton - The Picture Lyrics

You say your man is everythin' you ever dreamed of
He's everythin' that you wanted me to be
And from lookin' at this photograph
I can see without a doubt
Oh, you have the perfect family

All that was I see me in the picture
Holdin' you and that little baby boy
His hair would have been blonder
And his eyes would have been blue
If that was me in the picture with you

With all respect, I didn't mean to show my feelings
I'm thinkin' things that I have no right to say
Someone ought to write a song
'Bout wanderin' boys who can't come home
How they let the best thing slip away

Once again, I see me in the picture
Holdin' you and that little baby boy
His hair would have been blonder
And his eyes would have been blue
If that was me in the picture with you
If that was me in the picture with you

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Ricky Van Shelton The Picture Comments
  1. Anita Tjon Affon

    Sounds real good. Love the song

  2. Sherrlyn Charlton

    My best male Country Artist of 2019 Mr RVS.Still Listening 👂 Stone Country 💃🏼💃🏼😍😍😘😘🤩🤩🤩👍🏾👍🏾

  3. Lena Andersson

    So BEAUTIFUL SONG, Ricky is a real REAL country Singer 🎤🎸LOVE his voice💖👍

  4. Sherrlyn Charlton

    Love this song

  5. Sherrlyn Charlton

    Just so talented all i can say so Sorry never got to see him pefořm live . From the Bahamas but my heart 💜 is Stone Country 🤗🤗🤗

  6. Keith O'Neil

    Another beautiful amazing song and voice wow

  7. Randy Blaack

    Ricky you sing to good to be on the radio these days...but Man
    God Blessed You With a Voice.

  8. Carolyn Jones

    Such a beautiful song, sang perfectly by Ricky Van Shelton.

  9. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    A Beautiful Song ""💞💞💞💞💞

  10. Patti Goldsmith

    Oh how I miss Country music!! And I definitely miss Ricky's sound! He is up there in my list of favorites!

    Jean Thompson

    It is my understanding that RVS retired because of a drinking problem. His wife stood by him and he got his life straightened out and lives happily now.

  11. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Love Ricky his voice so powerful & Loving 💓💓💓💓💓💓

  12. Neil Ladd

    Great voice  sad song.

  13. vietlovessaurieng a

    love ....

  14. manuel123498

    Great Song i wish there would be a Karaoke version of this great Song :) Maybe someone could upload one (y) ;) Would be really great !!! Ricky van Shelton is a great singer with a warm and brillant voice (y) :) I find it very enjoyable listening to him !

  15. lavonne murdock


  16. Rebecca Tang

    NICE SONG (Y) <3

  17. marilyn callachan


  18. Donna Banther

    After listening to all his songs again, I wonder why he wasn't included in the CMA's 50th anniversary show with all the other greats. Dwight was there and Ricky Van should have been.

    Charles Allen

    Nashville is weird

  19. Bernadette Vischjager

    What a great voice. So much jargon going on in Nashville big shots miss a good pure voice. Come back Ricky van Shelton and show these guys how it is done


    Ricky's career ended as it was causing problems in his marriage so he decided his marriage was more important.  We were all so very sorry to see him retire when his career was going so strong but we still have his music to listen to when we want... I never get tired of this man's great voice and his ability to put so much emotion into his music.  We miss him but love that his marriage survived his career and that he is happy.

  20. Vera Stanton

    Another great song beautifully sung by a great singer

    Bernadette Vischjager

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Kathleen Heseltine. I read Bettye's book. What a courageous lady never gave up on her husband kept on praying and gave him the freedom to chose what Ricky want and he chose wisely indeed. Thank you Bettye for your encouraging book you gave love to the human race God bless you both

  21. Hans Vischjager

    never get tired of his voice. R.S.V. come on back to making albums again

    Micky May

    Sorry just can't happen what you hope for!


    Hans Vischjager He would never get played on today’s so called country radio

  22. Jacquie Barbani

    Just another GREAT song by the best!!!

  23. Betty Sanchez

    Thanks Ricky fot always choosing such great songs..i love them because they really have meaning..and u delivered them great great..

  24. yogi yogi

    i understand this song guess we all make mistakes

  25. Sandra Mcknight

    someone should write a song for wandering boys...true.

  26. Chris McClelland

    Yet once again another award winning, heart breaking ballad by RVS.

  27. Safeni21

    Wonderful, wonderful song, and a beautiful voice

  28. Jeremy Nalley

    Awesome country song!

    Pj Doyle

    Jeremy Nalley I

    Vera Stanton

    Jeremy Nalley I agree sung as country should be sung far better than any of the modern supposedly country singers

  29. mosrite60

    Great ballad. RVS still one of the best albeit "retired". mosrite60

  30. Mary Geraghty

    He is a most beautiful singer. Hop he visits Ireland sometime soon.

  31. Maggie song

    RVS, what a great voice.

  32. Eric Mcmillin

    good tune

  33. anne marie haugland

    beautiful song ♥ ty for posting ,i love it ☺