Richard Marx - Heaven's Waiting Lyrics

There is no understanding in this hostile age
Sometimes I feel just like a bat locked in a cage
It's hard to live beyond the walls
It ain't no life at all
But don't you tear it down

Take your chances, I'll take mine
Chasing thunder is only wasted time
Got no reason to walk that line
Heaven's waiting if I can make it home tonight

And with the years I've found a faith that gets me by
It shows me the truth in a hurricane of lines
My baby's left a light for me
That's really all I need
They won't bring me down


Aimlessly rushing leaves you with nothing
You need some loving to make you feel alive
In less than a moment, life can be stolen
I know where I'm going, gotta get me there tonight

I'm holding on to what I can
Like any other lucky man
Love won't strike me love won't sell me out


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Richard Marx Heaven's Waiting Comments
  1. Sharky Magnum

    Love his vocal power and the band's energy on this one!

  2. Kayla Schulz

    some people called the hurricane and some people call it the caterpillar

  3. Kayla Schulz

    course you never rode in the hurricane

  4. Kayla Schulz

    I don't mind kissing in that hurricane

  5. Kayla Schulz

    you tell me what the hurricane feels like in

  6. Kayla Schulz

    squirrel out your tires and then we bought a donut

  7. Kayla Schulz

    hot but a brat

  8. Willie G


  9. milliner

    Best cd ever!

  10. harriss100

    Always impressive

  11. DaviiiD06

    oh shit, I love it!!! Thanks for insertion! :)

  12. jordan A.D

    simply wonderful ! love it :) thanks for posting

  13. anthony wall

    another classic. this was from the first 'new ' album since becoming a RM fan in 92. i just loved this track from the first play.