Rick Springfield - Souls Lyrics

It all started here, she was a girl form the midwest
He was a stranger in a strange land
Same old story
He came for the glory
She came looking for a young man's hand

But they found bright lights
And endless nights
And men just used her innocent ways
He found it all so pretty, hypnotized by the city
They lost sight of the reason
They lost count of the days

And they were two souls searching for each other
One spirit looking for the other
Caught between a hard hard place and a rock

Two souls searching for heaven
Rolling the dice looking for a seven
To the tick, tick, ticking of time
Gotta beat the clock

Too many nights on the ledge
He acquired a knife-edge
Still the city didn't acquiesce to his demands
Some nights she cried for pity in the heart of the city
The city smacked her hands

He met her one endless night
Her eyes had a light
There was something familiar about the smell of her skin
He held her tighter and tighter
As he danced inside her
She know from the moment that she let him in

They'd been two souls searching for each other
One spirit looking for the other
Caught between a hard hard place and a rock

Two souls searching for heaven
Rolling the dice looking for a seven
To the tick, tick, ticking of time
Gotta beat the clock
Beat the clock
Beat the clock
Beat the clock

Two souls searching for each other
One spirit looking for the other
Caught between a hard hard place and a rock

Two souls searching for heaven
Rolling the dice looking for a seven
To the tick, tick, ticking of time
Gotta beat the clock

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Rick Springfield Souls Comments
  1. Lee Bruce

    I would like to have a DVD
    with all Rick video

  2. Lee Bruce

    Guli songs

  3. J. Cabello

    Sirius XM Top 40 Nov 26 1983 from 80s on 8 brought me here 👍🏻

  4. Brian Halvorson

    Wow look how young Tim Pierce is.

  5. Jiverdude

    THIS IS UNDERRATED...went to #23 on the charts in late 83/early 84...WTF?? GREAT MUSICIANSHIP...songwriting...etc...why didn't it crack the TOP 10 at least? Mystery to me...radio play over America for sure...MTV play, etc...but again, WTF??? Rick S is a GREAT SINGER/Songwriter/Performer....etc.....c'mon...give him his come uppance...

  6. Rinkoo Kukreja

    Let's find our elegant and the graceful, loving Tao of Love within ourselves, in all our relationships and the Universes....Merry Christmas to the Christ Consciousness Beings everywhere. Find your Love of Tao.....go. Thank you Rick and love/hugs

  7. Al M

    Dear Rick. You HAVE ALWAYS been one of my biggest inspirations in singing, writing music, and a calm way of life. Since the 80s. You are bigger than Jon Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Bono combined. Thank you.

  8. Kevin Drane

    LOVED this song when I first heard it.
    THEN I saw the video ~ I had just become a teen,
    And I was like... Whoa!!!
    Huge fan of his since that moment.

  9. yogibearfan

    Happy birthday Rick

  10. Jenny Jankowski

    Thank you, Rick!!! Your kindness never ends!!!

  11. BAYSTARS2020

    1:34 勃起、腫れた尻、尻閉まった屁~♪

  12. Jenny Jankowski

    Seriously? He is not in the rock and roll hall of fame? Incredible musician!!! And awesome person!!!

  13. DavidEric1414

    Top tune! One of the harder-edged Springfield songs and it Rocks!

  14. Sabrina Clarus

    I love you a lot l am from germany not likenit matters !!

  15. agnelanna heavens


  16. agnelanna heavens


  17. amanda davis

    He is so fucking beautiful!!!!

  18. Susan strauss

    A date that starts off with a big sigh never turns out good.

  19. Christina Streicher

    Rick is underestimated in so many ways. His acting is good. His bad guys make you wanna cringe but his good guys make ya wanna kiss him. Problem is sometimes ya wanna kiss the bad guy and see what happens lol. Sue me I like playing with fire 🔥 lol

  20. Jo B

    OMG...I've forgotten how good these songs are.

  21. Jenny Jankowski

    Does anyone listen to the lyrics and know who he is singing about?

    Michelle K

    I think it's about his wife.

  22. HellonHeels

    This man needs to be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame.....people go vote...i did =)

  23. Bob Cummings

    Classic Rick from the crazy 80's!

  24. Melissa Wesco

    Oh, this song takes me back! So awesome! Always have been in love with this man!!!!!

  25. Lasse 1964

    he was young ,very handsome,sexy, attractive man with perfect rock voice he has the whole package.....one of the best rock artist of the magical 80s!

  26. Freddie Hull

    YES! I remember when he showed up in my favorite show at that time, Battlestar Galactica! Hard to believe I've still got my old Rick Springfield albums and cassettes, this is my favorite song of his.

  27. Jamila Andersson

    Rick You Are Amazing Great ..You Rock
    Awesome Song and His Brilliant Vocals
    Woowww Love It ♥♥

  28. Tracy Mallon


  29. Joe O'Malley

    Rick Springfield was so underrated. His songs were awesome.

    Randall Scott Redman

    I think Jonathan Jackson should return to GH and reprise the role of Lucky.

    Randall Scott Redman

    I wouldn't be surprised if Rick and Jonathan are helping with writing the music for Josslyn and Cameron. It's just a feeling I have

  30. YuuMorgiana

    Sweet old school

  31. Tripper Harrison

    God I miss the 80s . Life was so good back then. Springfield was certainly one of the classiest artists from the era. Among many .

  32. jayc3472

    Did know about this song until I saw him in concert last Saturday night at twin rivers casino. What a song.

  33. Jenny Jankowski

    Our theme song. Thanks, Rick

  34. LMA UK

    Tim Pierce is a fucking axe legend.

  35. daniel ciemian

    Damm, this song is great.

  36. yogibearfan

    love this song, is to toxic

  37. swapsmit

    Great song, I remember watching this on Friday Night Videos. All Rick Springfield videos. Great memories, I really miss the 80's, such great music and great times.

  38. Marty Hall

    JESUS searching for souls, best disengage. I AM in Heaven. Others engaged for the heart strength and mind. I AM right on top though. Just trying to break the heart strings. When the heart is connected to the mind it is impossible without God.

  39. Peter Brehm

    Stick it to em Rick!!!

  40. Dustin Blythe

    I think this is one of Rick's better songs and one that should be remembered as much as "Jessie's Girl".

  41. Ghetto Wizard

    I've always liked Rick Springfield, I remember when he got his big break in the early 80"s it was no doubt he was gonna succeed! just look at all those Pop Hits Like this one here!!! Rick Springfield deserves more credit than he gets!!!

  42. black panther908

    This song kicks ASS!!!! He was an incredible musician and so very under rated!

  43. Gordon Marshall

    Great great song and great guitar solo.

  44. Ronna Gage

    I know I loved him. they missed him on the soap world.  But he had a great voice and I miss it.

  45. Bryce

    new music...GLITTER DOGS///
    70's style melodic rock.
    on YouTube and Spotify

  46. Araceli A

    me. encanta

  47. dtvguy ishere

    Rick was awesome... this was by far my favorite he ever wrote... classic. I don't know why some of you are saying he was a one hit wonder.... he never was and he's not even listed as a one hit wonder. Were any of you even alive in the 80's?? I was I was a teen then.

    Michelle Pereira

    dtvguy ishere I absolutely loved him when I was a kid! I know all of his songs lol. I've seen him twice. My cousin has seen him multiple times and has met him many times. He even sat on her lap once lol 😂

    dtvguy ishere

    Very cool, so then you like alot of us can appreciate him and all his hits.... My older sister was in love with him... LOL.... Living in Oz was my favorite album he wrote.

  48. Riverphoenixisinheav

    KIDS INCORPORATED brought me here and I'm glad I followed :)

  49. Sibby Jay Freestyle

    i love this Song

  50. Mary Ann Wittkowske

    Rick's wife is from Wisconsin, my home State!!!! Rick's been here many times

    Winter Blue

    I didn't know that... I'm from Jersey but live in Madison for almost 30 years

  51. Music Maniac

    When I saw him in concert, he played all the songs I was hoping he'd play except this one.

  52. Johnnie Campbell

    wow, talkin' about a trip down memory lane...haven't heard this one in years.

  53. SpEd C

    How come I have never seen him at any of the "music" awards shows? I guess because he makes REAL music instead of the crap coming out today that is called "music"

    carrie corley

    Blue Box look up the Billboard music awards for this year he played live!

  54. Rebecca Taylor

    he. Is. a. humk

  55. Rebecca Taylor

    Rick. s rocks

  56. Jeremy Shafer

    foo following mo

  57. Jeremy Shafer

    foo following

  58. paul gibson

    Rick is one of the best male rock artists of the 80's ...high power high class rock !!

    Natural Kinky Curly―Marie

    The 80's and Beyond he is very Relevant and Bad A$% Today! Performing Sell out Tours & Shows throughout the Decades.

    Evangeline Soriano

    Love Rick ever since.

  59. Carey Miller

    I wish he would do this one live more often.  Great song/video!

    Silas Sell

    Got to watch him do it live last night!

  60. scottjulie27

    I'm so pissed that the media labeled Rick Springfield as a one hit wonder (Jessie's Girl). That was a great song, but he is NOT a one hit wonder. This song, among his many great songs, is the case-in-point. Even his music videos are so unique, and it compliments his songs so well.

    Thomas Lytle

    @Wer Jor Opinions vary, but to me and the majority of the world, this album marked the end of Rick Springfield's music career as far as hit making goes. He had maybe one semi hit in Love Somebody after this album. Working Class Dog and Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet (his 2 previous albums) beat the shit out of this album. Which really proves he should've stuck with the guitar rock sound that made him famous as a rock/pop star. I was a huge fan back then and I remember getting this album and thinking "WTF"? Why all the synthesizers?!


    Loved him he was one of my favorite to, voice range magnificient

    amanda davis

    This is a ridiculous comment. Only a moron would label Rick a one-hit wonder. He had 17 Top 40 hits, including 5 Top Tens.


    scottjulie27 - Agreed and seeing that Rick has had 17 top 40 hits, that is pure ignorance!

    Foxy Coxy

    This is my favorite RS song

  61. Krafty Kitten

    Souls by Rick Springfield was showing on the Facebook page of fellow author and friend John Tucker as the last song he listened to on Spotify before his death earlier this week. As I was scrolling through my favorites on YouTube, there it was. This time, I'm playing it for John. R.I.P., my friend.

  62. Jamison Dean

    One of my favorite RS songs! And this song does rock!

    Evangeline Soriano

    I love all of Rick's songs. Digging since college.

  63. mickrick84

    What a great Rock-Song! This song rocks! Better than any other Hard-Rock-Band!

  64. gremlinjr2

    Gonna Take the FAN (Wife ) to See RICK in Sioux Falls SD .. On Thursday .. 2 days from now .. 1-7-16 ..
    dang Tix are not CHEAP . Little TOO Much I think .. we've seen Rick many times ...
    500+ miles of Driving . He better be Good ! . :D . Haha .. he always Has been ..


    Gage Lindsay -- yea they were about $100 ... it was the venue I think. .... but he was really good.... 😎😎

  65. Melissa Batson

    I lllove rs I have my daughter and granddaughter on my wrist and above tattoos of the chorus of this song


    That is great!!! :))))

  66. Katherine Fuqua

    @creates100 this song is from the Living In Oz album....one of Rick Springfield's best albums by far, released in 1983.

    Alan Carnell

    Katherine Fuqua it aired on Friday Night Videos on 10/23/83. That's a thing I know and now you do too. That was a big Fall for me and I remember things like that. All the Right Moves, Dead Zone and The Right Stuff were in theaters that week too.

    Christina Streicher

    Living in oz was good. I however guess I'm just spoiled on his earlier stuff. My first solo album of his was comic book heroes. My cousin bought me working class dog for Christmas that year along with a record player( yes I just told on myself lol) and the following summer my step dad called Rick's music faggot rock.. needless to say I stood up to my old man and lost both to a fire pit.. I've since gotten them on CD of course, but vinyl just seems so much better..


    I wasn't a big Rick fan, but I did like this one.

  68. Jax Nigaruzu

    M A X W E L L   W A S   H  E R E

  69. Jami Boyle

    This is one of my favs I'm a big fan great guy he has a great heart he really cares That's what makes him so special

    Christina Streicher

    I've heard he's pretty cool and sweet to meet. I haven't had the luck yet but hey life works in mysterious ways I may meet him somehow lol.

  70. Tourbus04

    There was something familiar about the smell of her skin
    He held her tighter and tighter
    As he danced inside her
    She knew from the moment that she let him in....

    It's no wonder Rick's concerts are at least 75% women (me included).

    Christina Streicher

    @laryn2 haha yeah me too. But musically he's is friggin awesome


    Christina Streicher You got that right and a very good writer and actor!! My hubby even loved his concert and so did many other men there. There was a lot of men there, they liked his music too!

    Christina Streicher

    @laryn2 I joke that guys do that so they reap the benefits of their womans hormones afterwards lol. But it is good to know guys like him too.


    Christina Streicher Is that why there was so many guys there, including mine🤔??? Maybe you’re right!! 😂😉

    Christina Streicher

    @laryn2 I've never seen him live but a dude told me he went cos his wife was a freak afterwards lol. Idk but something is working I guess haha

  71. Amber L

    Great song so catchy! :)

  72. Michelle Nay

    I am such a Rick Springfield fan that i love his music  I love this man..........

  73. bucky468

    This dude could rock out when he wanted to...and this song is a rocker. AOR was awesome...then it disappeared in the early 90's and was never heard from again. This was and still is true rock unlike today's modern alt-pop crap that passes off as rock like Coldplay, Nickelback, Daughtry, Maroon 5, John Mayer, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Arcade Fire, Imagine Dragons, Black Keys, Jack Johnson, Gotye, Philip Phillips, Mumford & Sons, Lumineers, Peter Bjorn & John, Franz Ferdinand, Grouplove, Neon Trees, Keane, Snow Patrol, Panic at the Disco, Plain White T's, Foster The People (although their signature hit  "Pumped Up Kicks" is catchy), Gym Class Heroes, Carolina Liar, My Morning Jacket, My Chemical Romance, Kings of Leon (they started out decent then turned to crap), and a whole lotta other crap acts like them. Christ...I could go on forever with that list it's so long!

    Darren Henderson

    some of the artist you named im a fan of. like Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, Paramore, Coldplay, Black Keys,Mumford and Sons. the rest can go to hell


    bucky468 yes like the bands of the 60's they came and done their mission and was gone like they never existed but have their music as evidence

  74. Teah Sullivan

    Looking for it for ages. thought it was called beat the clock. my dad wanted to know...

  75. Christina Romero

    Amazing song and video. I love his music and he is a great song writer. So awesome to look at.

  76. Raymond Malcuit Jr.

    This Song Went To Number 23 On The Billboard Hot 100 Chart In 1983. 

  77. yumha38

    He is a solid musician....and a very smart guy...I think in the 80's his musicianship and intellect was overlooked, because Rick Springfield had 'The look.' 


    yumha38 I agree, granted I was born in 91, they way my mother speaks of Mr. Springfield is that he was hot so it didn’t matter how he sang. As a man I can say he is quite the musical artist.

    Christina Streicher

    His guitar style is what I've always dug. He plays with a raw skill that keeps changing but always for the better

    Christina Streicher

    @DragonBallDave363 check out his early stuff I grew up on look up zoot elenor Rigby. You'll see Rick in a whole other light lol. He has a hard side to him


    Christina Streicher will do thanks!!!!

  78. gizmokaiba

    Tim Pierce!!!!

  79. Angel Erickson

    I real though he so goof lookiñg when turned 14 he guy thàt ßong made go crazy a big fan still àngie
    !" Llll

  80. Darren Henderson

    sounds like something Asia would do

    Paul Kelly

    and 'heat of the moment' sounds like a Springfield tune.

    Álex Hincapié

    @Paul Kelly You're right.

  81. Dave Wollenberg

    Born Richard Lewis Springthorpe. Rick hit #23 in Billboard, 12-3-83.

  82. CallMeOgmios

    Effing great 80's song. Very underrated artist.

  83. Klingonmastr

    This song gives me a case of Giggles. I am laughing uncontroably right now.

  84. mekuri daeku

    he's the most handsome rock singer!!

  85. Miranda Vincent

    Rick Springfield is one of the cutest, kindest, gentlemen out there! He rocks!!!!!! :) <3

  86. AJ Ca

    "Living in Oz"

  87. Klingonmastr

    Yeah! I got to see rick stevies in London. Best trip ever.

  88. Linda Alexander

    I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it!

  89. Leighstl123

    Great song! One of his best.

  90. David Loewen

    One of my favourite videos Was a huge RS fan in high school.

  91. 80sEric

    Saw him in concert last night. Great show, but I was disappointed that he did not perform "Souls." This is one of my favorites by Rick.

  92. vanhouten7377

    living in oz

  93. creates100

    Anyone know what album its from.

    Christina Streicher

    Living in oz

  94. wyman36

    i was glad to find this on cd back in 2010. it's amazing how you can all of a sudden remember a song after you ain't heard it in several years.

  95. michael rundberg

    i remember when this song aired on friday night videos back in the 80s

  96. Shelby Hughes

    :) Saw him in concert last night!!! Sooooo Worth it!

  97. Racine Evans

    Killer tune!!!!! Memories of my 8th grade year, too cool!!!!!

  98. Theresa Jordan

    Yeah he's sexier then ever now. OMG I would love to be his wife :)

  99. scottiedog1965

    I see an ad on here for Justin Bieber's song "Boyfriend". He sings a song about his coming out of the closet and his lover. Wow, that takes balls! Maybe he has more than I thought.

  100. YoshisHide

    What I find funny is that people say that this guy never got enough recognition. Yes, he did. This song will be 20 years old soon, what do you expect? This is the internet, the only music that gets a lot of views is new music, this older music got it's recognition when it was first made, it's not gonna get a good enough views here because everyone from it's time owns the song in countless ways.
    But I agree, this music is better than new music and deserves so much more. <3