Rick James - Love's Fire Lyrics

Love's fire
Love's fire

In the heat of passion baby
The middle of the night, yeah
Fingers start to movin', movin' mama
Something feels so right, yeah baby

And in the midst of pleasure
The sounds of silence die, yeah
Whisper that you love me
(Tell me baby, in a lover's cry)

I can feel your
Love's fire
Really burning me now, baby yeah
Love's fire

Got me burning up, got me burning up, girl
Got me burning up, got me burning up, girl
Got me burning
Got me burning up, got me burning up
Got me burning
Got me burning up, got me burning up
Got me burning

In the land of lovin' baby
You and I are there, yeah
Never push and shoving, never baby
That's how much we care, yeah baby

I really love your body, baby
I really love your mind, yeah
And everytime I love you down, baby
That's when I know you're mine

I can feel your
Love's fire
Really burning me up, baby burn me up
Love's fire

Got me burning up, got me burning up

Feel so good
Feels so nice to know, baby
Feel so good
Feels so nice to know
You're mine, all mine

Feel so good
Feels so nice to know
You're mine, all mine

Feels so good
Feels so nice, yeah, yeah, yeah
You're a classical case of burning love

Ooh baby

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Rick James Love's Fire Comments
  1. John Smith

    Bought the cassette in 88 when it came out. His vocals are killer! Unique, notice no one sounds like him. 😉

  2. Andrew Miller

    Rick James didn't rip off of Prince. Prince ripped off of Rick.

  3. Donaven Mercado

    This song right here gets me in the mood !! 💯💨🌲🔥

  4. Sheila Sams

    I hear THIS I have to get my groove on!✌💖🌺😎

  5. Skip2myLou

    In the heat of passion
    Middle of the night

  6. Neil Billy bob

    Classsic Rick still got the Lp on vinyl.

  7. Kelvin Mitchell

    if it wasn't for Rick letting Prince go on tour with him as his opening act we might not have known that little fellow.

  8. Kelvin Mitchell

    U have to know MUSIC to even try to listen to this track. Shit is too hot for PAN'S to understand.

  9. Gary Jackson

    Rick James didn't have to try to be anyone. He was a legend on his own.

    John Smith

    Damn straight! Zero imitators!

  10. Robert Montgomery

    from adam harris my favorite rick james songs are spend the night with me and slow n eazy and loves fire

  11. Neil Franklin

    Love's Fire Baby

  12. John Smith

    trying to be prince with the get up lol  how sad is dat ? lol

    B Taylor

    +john smith That was the company's bull shit.. This was his first album for Warner Bro. Prince was on that label at the time....

    Harley Weedwax

    Prince built his whole early style off what he saw from Slick Rick

    Andrew Miller

    Clearly, you don't know the history!

    DOC pascal

    I was listening to this album 💜 in my first car......1989.....

    John Smith

    Relax, fellow RJ fans, talkin about da threads .

  13. quietstorm77

    This song always reminded me of Meli'sa Morgan's "Fool's Paradise"!

  14. Zach Durham

    Gotta love the funkmaster Rick James himself. Musical genius

  15. James A

    Thanks for uploading. A very great album.

  16. Maxwell Clayman

    The best song from "Wonderful

  17. Max Gershfield

    this track really reminds me of what the very best sex is like...like the best part of sex..
    i gotta have sex to this track

  18. Andrew Flood

    god i have a deal four you give us back rick james we give justin bieber !!!

  19. jstory71

    Definitely one of his GREATEST!

  20. Martian Lynch

    Woah, that's that fire FIRE. Get'em Rick!

  21. sietestreet

    Long time first time....Best song on this album...thanks daug. PS...I built the best low low in all cali...over 300,000 g's whet in to this car..people will have to listen to Rick James, because he is one of selected few that will play out of that 61 impala...So, let do what rick would want us to do....and keep gettin it on in the sun shine...yaaa yaaa yaaaa.....

  22. sunraypower

    Man, I would have loved to have been there!

  23. B Taylor

    I know what your saying here. I was one of the lucky few to see Rick on his Wonderful tour in Norfolk Va on Sept 7, 1988. From what I understand he didn't do many dates for that tour for whatever reason but he got off that night as usual. I'll never foget the first thing he said that night. While they were tuning up for the intro Rick said "If you didn't come here tonight to get the Funk then you can get the Fuck out now"...lol

  24. sunraypower

    I had forgotten all about this joint. I loved this album, used to play it all the time. One of his most overlooked pieces. This was my jam.

  25. CB Walker

    My favorite jam on this album! Thank you so much.

  26. B Taylor

    Your very welcome...

  27. jjosephdubya

    This was one of my favorites from this album. It's hard to find too. Thanks for puuting it on youtube.