Rick James - Loosey's Rap Lyrics

I know this chick, her name is Loosey
She's a freaky thang, yeah
He legs are long and her lips are juicy
You ought to hear what friends have to say about

Loosey's rap!
I said, Loosey's rap!
Loo-se-y's rap!

She don't scream and she don't holla
She don't make a sound, naw!
I have taught her like a scholar
She knows what to do
When my love comes down, I say

Loosey's rap!
I said, Loosey's rap!
Lotta, lotta, lotta, lotta
Loosey's rap!
Loo-se-y's rap!

They call me Loosey, 'cause I'm so loose
I make all the right moves, when I seduce
Your mind, your body, your soul, I will capture
Tell ya I'm so good that you will have to
Lose control, become infatuated
For something exotic, erotic and x-rated

Now the way I act and the words I speak
Make people think that I'm a super freak
Well I am what I am
And I does what I do
How would you like for me to freak you?!

I know this chick, her name is Loosey
She's a freaky thang, yeah
He legs are long and her lips are juicy
You ought to hear what friends have to say about

They call me Loosey, 'cause I'm so loose
I make all the right moves, when I seduce
Your mind, your body, your soul, I will capture
Tell ya I'm so good that you will have to
Lose control, become infatuated
For something exotic, erotic and x-rated

Now the way I act and the words I speak
Make people think that I'm a super freak
Well I am what I am
And I does what I do
How would you like for me to freak you?!

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Rick James Loosey's Rap Comments
  1. Audrey Jefferson

    This was my jam...thought I was a rapper... Roxanne Shante

  2. Baker Carl

    And how & the hell this ain't on his greatest hits!!!

    The Security BodyCam Channel

    It's on his Anthology CD.

    The Security BodyCam Channel

    @Baker Carl Correction: It's on his DEFINITIVE COLLECTION cd. My bad.

  3. Andre Renix

    Dis dat funk

  4. Courtny 007

    Roxanne Roxanne!

  5. Nique Smith

    Is that Roxanne Shante' rappin'?


    The one and only

    Roosevelt McCarter

    @oddmodd Yes.

  6. Danielle J

    RIP Rick

  7. Danielle J

    I remember Roxanne Shante on here

  8. Danielle J

    I remember Roxanne Shante on here

  9. Mr Maxxx

    Rick James had a banger with this back 88, buffalo ny in the house,

  10. Kerry Smith

    Wowww I haven't heard this song in years, Rick James the super freak featuring Queensbridge finest Roxanne Shante. Love it !

  11. Kim Filippi

    Mariska Hargitay was not in this video but Kelly Rutherford is.

  12. New Year New Me type ish

    I like the song not the video

  13. V Gabriel

    OH Nah y'all didn't ???! #HurtsSelf

  14. Merle Langlois

    "Time off" wasn't good to Rick.

  15. Bridgett Holman

    I doesn't matter to me but he always preferred white women with him! RIP!!

  16. Denis Kostic

    HE COULD DO IT ALL BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!      YES RICK!!!!!!!!

  17. stretch4859

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the album is that has this Rick James song on the CD

    michael vrbatka

    hell-O stretch4859! the Album is "Wonderful" 1988 on Reprise Records. with best regards from Vienna/Austria


    @michael vrbatka thank you

  18. Birk Derkowitch

    Prince stole Rick James act to the max ...so The record company wanted him to steal some of Prince's.
    No musician compared to the Great Rick James.

    Lizzandro Alvarez

    Birk Derkowitch Prince did not steal anything of Rick James. Both were unique in their own way. Prince had a lot of respect for James’ musical talents and perhaps often got inspired by his music. But never did Prince “steal” anyone’s act.

  19. thevoid99

    damn, the women in this video are gorgeous. rick, you a badass motherfucker. after all, you are rick james BITCH!

  20. jsamc

    Very unique song . funky as it wanna be but i didn't know it had a video, The Wiltern Theatre never looked so good

  21. Melody Sanger

    (NOVEMBER 8, 2018)

  22. I Work In Mysterious Ways

    Funkiest bass line I have ever heard. Sad thinking of all the great singers I've grown up dying like flies....

  23. Paul Daniels

    Rick James a bad mutha

  24. Lord Of Truth

    I'm Rick James Bitch!

  25. dr1321


  26. Cam Magee


  27. Roberto Campos


  28. skeetdarama1

    Damn!!! This is the first time hearing this song since 88! I missed the 80's!

  29. Florencia Benavente

    is that kelly rutherford?

  30. Phantom Flankmaster


  31. The Admiral

    this like some Robert Palmer ladies everywhere type ish goin in

  32. Thor Boysen

    I would give my right arm to fuck to the Girl with the dark hair and the sunglasses on...!

  33. dr1321


  34. Randy Miller jr CHIEF

    Nice Entertainment

  35. Donaven Mercado

    This is funky !

  36. jimiclemente1

    No body fukin wit rick....

  37. Pinda Kaas

    The woman shaving her armpits looks brawny as fuck.

  38. Kirsten Zammit


    melanie jones

    I saw that

    J N

    Ha! I thought she looked familiar

    Glen McClure

    i THOUGHT she looked familiar, but couldn't remember the name! :)

  39. Neil Billy bob

    Classic Giving Up The Funk.

  40. Kareem Supreme T.V.

    The hook is supposed to say "Lucys Gap" V If you know what I mean

  41. Vande Veer

    Hahaha...still sick shit Rick!!!

  42. William Muhammad

    every time i see this video it reminds me of when it was being played in a beer tent in darmstadt, germany during r&r after reforger in 1988. man that video machine was wore out. you had ti be there, it was funny as hell...

  43. A E

    no! not the rick james i adore ...

  44. Buckeyecat2002

    Sick Stone City Rick beat

  45. Terrell Washington

    Rick James left Motown and went straight to Warner Bros. Records while still bringing the damn funk to your muthafuckin' ass!!!! This smoking white-hot hit song, LOOSEY'S RAP, is living proof of that shit while having Roxanne Shante doing the rapping. This dope ass jam came from the 1988 album, WONDERFUL.

  46. mitsubishidiamante

    Long Sexy Legs with Stockings..
    one of my Kryptonite

  47. ResmieJohn Attard

    if you look through Ricks career he changed his look and music style throughout. look at his early stuff to Glow to Wonderful before another change in Deeper Still. in between look at him performing This Magic Moment he looks like a 50's rocker.

    Read his book Confessions of a Super Freak to see his history with Prince.

  48. New Year New Me type ish

    watching unsung

  49. Phil Andris

    Bas ass prince

  50. DjJohnny Cruz

    so who copied who? Rick or Prince? I see both here for some reason.

    ResmieJohn Attard

    +DjJohnny Cruz Didn't Rick take a young Prince under his wing, so I would say the little guy learnt of the King of Mowtown! Prince wanted to be white whilst Rick dated whites. LOL

    Gino Boomino

    +DjJohnny Cruz So is that guitar a prince riff ? What song ?

    Redd Blitz

    Beneath the media "hoopla," both artists might not of "gelled" in personality but I feel they really did respect each other musically. For example, I always heard an influence of RJ in Prince's classic gem "Gonna Be a Beautiful Night." Listen to the horn licks on top of that beat. I don't know, but it gives me that RJ/SCB vibe. So as mentioned on previous, who knows?! RJ was probably influenced by Prince. By this time at the release of RJ's "Loosey's Rap," Prince has fully evolved as an artist and his sound was at its own right a dominant musical force much like RJ's was in during the early 1980s R&B/Funk scene.


    BTW, Neil Young of Young, Stills, and Nash was a member with Rick in the "Mynah Birds". There are snippets of some of their songs on other sites.

  51. Old Man

    bad ass rick

  52. Rasheed Gray

    I remember visiting my family in Buffalo(Masten stand-up!), and hearing this song on WBLK (93.7)!

  53. VeganSistaGirl Tameka

    Anybody else notice Mariska Hargitay

    ResmieJohn Attard

    +Tameka Powell Yes I did, Olivia Benson lol


    At what minute?

  54. Reinaldo Green

    who cares the color of the girls in the video. this was a bad dude that called his own shots and all of my home town of Buffalo New York were proud of him..

  55. bitsequence

    0:04 some bad ass kick, snare, and baseline!

    Kar Lar


  56. Stefano Lennoxs

    Becuz I love u

  57. mooky

    This is Funky!

  58. afroflap jack

    I know a chick her name is lucyyy shes a freaky thing. 

    Louise X

    I have taught her like a scholar :)

  59. Stevon Jop

    o yea..RJ was the shit.

  60. MikeCheck12

    Anybody remember when General Hospital used this track way back in the day to introduce a new character, Lucy Coe?  Lucy was a librarian by day .... but a naughty vixen by night.  BRILLIANT use of this track to bring her on the show.  I loved it!


    I was wondering the same thing myself!


    That scene is what introduced me to this song last year. I saw that scene online.

  61. Gino Goss

    Lucy !!!!!

  62. Morrisman Smith

    Where is Roxanne???

    Ewan Bruce

    vid would have been so much better with her in it!

  63. Caressa Clark

    "I am what I am and I do what I do"


    How would you like me to freak you

  64. Captain Rhodes

    never seen this vid before. doesnt look like 1988 at all. could have been made today. very ahead of its time. whatever you think of it, music videos havnt changed much!


    I can assure you it was 1988 !! I was 15 at the time and they showed it a number of times at our local night club.

    It's been stuck in my mind ever since !!


    Lol I was thinking the same thang.


    It looks like a vid from the end of the 80's to me. But I get what you mean. The images and sound seem recent but you can read the 80's stamp all over the music and the vid

    Captain Rhodes

    @VTheRealOne the lighting is also very modern. i can see pharrel and similar artists making videos like this. obviously without the sense of humour

    Slick Monique

    This video rolled regularly on MTV at the time, mostly at evening or during night hours. On the contrary, its looks are VERY 80's, I'd say. In fact, my flawed recollection was that it was done before 1988. It's not that it was ahead of its time. It's that today's videos in some ways are inspired by the 80's, usually without succeeding.



    Neil Billy bob

    Agree....Rick Was The Real Deal.

    Terrell Washington

    Neil Billy bob Word up!

    TheNBA average

    DASHAN WHEELER that's bull

    Ezequiel K

    There is no point in compare Prince with Rick James... they both shared influences but Prince was a god, simple as that. The only one that can compares with Prince is Michael

    Funk Rocker

    Vision L Ues and Rick mouthed off that he was planning to make a movie about his life and Prince jacked the idea and beat him to it. Rick even talked about plans for a girl group and how he would have thwm attired in lingerie and whadda you know.. Poof!! Outta nowhere cane Vanity 6 attired in lingerie, a girl group produced by Prince. They were both my musical heroes whilst growing up and I was heavily into both.

  66. Maverick 260

    This used to be my shit. I used to love this song because of Roxanne Shante's part; but why wasn't she in the video?

    Johnny Lopez

    Maverick 260 i had read some where that they had a fall out. That's why she was left out on the video.

  67. Carolyn Ekuka

    Rick James brought the entertainment back in the day I am sorry!!!!



  69. Toe LaShawn

    Did Rick have plastic surgery?!

  70. erikthevikingful


  71. Dvenchy

    Rick loved the snow babes.

  72. aruzoscott

    And there's the rumour that Prince stole parts of Rick's show in that Fire it Up tour.

  73. danail lazarov

    mnogo tua pesen

  74. paul potter

    Had this on vinal , nice album cover/ tune.

  75. Taxidermistification

    Nevermind who you thought I was - I'M RICK JAMES!!!!

  76. Blacklight District

    i have been looking for this song for 25 years, too. i remember requesting this at the skating rink when i was a kid and the dj had no idea what the hell i was talking about. now i finally know who sang this... victory.

  77. Yobachi2007

    Do you know I've been looking for this song for almost 25 years since I first heard it. After it was out & played on video originally for awhile, it went away and no mentioned it or played it again

    Being a little kid, I didn't know who the performer of the song was, or what the actual name was, so I couldn't look it up. I was just reading about Roxxane Shante on Wiki, and when I saw the song title, I said that has to be the song I've been looking for, and came here and found it. Mystery solved.


    Yobachi2007 im the same way! That song stuck in my head for so long! I just found this!

  78. iamcasihart

    Wow! That's actress Kelly Rutherford in the shower scenes and walking the runway. She looks almost the same now as she did then. She is lovely. This video is fun. It really reminds me of a sort of combination of those awesome Robert Palmer videos and early 90's George Michael vids with the leggy model types, the styling and red lipstick.

  79. B Taylor

    Damn shame BET wouldn't play this because there were to many white women in it but yet they played Cameo's "Candy" Double standards azzes...

  80. Vito Hattem

    ok,, this is not the video I expected with this song,,

  81. miamigroove

    Rogaine is a hell of a drug

  82. paulphoenixbeaumont

    ABSOLUTE CLASSIC.Rick James was a one off.he as b4 Prince.he will be missed.still underrated as an artist.but yeah...why r there no honeys in the video.Ricks always been about breaking down barriers.And he music will continue 2 do that.bless U man.

  83. liacashmere58

    @TheChuckycheese123 Dumbass is was more of a joke than anything. I could careless who he put in his videos. I'm far from an ''idiot black person'' and even If I did believe he should have had more blk women in the video, I can feel like that. He's black, I'm black, Your not!

  84. MrReeltight

    Rick was a bad MF NO DOUBT

  85. liacashmere58

    This is a very underrated song. I like Rick but damn couldnt he have put one sista in the video lol?

  86. aria corryn

    Check out Kelly Rutherford of Gossip Girls at 2:01. IMDB does not even credit her for this video. She was 21 years old. 'Still looks pretty much the same.

  87. ninaquimby

    @NatTurner in the shower scene?

  88. stevedizzle007

    loved that shower scene!!

  89. stevedizzle007

    loved that shower scene!!

  90. Carl Caola

    rick james was certainly ahead of his time

  91. onlyjoetee

    0;43 MUST BE THE HOTTEST WOMAN EVER BORN....O.M.G!!!!!hahahahahahaha

  92. BombchuPilot

    This could have replaced the Shower scene in Psycho!

  93. rickames


  94. Kellogs43able

    @FireitupBedford i stopped following rick after the trouble he got it, but when dave chappelle made him cool again, i started listening to his stuff

  95. B Taylor

    @Kellogs43able He had some good songs after this he just didn't get the right push from the record company. Check out this song called "Do You Wanna Play" Feat Howard Hewill and Johnny Gill off the Deeper Still album...

  96. B Taylor

    @Morrisdayfan Do you know why Rick didn't like Prince? Back in 1979 Rick's mom was backstage and she wanted to meet Prince. When she walked up to him saying hello Prince diss the hell out of her. From then on Rick couldn't stand him. As for his look right here you can blame the record company for that one. By this time he was on the same label with Prince. Oh and one more bit of info Rick James has NEVER opened for Prince but when Prince first came out he use to open for Rick...

  97. Kellogs43able

    probably the last good song by rick, before drugs messed him up and he did that stupid stuff to that woman that got him thrown in jail...

  98. Nick Hurdstrom

    I love this song and think Rick James was the man in the day, but for someone who spent his career going out of his way to diss Prince, he sure as hell looks like him here.