Rick Springfield - Holding On To Yesterday Lyrics

Well, I keep holding on to yesterday
I keep holding on enough to say that I'm wrong
I keep thinking that I'm lonely
But it's only missing you inside
Days when we were once together
Seems we'd never come alive
So I keep holding on to yesterday
I keep holding on enough to say that it's wrong
Lord I don't know when I'll see you
I can't reach you anymore
Well if I'd only known I'd need you
Then I'd keep you like before

Ooo ooo ooh
Ahh ahh ahh

Well I keep holding on to yesterday (yesterday)
I keep holding on enough to say
That I'm wrong wrong wrong to keep holding on
My yesterdays have all gone by...

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Rick Springfield Holding On To Yesterday Comments
  1. delaney

    Day 142 of me listening to Jessie’s Girl every day for a year

    Ryan Rawls

    delaney excuse me, you dropped this 👑

  2. Damian Menezes

    Comment 254

  3. Damian Menezes

    Comment 253

  4. Damian Menezes

    Comment 252

  5. Damian Menezes

    Comment 251

  6. CREEPER_WITH_50,000_ SUBS

    I wish that I had delanies streak of listening to Jessie’s girl


    you can do it if you set your mind to it! i’m rooting for you :)

  7. Melissa Cornwall

    Vince Vincente!!!!

  8. John Nomadic

    Thou shalt not covet your neighbor's wife, not his ox, not his ass...

  9. JaneAsherKnows

    Rick Springfield is and was greatly underrated. He is a great rocker and guitar player. I saw him three times in concert. If you haven't you definitely should see him.

  10. Mercy Taylor

    I bet he was spitting all over that mic.

  11. QDIGS06

    The Last American Virgin. I see Rick and "Gary", but where is David.

  12. The Triforce Knight

    Hey Rick, you have a call, it's Jessie's girl... 1:07

  13. delaney

    Day 141 of me listening to Jessie’s Girl every day for a year

  14. Tag East

    Come now rick can get a girl even if you are goodlooking or not rich and famous talks

  15. SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    I mean she's a'ight.

  16. Rebecca

    no one going to talk about the ending panning over to the audience he is performing for and its jessie w his gf 😳

  17. Major Kong

    My favorite scene in Boogie Nights

  18. delaney

    Day 140 of me listening to Jessie’s Girl every day for a year


    delaney nice keep it up

  19. Madison Kimmel

    Found this from some on else but I'm going to listen to this song every day as well! Thanks for the idea! (Day 1)


    nice! best of luck :)

  20. S C.


  21. Jami Nova

    I just got Rick Rolled! I was minding my own business on You Tube and whammo, 'ere I am!

  22. sabrina marie

    My first crush ever it was bad bad..love you rick forever

  23. delaney

    Day 139 of me listening to Jessie’s Girl every day for a year




    Diegon Wilmot thanks diegon!


    anette yeah of course i am, it hasn’t been a year yet haha

    Gucia BlueBlack



    Gucia BlueBlack still going strong!

  24. Jesse Long

    If your name is Jessie and your date is going well, being able to play this on an electric will get you laid.

  25. dahanks1

    Oddly, Jesse is the male spelling. Jessie is female. Yipper, I want JESSIE'S girl. Hell, both of them. Met Rick about ten years ago, and what a nice guy! Eddy Money was an asshole though.

  26. Mike Peace

    Luv it...

  27. delaney

    Day 138 of me listening to Jessie’s Girl every day for a year

  28. Nate Christensen

    Have any of you heard of Gary's Girl?

  29. Biff Bifford

    This soon is actually about a girl that his friend was dating. Rick thought because he was Rick Springfield, he would have no problem getting her. She turned him down, and now we have this classic for all time!

  30. Lulmama505

    Honesty I start loving this song because of the movie name 13 going 30 😂♥️

  31. Hugh Jass

    I always thought the song said,
    "I wish I had the juiciest girl???" 🤔

  32. delaney

    Day 137 of me listening to Jessie’s Girl every day for a year

    Adam Jett

    Good dedication!

    Daniel W

    do you actually watch the whole video every time though?


    Daniel W i always listen to the song all the way through, sometimes i use Spotify instead of watching the video tho


    Omg are you going to watch it until you die lmao 🤣


    Aestheticboi just for a year haha

  33. Margarita Angulo

    La mejor música del mundo! Se fueron y jamás volverán viva los 80s 🎸🎤🥁🎶🎹

  34. Leigh Silver

    For the record I don't wish I had Jessie girl. He is my Brother in law.

    Zalex Lok Vintin


    Yes I know

    Leigh Silver

    @Zalex Lok Vintin That means she is my sister

  35. Aaron Voigt

    Didn't know Luke Skywalker was singer back then.

  36. NatashaIsHere

    “And I’m looking in the mirror all the time, wondering what you don’t see in me” too real

  37. Chris Ely

    Love it!

  38. sloth

    The Incel anthem

  39. josh qualls

    I came here to see what jessies girl actually looks like.

  40. Cobaia #87

    Spoiler: Jessie's girl isnt Petra

  41. Katie Andrea

    Why does the Apple Music version slap so much harder? It has so much more oompf on the chorus and more energy overall.

  42. Cristiano Mariano

    Muito bom!

  43. delaney

    Day 136 of me listening to Jessie’s Girl every day for a year


    U won't have problems, this song is really good, i wish i could still listen to it for 2 hundred years

  44. Guitarmalade

    Day 387 of me listening to Jessie's Girl everyday for a year


    bro 387 is more than a year

  45. Doree Kaplan

    Sexy man ; great singalong song

  46. Eric Nunez Robles

    This song speaks directly to me. Right now im a freshman in highschool and im mad in love with a lady friend of mine. I act so stupid around her because im to shy to admit my feelings to her. I hope ill tell her soon.

  47. Emmett G


  48. Emmett G


  49. Emmett G


  50. Emmett G


  51. Damian Menezes

    Comment 248

  52. Damian Menezes

    Comment 247

  53. Damian Menezes

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  54. Damian Menezes

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  77. Damian Menezes

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  78. delaney

    Day 135 of me listening to Jessie’s Girl every day for a year


    JESSIES GIRL!!! ^_^

  79. Damian Menezes

    Comment 204

  80. Damian Menezes

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  81. Damian Menezes

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  82. Damian Menezes

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  83. Primax Blade

    Jessie's girl? ...James?

  84. RetardRobert Lee

    The first hater song LOL.....Great song

  85. delaney

    Day 134 of me listening to Jessie’s Girl every day for a year

    ꧁༺Cooler Yusuke༻꧂

    I admire your fortitude my dudette.


    ꧁༺Cooler Yusuke༻꧂ thanks!

  86. Damian Menezes

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  98. Damian Menezes

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