Ricky Van Shelton - Living Proof Lyrics

She hangs up the phone and her heart starts to pound
Someone just told her an old friend's in town
And a million old feelings come rushing in
Start tearing to pieces what it took years to mend

She's living proof, true love never dies
Through all of the heartaches and all the goodbyes
She just can't forget it, Lord knows, she's tried
She's living proof, true love never dies

You answer the door and I say, "Hello"
If you don't want to see me, just tell me, I'll go
But I can't love without you, it's only pretend
There's no love like you're sweet love, can we try it again?

We're living proof, true love never dies
Through all of the heartaches and all the goodbyes
I just can't forget you, Lord knows, I've tried
We're living proof, true love never dies
Yes, we're living proof, true love never dies

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Ricky Van Shelton Living Proof Comments
  1. Samantha Brown

    This is me and my husband. We really are living proof.

  2. Larry Correa

    Nothing but good country music to reminisce and enjoy life to its fullest!

  3. Jacquie Barbani

    As usual - the very best singing & fantastic scenery.

  4. Darrell Somers

    Lost my wife of 35 years to suicide ,for me true love never dies

    Darrell Somers

    Thank you

    Linda Etheridge

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your wife. 😢

    Darrell Somers

    Thank you

    Randy Hilgeman

    Am so sorry for your loss

    Amanda Constenius

    I'm so very sorry for your loss my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

  5. yyz 8

    God says : ricky would you like to be a singer? Ricky says: i will give it try! Us: thank you god and ricky

    Aubrey Cary

    Amen my friend..god bless..

  6. Maryna Jonker

    I can just keep on listening to this man's voice. Does RVS and Bettye have any children?.

    Sherry Pfost

    Blake Shelton is his son

    leslie hiatt

    His daddy used to play the guitar for me to sing and Ricky never had children.

    Brenda Isajiw

    @Sherry Pfost No Blake Shelton is not the son of RVS.

  7. Maryna Jonker

    I just love your voice

    Randy Hilgeman

    I listened to him over and over when I was stationed in Korea

  8. David Clavier

    Wish to God he'd return to make his brand of country...Absolutely some of the finest bar none

    Sherry Pfost

    He has been dead a couple years now

    David Clavier

    Hes retired not dead

    Doug Carter

    I heard he had medical problems and CAN'T do THIS anymore. SO SAD FOR US

  9. Sandy Lunn

    "Country" will be in my heart forever....

    Randy Hilgeman

    Yes the old real true country

  10. Terry Gregory

    This is one those tear-jerkers from yesteryear!

  11. Dirt Racing

    True love never dies

  12. Tamara Blaney

    I love Ricky Van Shelton. This is one of my favorite songs. I think of my loving husband everytime I hear this. I Love You DCJ.

  13. Marjorie Connell

    One of the best vices in country...ever.

  14. wd harvey

    I was sitting in a restaurant one morning when I heard this song...it was one of my grandmother's favorites. As near as the time I heard it, she passed at about the same time this song played. I rarely heard this on the radio or any other place, for that matter. I think she was saying "goodbye" to me. At least, I like to think of it that way.

    warren harris

    No not morning , 3m/b/l Living proof RICKY V SHELTON was on radio from 1-1.30pm Saturday's until 2008. These days only weeknights from 6pm-6am on Big Country Radio.

  15. Ramsey propteries

    I WISHED HE STILL TOURED !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jim Dodge

    Ricky killed it. My fav. I miss his music

  17. manuel123498

    Great Song by the Great Ricky van Shelton :) Can somebody maybe put a Karaoke Version with Lyrics up here on YouTube? :) Would really be great (y) thanks and god bless Ricky van Shelton for this great vocal Talent he´s got (y) :)

  18. Lewis Blair

    1317 will stay safely in my heart and mind until I die,

  19. Tina Beck

    Good song true words

  20. Jim Dodge

    Ricky was one of the best. Love you bro.

  21. Allen Cranford

    This is for my only sweetheart !

  22. Josie Trosclair

    Beautiful pictures with a beautiful song . Great singer .

  23. Teresa Farr

    Awesome Song. !! 9601


    Glad u like it... stop by anytime. TRUE SONG.......

  24. Teresa Farr

    True love never dies !!!!!

  25. Ben Sundy

    Just great music and voice

  26. Micky May

    Your video is so beautiful to watch and really great backed up by Rickey's voice. Magnificent Post! Thanks!

  27. Myriah Gould

    12 years and I still remember

  28. Rebecca Jewell

    Beautiful video
    Excellent Midnightryder 3 Blessings to you and a great week. 🎼🎶🎶🎣

  29. Dewi Gerritsen

    This song brings tears brings to may eyes, everybody has only one life make the best,a love you, Dewi GERRITSEN Amsterdam.

  30. Man of Faith

    Lasting music with meaning for life nothing else will do.

  31. margie wilson

    I love Ricky Van Shelton’s voice however, I find the drums smashing in the back ground of some of his songs, are very distracting !!!!!

  32. Ben Sundy

    great voice --beautiful song with such meaning

  33. Thomas Kane

    Beings back memories of someone I should have forgotten 30 years ago...Still hurts!

    Joyce Sikora

    I agree, except mine was 55 years ago. There is nothing like your first love. Of course, it makes it a little harder when you have child around.

    Magpie One

    Thomas Kane, I know what u mean. 21 yrs it took to live with it.37 years later still remember

    Magpie One

    Joyce Sikora I have his daughter. He OD about 5 years ago.

  34. Ngati Pana

    Julia....I hope that won't come true, Love Ricky too, but I hope for the future they like Ricky will keep coming, which I have the faith, they will.

  35. Ngati Pana

    Julia....I hope that won't come true, Love Ricky too, but I hope for the future they like Ricky will keep coming, which I have the faith, they will.

  36. Julia Shields

    There will be no one better than Ricky Van...Thank you!!

  37. Gail Sims

    Great, great song and singer

  38. Cindy Jones

    So beautiful wish i had a man like that to believe those words

  39. yogi yogi

    very true song

  40. Lorraine Cordick

    Keep singing Rick your awsome always

    Carmel Henry

    brilliant singer

  41. Our Van Diaries

    Great vid, really loved it!

  42. Terry Gentry

    this is a tough one.

  43. Ben Sundy

    Great music--great voice !

  44. stephanie miller

    I saw him years ago with my bestest FRIEND. my Wonderful MOTHER......what a great time ...he was awesome so kind all the band members where......he signed for hours ......thank you mom for one of my most treasure memories ever...I Love you MOM and miss you.... ...........this song is a reminder of my departed Love....Johnny Lynn Lake......boy did my Heart pound........I miss you baby ......

  45. Geraldine McVeigh

    Feeling blue listening to those lyrics so meaningful

  46. frances riley

    he is wonderful singer😂

  47. Arthur Davis

    Hi, Another great song / Video, Thanks ~ Arthur

  48. tamara holland

    How do describe perfection in a voice....Ricky Van Shelton.

  49. RandyandTeresa Meyers

    onr of the best

  50. Maria Stimes

    I agree

  51. Jill Partridge


    Ben Sundy

    +Jill Partridge ==================you sure got that right, awesome voice and music --sure wish he would record and write again.

    Larry Correa

    Their is all of his music is something to do in every aspect and with respect, damn good music for every occasion and then some!!!

  52. tim hale

    Lost my virginity at my friends ranch last year,seems it is not a good idea to enter a holding pen with a 1400 lbs bull at any time period (slaps forehead).Anyway i now can pea out of new orifices i couldn't before.While healing and stuck in traction for six months i decided to make some videos if you would care to watch-->https://youtu.be/Ij5gHG0riqM.

    Bethany. Kellie

    Inappropriate comment!

  53. karen Hayley

    Can listen to him all day and night, awesome singer, wonderful words, true love never dies!!!

  54. sherry grogan

    The Words Ricky Put's in a song are amazing. but his voice is pure magic.He Is My All Time Favorite Singer. 

  55. Jen Harnett

    OMG  Those words!!

  56. wdharvey1

    this was one of my grandmother's favorite songs.  Beyond the lyrics, it also makes my face wet just because I remember the day I made her the cassette from one of my cd's.  We listened to it quite a few times that day....

  57. Roselind Silver

    Love the song & pictures are beautiful He has a great voice...

  58. dodong anthony tabimina

    i listen to this kind of music since high school, and still i keep on listening...this is from the philippines... 2 thumbs up.....

  59. destinyblue5

    Beautiful song and beautiful pictures...I live in Knoxville but appreciate life away from the city...thank you.

  60. webbjr37

    How dit this great voice not become a SUPER STAR?

    vetra Whittington

    He got out of music and writes children's books, so I was told.

  61. donna marie

    Ricky Van Shelton is absolutely my favorite singer. He has such a clean, pure voice. I did not know he is singing gospel. I'll have to check that out. I had the honor of seeing
    him in concert years ago. Loved him ever since.

  62. LadyJ1945

    Love this song and Ricky has one of the purest voices ever and was sad when he retired. All his children's book's, gospel CD and paintings were done long before he retired. From what I know he and his wife and just enjoying peace and quiet in VA. He might have had a longer career if radio as well as the big shots in Nashville would have let him do his music his way. He was treated very unfairly.

  63. Judi

    Great song - Love Ricky's talented fantastic voice !!! God BLess him --great pictures of your favorite part of the country ... thanks for posting this song - It lies deep in my heart on a personal level... Merry Christmas to all....

  64. Bill Strange

    I love the Great Smoky Mountains, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Also love Ricky's voice, so pure and clean.

  65. wdharvey1

    this was my grandmothers favorite song I recorded from CD to cassette back in the day...the morning she died, I heard it play on the radio about the time she died. someone made me think about it today, on Thanksgiving...and made me grateful to have had her in my life. Thank you for posting this.

  66. Meade Music

    Amazing singer.

  67. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #8 song of '89. God bless ya, Ricky Van! Thanx, Midnightryder, for postin' it. Have a blessed week!

  68. Russell Pope, Sr.

    Ricky Van Shelton has to be one of the greatest artists ever. I saw him several times in concert and wish he would return again. I miss him and his music terribly and have worn out several CD's. I have his video too. I sing his songs (though not NEARLY as good as him!) Thanks for sharing this!!! He is the best!

  69. Midnightryder3

    @rowdyherself85 <<< His country caree may be ended but his CARRER is still going strong in Gospel music and hes writing childerns books so he still doing a GREAT WORK !!

  70. rowdyherself85

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!! one of the greatest and underated country artist of all time. i remember before crime of passion was his hit his wife gave my sister and i demos when i was a kid then 8 months later he had a hit with crime of passion. small world. but this man is a great artist. too bad his carrer didnt go on much longer than it did.

  71. 1942ann

    His singing wonderfully gives me Goose Bumps! Thanks for sharing.

  72. Judi

    Love this song - Great and talented man is Ricky - God Bless him -hope he does more music, Christian / Christmas .... it's all Good stuff ... what a gift is his musical talent and voice.... God Bless..

  73. Gwen Weaver

    This is such a pretty song and Ricky Van Shelton has the voice for it. The Smokey Mountain scenes are perfect for the words.

  74. Carolyn Robertson

    Ricky was one of the best, and the scenery is breathtaking. Love it. Thank you.

  75. Benjamin Wright

    i just love everything about this man

  76. Midnightryder3

    @galilredcorvette <<< THANKS for the comment

  77. galilredcorvette

    @Midnightryder3 And your posts are the greatest....best sound and video...
    can't say how much they are appreciated..can listen for hours. THANK YOU

  78. Midnightryder3

    @carobertson60 <<< THANKS for the comment ..... the Smokey Mountain pics i took so thanks for comment

  79. Carolyn Robertson

    One great country artist. Pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Great !!!!!!!!!!

  80. mudslinger4721

    This is by far Ricky's best song IMO. Saw him several times in concert. He is amoung the best.

  81. Midnightryder3

    @norbie6 <<< THANKS for the comment and yes he did and i have quite a few of his songs uploaded

  82. Orbie Olsson

    Ricky recorded so many beautiful songs in his career!

  83. Midnightryder3

    @caswell1000 <<< THANKS for the nice comment

  84. bobvocal

    what a voice !!a beautiful rich tone with great frazing

  85. Carolyn Robertson

    Pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Great job and great song by a truly great country music singer.

  86. ramlinrose2

    beautiful song by ricky.............;)