Rick James - Sherry Baby Lyrics

Sherry baby, I got lots of money
Sherry baby, you got lots of time
I'd take you to the land of milk and honey
But you never could make up your mind

Sherry baby
Sherry baby

Sherry baby, you're a disappointment
You're a woman with no point of view
Sherry, bless yourself with holy ointment
Cause the devil's chasing after you, yeah

He's after you, yeah he's after you
Sherry baby
Sherry baby

Oh, Sherry your girls best friend
Oh, is that the reason you won't let me in
Oh, Sherry you need a man
Oh, you're not doin' the best you can

Sherry baby, relax
Sherry baby

Sherry baby, you got lots of feelin'
Don't you think it's time for you to share
Sherry baby, on your knees start kneelin'
And you're bound to find the answer waiting there

The answer's there, yeah the answer's there
Sherry baby, relax, take your time
Sherry baby

Oh, Sherry your girls best friend
Oh, is that the reason you won't let me in
Oh, Sherry you need a man
Oh, you're not doin' the best you can

Relax, take your time, Sherry baby
Relax, take your time, Sherry baby
Relax, take your time, Sherry baby
Relax, take your time, Sherry baby

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Rick James Sherry Baby Comments
  1. hirigoyen dominique

    real like this song , i Don't know why , thank you

  2. Mattycakes

    2019 and this is still pure fire.

  3. GhettoMist

    I always like Rick a little more than Prince but that's just me.

  4. Ana Jankovic

    auh, he got me, straight in to my soul ! Thank you to have you James - FOREVER !

    Ana Jankovic

    my favorite dance pop soul music

    Ana Jankovic

    Just lissen and feel the vibes!

  5. Sun2851

    This was Rick James' answer to Prince ripping off his act.  In the Rick James book Memoirs of a Super Freak he shares how when he gave Prince a chance to be his opening act, Prince was slowly ripping off his act.  It came to the point Rick said "if you want to be my clone go elsewhere".  We can't have the same act on this tour.  Prince went back to his dull self for the rest of the tour.  Then he did a full blow Rick James imitation and the rest is history.  Even child molester Michael Jackson admitted to ripping off Rick James. Notably thriller. The base line is two notes shine of Give It To Me Baby!

    Captain Rhodes

    michael jackson didnt write thriller and never pretended he did, so you made that up

  6. mcnallysbaby

    Cool ...what does that have to do with them saying they listened to it in 1997? Ten years later?

  7. AngelsTakeMe2Heaven

    NO way - Prince's lawyers pursue people who post unofficial material. I would say most serious Prince fans have it.

  8. Vanessa K Massey

    Well are you going to post it? If you can..

  9. AngelsTakeMe2Heaven

    That when Rick started hating Prince. Prince was hardly known back then and he was upstaging Rick on his own tour. I actually have a soundboard recording of Prince doing the opening set on the Rick James your in Atlanta back in 1980. Its incredible

  10. Vanessa K Massey

    Its funny because Prince actually opened for Rick james..

  11. Andrew Flood

    please god bring us back rick james in return will give u justin biber !!!!!!!!

  12. Nintendo1334



    I just downloaded and burned this album to my thumbdrive and I have to say that this album was kinda forgettable....not to be too harsh.


    I know it came out in 1988 because my dad had the 12" single when it came out but my uncle had it well into the late 90s and even bought the double cassette for urban rhapsody which came out in 1997.

  15. AngelsTakeMe2Heaven

    Same thing happned with the Glow video - tell me that isnt a rip off of a scene from Purple Rain - even has the white guitar and ruffled shirt. Still love Rick - but Prince was pulling away from him so much after Purple Rain that I think Rick - or someone he listened to - was started to hitch a lift on that purple bandwagon like damn near every funk artist was doing in the 80s

  16. B Taylor

    Some of what you said is true. However it depends on how the contract was written...

  17. AngelsTakeMe2Heaven

    Rick was still a big enough star to refuse to look like a Prince clone even if he didnt come up with it. He had to have some say it in - do you really think any record company could dictate art direction and wardrobe to Rick James?

  18. B Taylor

    I'm sure Warner Bros. had alot to do with that album cover. I dought very seriously Rick did that on his own...

  19. B Taylor

    Cool but this came out in 1988...


    my uncle used to have this cassette and this is the only track title that I remember besides loosey's rap. I used to bring it on the bus ride back in high school in 1997.

  21. AngelsTakeMe2Heaven

    @magirecords2004 1999 and Purple Rain were hardly robbed from anyone - inlcuding Rick James. I live Rick almost as much as Prince but lets be real. Rick was a different aritst and di dso many great things - just not as much nor as long as Prince has. Prince broke new ground with 1999 and Purple Rain - which why they are still originals to this day. Rick wasnt robbed for them anymore than Prince wass robbed for Street Songs or Wonderful (even though the album art is a little Purple Rain-ish).

  22. chinaboyX

    @UndergroundGrooves Saw prince in Japan. I thought for sure he was Rick James. He copied him in everyway but not as funky.

  23. theoldschoolfool1

    I LOVE this tune!!!: sherry baybaayy lol

  24. BombchuPilot

    @UndergroundGrooves So I guess the following beatdown doesn't prove anything. It's all in his autobiography.

  25. rickames

    The outfit reminds me of Prince's rasberry beret outfit.

  26. B Taylor

    @magirecords2004 You got that right...

  27. jstory71

    This album is a 10.

  28. Ka Magloire

    I love this guy's music - Throwdown and Wonderful are brilliant albums.

  29. B Taylor

    They just released a new Rick James DVD today. Mine is on it's way...One place that is carrying it is Best Buy...

  30. Princess793

    hahah, we're on the same boat them!
    xDD I love the sherry song <3

  31. Ricky Moss

    thanks for sharing this...Bedford..