Ricky Van Shelton - I'll Leave This World Loving You Lyrics

Walk away, leave with my blessing
Once in a while, let me hear from you
If we never meet again before my life is over
I'll leave this world loving you

You can take everything but my memories
For they're good ones and they'll see me through
If we never meet again, I'll love you forever
I'll leave this world loving you

You were mine for a time and I'm thankful
Oh, but life will be so lonesome without you
If we never meet again this side of heaven
I'll leave this world loving you

If we never meet again this side of heaven
I'll leave this world loving you

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Ricky Van Shelton I'll Leave This World Loving You Comments
  1. Landon Wheeler

    Nobody sings the ballads like Ricky Van. Super nice guy, he's a friend of a friend and have spoken to him on the phone once and had him autograph one of his cd's for me.

  2. June Carr

    Listened in the 80's now still listening in 2020🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰, who else?

  3. Bonnie Lalumiere

    Love this song ,,,i had it played at my husband Marcel's funeral

  4. E vie00sleep

    Sure love me some Ricky. That voice should still be singing, he was pure Country.🎼🎶🎧🥂

  5. Pamela elizabeth Megill

    So deep down to the poruch i will always go with that real love barried in me...but never forget how it sound 2hen i heard the words back what u say....dqg so dag good looking blow me away

  6. Jimmy Caves

    This is my husband's account and I hope he sees this, I love you caveman and always will. I will wait for you at the end of the road and beyond.love your norma

  7. Ronald Hollis

    Ricky Van Shelton.....#1

  8. Dad E

    this song means so much to me ....even in 2020

  9. Mark Brown

    Still loving this song in 2020. Such an amazing voice. RVS is one my all time favorite country music singers. Hope he releases some new stuff, but I'll never get tired of the songs he's released throughout the years.

  10. Debra Parkerson

    What a great song

  11. La Ward

    Still love this song in 2020.

  12. Eileen Johnson

    What ever happened to Ricky?

  13. Tonya Toone

    Michael A Toone Jr.

  14. Scott Davidson

    This dude is so good!!!!

  15. Ronnie Brown

    i play this song for my wife

  16. Lee Edmonds

    Beautiful all these songs ❤️🧡

  17. Cleveland Ainsworth

    Jan 1st 2020 and still listening to this

  18. keith fletcher

    When country was country

  19. Shevan Lewis

    Love this song

  20. Mary Morin

    just beautiful

  21. Mary Morin

    how do i save them so i can make a cd and play it in the car ???

  22. amy powell


  23. Randy Nyberg

    Kristina wanred you to eat and love you

  24. Randy Nyberg

    Walk away so you can hit me in head shower

  25. Angelica Dominguez

    I’ve got to say I’m 33 years old and I definitely love listening to these real country songs ❤️

  26. Dustin Gollihue

    One of the greatest of all time

  27. SHARON delorme

    love him thank you ricky

  28. Melisa Sexton

    Still love this song in 2019.

  29. Derena Minnick

    i love this song as much as i love the man it goes out to,i just wish god would take these feeling from me

  30. Jason Tyler

    Love him

  31. Irene Ryan

    New foul and songs

  32. Rosscoeginncoe Lake Havasu & Orange County

    Tonie stomped my heart


    My god I actually cried

  34. James Mann

    James and. Mann

  35. Kauri Wilson

    Another funeral song

  36. Disa Paoli

    Got to play this when I die.

  37. Julie_Ann Smith

    My high school sweetheart were together at the age of 16/17 been together 40+ years he has now been given the worst news of all by the Dr so now our time every second every minute every day is so precious it's hard to put on a brave face when we know the outcome everyone knows cancer always claims someone I just wish they could find a cure to kick cancer out of everyone my sweetheart wants me to listen to this when the time comes don't think I can cope without him by my side I fell in love with him at school we have never been apart I know I won't cope

    Julie_Ann Smith

    If it's all right with you I'd like us to stay in touch that's if you want

    Julie_Ann Smith

    Hey my time is 3.55PM Boxing Day I live in Australia chat soon

    Julie_Ann Smith

    @Julie_Ann Smith Am going to try to get some sleep now its 11.15PM goodnight talk soon

    Julie_Ann Smith

    Julie_Ann Smith Hey how are you doing just wanted to say hi

    Julie_Ann Smith

    Darrell Somers Hey haven't heard for a few days hope you are doing ok want to wish you A Happy New Year.hope this year is a better one for you catch up soon take care

  38. Roger Lovingood

    Country will be around forever Love it

  39. John Morrison

    Oh just guess it never get old

  40. David McKinney

    You are awesome singer I remember when this song came out..

  41. Rochelle Navarro

    Puuuurrrreeeee country. Always loved his smooth voice. 😍 I miss voices like this in country.

  42. Mickey Bowser


  43. Pat Cureington

    Love ❤️ this song.

  44. E vie00sleep

    "I'm here" . Mr Ricky could put a hurtin on the heart. He could break you down like a shotgun. Most awesome voice in country music. 🤣🍻🍻

  45. Bo Gr

    once upon a time lilfe was so happy not only was i loved once in life but twice by 2 of the most handsome loving kind men. i can honestly believe they left this world loving me as i will leave this world loving them. true love comes only once but love can come again. sad then the true love is already married. i had it great .

  46. John Fivaz

    Awesome artist and song!

  47. frances zamora

    Love this Ricky Van Shelton song!!👍🎶🎶🎶

  48. Don'tgiveahoot

    I will leave this world loving my ex I hate her but love her !!alabama girls are crazy but easy to love

  49. JB 1986

    One of the best country songs of all-time. Definitely in my top 3.

  50. Charles Warlick

    Lost two wives in three years yeah I know what he is saying.

    hoe hoppin

    Last time I saw you was on the ID channel 😂😂

  51. Mary Thumm

    Love this song, could listen to it over and over and Im old ,been listening for a long time and will continue

  52. Jan Moss

    One of the best voices out there!

  53. John Morrison

    Rickey van the man

  54. Shannon Burns

    Written by Wayne Kemp and Mack Vickery. Recorded by Wayne Kemp in 1974. This song was recorded on January 1988, released in August 1988. It would become Van Shelton's 4th number one hit in a row. My Little Bear Shannon Marie Burns left this world and me loving her for eternity. She fell into a coma and I never got to say goodbye to my wife of 25 years. It drives me crazy. I love you Shannon, for eternity. Your Denny. On the big Franklin pedal steel was Paul Franklin.

  55. Diane Kappesser

    still listening

  56. Rhonda Coxwell

    The best singer of all time. So glad I found this channel. Thanks!

  57. Romavilla Miguel

    My favourite song of him..I made several music videos of this song..singing me..😍😍👍🏽

  58. Richard Baker


  59. Rudyard Pasking

    When I listen to country music I always go back to this 90's era. In my opinion this decade was one of the golden ages of country music. Too many great country songs and too many great country artists.

  60. Joyce Waithera

    nov 2019 am here

  61. All New

    Not till Im ready for you to leave.

  62. Hugh Stephenson

    just great, so much country music touches you in places you wish no one could find

  63. country mouse city mouse

    I got to see him live in Nashville. He is such a genuine man and sounded better than studio

  64. Gail Gallovitch

    I wishing I was dead because I'm in the way
    No one want me around
    So I will be better off if I was gone for good

    Lynn Mullins

    No one should feel this way.God has a purpose for us all. He will take you home in His time.I pray your family surrounds you with Love today and you find peace.

  65. nancy harquail

    im 56 and i still love the lyrics in this song,

  66. Crazy Girl

    I will leave this world loving Gordon Cravens.

  67. Diane Fiske-Foy

    I have this song on an old cassette along with a bunch of his other great songs like “Somebody Lied”. Love him 🌟🎤💖‼️

  68. Maria Childers

    I miss my husband rick childers he in prison I miss him so bad and love hem but he got someone else. I will all was love him

  69. Ella Senibici

    I'm listening always

  70. recellix

    My grandads funeral song💔

  71. Laura Werner

    This song gets me crying

  72. Chrissie Richards

    I love this guy. Can't stop listening to him xx

  73. Lisa Wurtinger

    My mother used to listen to him all the time

  74. Beth Bartlett

    Oh my - like it was Yesterday.
    God bless - everyone ❤

  75. John R. Williams


  76. Rick Foy

    I love this style country I won't listen to the new country

  77. DeeJay 4

    great - there were real singers, back in the day, and the music was REAL and Country!!

  78. Mark Hall

    This beautiful love song has its roots in an equally heavenly old gospel hymn.

  79. graham bull

    I’m still loving it at 78 Caroline.....and Slim Whitman’s “Cattle Call,” which I bought in 1956,on 78...repurchased a year later on 45!

  80. arthelwatson

    One of the best voices in country music

  81. Suzanne Fortin

    this made my morning listening to all the singers thank you .

  82. E vie00sleep

    You sure left this world to soon. But, I'm still really loving you. Perfect. Thanks for the post

    Chuck blankenship

    E vie00sleep Were is Ricky Van Shelton now ?

    E vie00sleep

    He is deceased at age 24. Blake Shelton's brother.

    Chuck blankenship

    E vie00sleep I don’t know why I didn’t think of it but I had my daughter google Ricky Van Shelton and he’s still alive.

    E vie00sleep

    @Chuck blankenship His real name is Richie Shelton. Brother of Blake, died at 24. Thought Ricky, was same person. Internet confushous. Thanks for the post.

  83. dabear8

    I'll listen to this song till I die and I'm 68. Ricky still means alot to me.

  84. Myrtie Benton

    just love this song ...

  85. Janet-Mary Rome

    Absolutely with you! Love this song.


    Still listening in 2019 is anybody else?

    Rose Marie Justice

    Of course. Love this song.

    Claudette Beriault

    Am with you RowdyNation 18

  87. Michael Kilgore

    Ricky looks like he wandered into the wrong family reunion.

    Edward Reece

    now that's funny man

  88. Leeanne Cosier

    This is now my song to my kids and grandkids.

  89. salvageman1983

    When country music actually had some substance to it...

  90. Irene Ryan

    I’m 72. And I been listen to it since I can Remember and I love it

  91. Wanda Yarbrough

    This is so true I hope you are enjoying your tape. Green eyes T S I have your drink's ice cold.

  92. Danny Pitcher

    I think about Jessica every time i i miss her

  93. Khalifa Aquino

    He was so handsome

  94. michael Reed

    Still playing in October 2019

  95. Anne Gwinner

    J'ADORE ...

  96. jon oy

    There really is no words to say he himself says it all

  97. Darlene Henley Gray

    Love ❤️

  98. Darlene Henley Gray

    Love ❤️