Rick James - School Me Lyrics

School ya, school ya, school ya
School ya, school ya, school ya

Hey baby, let me be your teacher
Your secret lover or your preacher
I'll teach you everything from A to Z to keep you loving me

Hey baby, my love - you should try it
Don't be afraid girl, don't deny it
I'll show you how it feels to have a special lover in your life

Baby let me
School ya, school ya, school you, yeah
Baby let me
School ya, school ya, school you, yeah
Baby, baby, baby

Hey baby, let me be your lover
And when I'm through you'll have no other
Bring out the best in you and girl bring out the best in me

I'm not into infatuation
Or just a flighty[?] child relation
I'm talking you and me exploring realms of ecstasy, yeah

Baby let me
School ya, school ya, school you, yeah
Baby let me
School ya, school ya, school you, yeah
Baby, baby, baby

Baby let me
School ya, school ya, school you, yeah
Baby, baby, baby
Baby let me
School ya, school ya, school you, yeah

I know we met girl for a reason
I'll change your mind just like a season
Don't wanna fool you, just to school you
Thru the things you'd like to try, yeah

Baby let me
School ya, school ya, school you, yeah
Baby, baby, baby
Baby let me
School ya, school ya, school you, yeah

Baby let me school you, on what to do
School ya, school ya, school ya
School ya, school ya, school ya
School ya, school ya, school ya

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Rick James School Me Comments
  1. Jake Escareño

    Who picturing dave chappelle singing this whole song dressed like rick

  2. SpeedyWings2323

    All I see is Dave Chappell now

  3. Hank Bridges

    James Ambrose Johnson Jr.- Rick James! 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

  4. Camille Kayseas

    Dayummm that hair flip

  5. Camille Kayseas


  6. Mista PiNUSS

    Give it you baby

  7. Saumya Upadhyay

    She'll give it to you, just stop making those faces!!

  8. Mars Vee

    Why does Rick James remind me Joanne the Scammer 🤔😂

  9. EarlDogg


  10. Necr0Butcher80

    At the risk of getting #metoo'd this song is great

  11. Lawrence Galiano


  12. gomperogify

    A true Buffalo guy. Love you Rick.

  13. Jen S

    Cocaine is an amazing drug so I know
    where you got your inspiration

  14. Jen S

    R.I.P. rick james you were bad. In a good way. My uncle who is jamaican said you were bad but in a good way. You died when I was 13 years old. I wish I was alive in the days you were popular. You wrote amazing funk music.

  15. Project_Boredom

    Jallerbo brought me here

  16. Anna Monrose


  17. Voox ϟ

    *_Musica Pra Embrazar jogando Gta V_*

  18. Dankissme4ever

    Rick James was a hot thang!

  19. Ruby veitch

    Eww those pants

  20. Ruby veitch

    It looks funny cause he looks totally GAY LOL AND HIS HAIR MAKES IT WORSE

  21. R.Browne

    GTA 5 brought me here

  22. Dashynae Day

    Rick james was actually a nice looking man wish he would of had a fresh cut.......

  23. Mr Jones

    Women were so much hotter then

  24. Edric San

    “I’m Rick James bitch”

  25. Obinna Patrick

    This man is immortal. One of the greatest to ever do it. RIP Rick James true legend

  26. Carl Bowles

    Rick James is our Elvis.

  27. Dashynae Day

    He pulled up like im bout to go knock this shit out

  28. 글잉크

    mc hammer bring me here

  29. Gammerbeast and cool butch Butch

    Him and Prince, the great womanizers!! And musicians as well!

  30. Super Chica Del 68

    I love THIS song an man since littke girl. Guatemala December 7, 2019

  31. 9oldenX4nder

    Tracey really do fuck with this song

  32. Esther Gomwalk

    Why is Rick James so fabulous😭😭

  33. jonathan lawson

    Love it man. They don't make music like this no more.

  34. Jason Roman

    Great way to start off the 80's and GTAV

  35. Hightex 2004

    That guy is grose

  36. SUPAS4KINGS supacilla

    You said I'm so crazy Coming home intoxicated 🤪🤩🤷

  37. RackwitzG

    Ole Rick came home and had probably just got off a lady and wants another go when he gets home. lol

  38. Satanas

    Why it look like he got a mop on his head 1:48

  39. H. tiler

    Was Rick like a comedy music act....was he different in real life? Coz this is really funny.

  40. 18nomah

    That IS 100% PURE SWAG

  41. David Leon

    Where's my LB's at?

  42. Cash Bandocoot

    2020 anyone?? man people really sleep on rick, whole funk machine! im bringin this shit back, call me rick james jr lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce9Zdog1Fao

  43. Just Me

    There is a reason why my computers name is RICK JAMES !!!

  44. Soupyest

    Has this song been sampled in 90s hip hop?

  45. ThaRealADZ214

    Rip Charlie Rip Rick

  46. Jose Velazco

    Living with yourself?

  47. laura martinez cortes

    F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.O Rick James - Give It To Me Baby 🌹

  48. Al Boschi

    I wonder if he practiced give it to me baby in the mirror several times😂

  49. Keolin Pillay

    This song is on GTA 5

  50. jerik banzam

    *Charlie Murphy!*

  51. Late Pea

    Gta strip club anyone 😂

  52. Andrew Skelton

    I fucking love Rick James, don't @ me

  53. Christian Lazarit

    Cocaine is hell of a drug

  54. realryanthoman

    Cocaine is one hell of a drug

  55. Merta Mac

    I was thinking, throw that damned wig off. You might actually be creepily ok.

  56. Lance Rexington

    Kidnapper Cocaine rapist James.

  57. Xurse The Worst

    Im Rick James bitch! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  58. Martin Beltran

    When i came home last night was the shit still is

  59. Albert Santos

    The king of funk! 👑

  60. Seth Nicholls

    Rick and James, best pimp groove funk we will ever be blessed with. Shit is heavy as SLAYER.

  61. Lil Bit Official

    I’m Rick James bitch!

  62. The Maestro

    0:06 damn

  63. pierce sherry

    His breath definitely smelled like ass hahaha

  64. XeroWon

    A very white man dancing with a drop dead gorgeous Irish woman brought me here

  65. Szabolcs Szigligeti


  66. Szabolcs Szigligeti

    CHUUUUUCH ! . . .

  67. Edward Cruz

    it sounds like Thriller MJ and uptown funk

  68. Marina Thibaud

    Las manitos.

  69. replicxnt

    She's all that! Anyone?!

  70. Aracelii Quiterioo

    0:05seconds looks hella like Tupac ....Rick James is Tupac always had that tought.....look up tupac Rick James video on Youtube.....

  71. M.T.X M.T.X

    He's a signature , for real ....ask the  ladies

  72. Hot80s

    He did it All.

  73. William Kirkoff


  74. Funky Musics

    1:01 Dancing during 1 second 💃

  75. bhunep neppoho

    2019 november 17

  76. David Gaynor

    The diddys on your wan around 3:24 mins are unreal. No egg but she's a good yoke

  77. rita Jingoku

    GTA Tracy and lazlow?

  78. Cocaine _Sir

    He was Fine asf

  79. Anuki Paa Ayadhu: Mono X

    Rick James the GOAT!

  80. Dan C

    Charlie Murphy!!

  81. Anonymous Anonymous

    Pimp of tha muthafukin Century 💯 y'all thought this wus a music video but in reality this is jus a daily night for R.J😂

  82. Howard Sternlistener

    I would love to see rick James bitch slapping today’s stars

  83. Weldon Johnson

    This was my father favorite song here

  84. That stupid little gecko from the Geico commercials

    That man was a legend

  85. regal105

    He aged like milk didn’t he.

  86. Benny Bjrd

    The hair flip at 0:32 kills tf outta me every time💀💀

  87. buttnaked h2P

    I'm Rick James bitch

  88. Emanuele Mancino

    Grand Theft Auto 5... Fame or Shame.

  89. michael truthson

    Kerry Washington's mom on deck 2019

  90. A Snap At Best

    This is one of the greatest videos

  91. John Dobbins

    Raggity Ann’s adopted brother?

  92. TheColorBrosYT

    Who Came From GTA 5

  93. Eric Plut

    Anyone still playing skate 1 and listening to this in 2019?

    ALo Foke

    Eric Plut hell yeah!!! 👌😌💯

  94. Yes Ma'am

    Used to love me some Rick James

  95. snazzle snoff

    Living with myself brought me here reminded me u can slap a ass or remind her to give it to you so you don't go elsewhere

  96. Decuir Pryor

    Yo Rick James was that dude back in his time, Do yall peep his body language through out the video. Am Rick James B****!!!!!!!

  97. Belinda Perry

    Rick James know he was playing too much!!!😁