Ricky Nelson - The Loneliest Sound Lyrics

The saddest sounds are the words goodbye
The softest sounds are the tears I cry
You walked away, and then I found
A heart that breaks is the loneliest sound

The cruelest sound that I have known
Is the silence when I'm left alone
You broke my heart and turned me down
And now I've heard the loneliest sound

The words that you found someone new
Keep pounding and pounding in my brain
And your footsteps as you walk, you walk away
Keep adding, adding to my pain

The happiest sound I'll never hear
Are just three words, oh I love you my dear
So I guess I'll hang around
Hearing just the loneliest sound

Drives me crazy
Can't stand it anymore
Aw it's getting to me

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Ricky Nelson The Loneliest Sound Comments
  1. bambi :D

    i am glad i found this channel. thank you so much for posting his songs!!!!!

  2. Thomas Timlin

    Along with a few other recording artists, Rick taught me how to sing, through this album and on TV when I was little boy. Taught me to sing in tune, and phrasing and different styles. BEFORE the Beatles and all the rest. Now I have returned to his songs (not just his most popular ones). Thanks Rick, you were my first idol and singing buddy, and will always be in my musical heart. Because of your singing, and NOT your "image." It is unfair that you were "Mary Loued" to death all your life.