Ricky Blaze - Just You And I Lyrics

yeah, yeah,

[Verse 1:]
Do you know how it feels,
to wake up with someone that you love?
It feels so real
my angel was sent from above
I like to see her smile
even when I look in her eyes
I get butterflies (flies)
I don't wanna change
I don't wanna change
I don't wanna change her love
I wanna change her last name,
give her mine, onto her
but feelings first baby girl you're my world
no other girl
I just wanna make this last forever

My queen she's next to me,
she's next to me,
I need
her loving feel
her loving feel
just stay right by my side
just you and I
just you and I
just you and I
just you and I

[Verse 2:]
Baby girl you can tell your friends about us
no other girl
what's love if we don't fall in trust
I'm not trying to be the most perfect guy,
but do right in your eyes [eyes, yeah]
I know you're tired
I know you're tired
I know you're tired of the losers
But when love come my way, beggars can't be choosers
I just want to make you mine forever

[Chorus 2x:]
My queen she's next to me,
she's next to me,
I need
her loving feel
her loving feel
just stay right by my side
just you and I
just you and I
just you and I
just you and I

Little mama, you the, you the best [4X]
Baby girl, you, you the best
Baby girl, you the, you the best

My Queen!!!! Oh!!!!

[Chorus 2x]

...Just you and I

oh, oh
just you and I
just you and I
just you and I

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