Rich Kidz - Wassup Lyrics

Ah wassup [x3]
Ah richkids
A wassup
And skoolboi
Ah wassup
Ah baby charles
Ah wassup
My nigga kaelub
Ah wassup [x2]
My nigga sean

We hit da mall and ball allday lames on stall and we ball when we play, a bitch nigga my swagg at a milli my pants costed a stack I threw my tags and the celling.ayyye.[repeat]

[Verse 1:]
Do it like dat skoolboi I be ballin gwapaholic shopaholic all at lenox mall and pradas on my feet true sagg money tall girls steady callin producers say I'm stallin say I need to hit the booth and start breakin down the walls an savein up for shawty about 340 ain't spent a band so I ain't near done ballin hold on baby partn me rocks standin hardenly introduced her to my class now she goin narly she like my bandana polo tropicana diamonds kinda fanta earing flip the channel trash bag full of money shawty call me santa umma blow the rest ugh it who gone be the test ugh it 10 stacks no lessa umma big flexa, and yea dat how my wrist did um posted up swagged up chillin with my rich kids

We hit da mall and ball allday lames on stall and we ball when we play, a bitch nigga my swagg at a milli my pants costed a stack I threw my tags and the celling.ayyye.[repeat]

[Verse 2:]
We big kickin my swagg at a milli my swagg threw the roof rite now so bust it threw the cellin[I'm outta here]and ugh big banks my bank account is silly, my bank account is silly cus it dunn hit a milli and 26 stack on my rubber band ties dats 28 inches how I'm sittin so high in da coopish I be foolish I be ridin 8 I'm fuckin baller baby whole team picture fly ayee

[Verse 3:]
Rockstar sawgg got da hoes sayin narly[narly]big bank rolls goin to the trap parties get da cars grab da harly my swagg so retarted futristic kush make the hoes thank I farted[oops]you say you do it big but the kids do it largly and ya'll second stream and my whole click team started my moneys on earth but my swagg way farther my stupid fruity swagg make the kids go harder

We hit da mall and ball allday lames on stall and we ball when we play, a bitch nigga my swagg at a milli my pants costed a stack I threw my tags and the celling.ayyye.[repeat

[Verse 4:]
Bring a bottle nigga we gone show out when we show up gucci from the flow up bitch just like you know us [u kno] bustin out da macys bag grands I spents 4 brah money running long but nigga wait till wen we blow up rashad, kd bay charles we be goin hard walkin round with that chest up in my carterods richkids we gone flex up when the party starts when we ride we ride 5 deep goin stupid ass hard when we ball hell yea we do it stupid ass hard been at lenox all day and we done toe dat bitch apart get a belt of fruity shit and bring it back to college park we been ballin all damn week the weekend party hard boy don't even start you kno who we are richkid boys we some fuckin stars kush in my cigars lean in my cup we stay bossed up cus we don't giva fuck so wats up

We hit da mall and ball allday lames on stall and we ball when we play, a bitch nigga my swagg at a milli my pants costed a stack I threw my tags and the celling.ayyye.[repeat]

Richkids and skool boi
A wassssssssuuuuuuuupppppppppp
Yeaa yeaa ohh

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Rich Kidz Wassup Comments
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    The memoriessss Lmaooo what a time


    Desi bought everybody back in this guy! 🤟🏾😩

  11. TeflonTrevin

    Desi banks ? 😂

  12. Shell Cross

    I feel like crying those were the days when you could actually enjoy your teenage years

  13. Antoinette Smith

    This still my shit💃🏾🔥🔥😩

  14. Tyrique Bryant

    Desi Banks stupid 😂😂😂😂😂 . But I grew up on this song but Desi Hell for that video he made tho 🤣🤣😂😭 I won’t be able to listen to this song again without laughing , btw I’m an old song spree Desi didn’t bring me here but that nigga funny asf lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Ta'aja Gates

    Man my teacher played this in and got it stuck in my head

  16. mica the real

    Desi crazy behind brought me here😂😂😂😂😂 Wassuppp!!!

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    Brings back memories fr

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    Desi Banks brought me back here. Man I miss the OLD ATLANTA 😩. When Marta was smarta, long white t’s and some crispy forces

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    This came out 10 years ago and I'm just seeing this

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    JULY 2019

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    Damn man... This shit bring back so many memories😞

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    The beginning fa the youth to eat $$$$

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    The brand is strong.

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    Atlanta niggas go dummy when somebody play this lol

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    Skooly suppose to be bigger than what he is he was so before his time 💯he still slept on

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    Rich KIdz& Young Thug needa drop with Yung Booke

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    When everything was all gravy

    Mustang gang 5.0

    Alpha Male facts

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    I went on a road trip from Baltimore to Alabama back in 2009 & the radio stations kept playing this dang song! Never ever forgot it. Memories.

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