Rich Kidz - My Partna Dem (Remix) Lyrics

Lil Scrappy my partna dem

[Verse 1: Lil Scrappy]
Hours on the air, couldn't slap with my partna dem
Then I left the block and hit the lap with my partna dem
Flipped a coulpe of bags lil bitchy with my partna dem
We them fuck niggas with some stitches for my partna dem
So Rock is my fucka I'm a sip it with my partna dem
Roll a couple of switches hit the blunt with my partna dem
Fresh up on the scene lookin' clean with my partna dem
Got a bag of kush S.O.B. from my partna dem
Got a bad bitch super cool with my partna dem
Hit up south side rich too with my partna dem
Need a couple dollar I'm a holla at my partna dem
Nigga wanna problem scrap them scrabble with it partna dem

[Chorus: Rich Kids]
Boulavard (My partna dem)
Hernon holmes (My partna dem)
Sumer hill (My partna dem)
Mechanville (My partna dem)
Thomasville (My partna dem)
You know pittsburg (My partna dem partna dem with partna dem)
You know I fuck with (Partna dem)

Cedar al (My partna dem)
Adamsville (My partna dem)
Bowen homes (My partna dem)
Simpset (My partna dem)
Ludacris (My partna dem)
DTP (My partna dem)
This is how I kicks it

[Verse 2: Ludacris]
College park my partna dem, benjamens I got lots of them
Come and try to take my benjamens and see big blocks of me cockin' them
Platinum hits I'm droppin' them, louie kicks I'm rockin' them
So zip your lips it ludacris and bitch it ain't no stoppin' them
Silly hoes I'm sockin' them, fifteen's in the trunk I'm knockin' them
Why the 5 percent 10 on this bentley windows always blockin' them
Cause Lil Scrappy my partna dem, Tity Boi I'm on tha block with him
Dolla Boy he be robbin' them, and Lil Fate I ride with the drop with him
I Doug we be swappin' them, get a couple of bills and poppin' them
Ching a ling what's DTP but we had to end up droppin' them
Now B.X.C. my partna dem, Willy and P what's poppin' slim
DTP still going strong and all these hoes be jockin' them
Doin' them and bopin' them, screwin' them chop-chopin' them
Notorious like B.I.G. and he even got a lil of pockin' them
Now new artists we shoppin' them, air ones we stockin' them
Hit the dealership get a brand new whip and then we hoppin' them
Bad boy like blockin' them, it's going down like Joc and them
Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixson I'm going all the way to the top with them
Business deals we lockin' them, forbes list we toppin' them
And [? ] is coming soon no diss just rockin' them

[Chorus: Rich Kids]
Boulavard (My partna dem)
Hernon holmes (My partna dem)
Sumer hill (My partna dem)
Mechanville (My partna dem)
Thomasville (My partna dem)
You know pittsburg (My partna dem partna dem with partna dem)
You know I fuck with (Partna dem)

Cedar al (My partna dem)
Adamsville (My partna dem)
Bowen homes (My partna dem)
Simpset (My partna dem)
Ethel ridge (My partna dem)
DTP (My partna dem)
This is how I kicks it

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Rich Kidz My Partna Dem (Remix) Comments
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    2020 still here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. J 1

    2009, 17 in the UK we were bumping this!

  3. Jazmyne Graham

    Guy on the left wit the porn stache 😂

  4. Navado Henderson

    Ayye this is why i fucks wit

  5. Joseph Stevens


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    When I was 9 years old use to be my shit

  7. Banh Banh

    Who 2020 rocking this?💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. JASE-_-FACE

    Skooly and Shad look so young damn

  9. Darnez Brittian

    Summerhill Thomasville Mechanicsville and Pittsburgh my potna dem

  10. Darnez Brittian

    Swag team my potna dem YMM my potna dem

  11. Billiondollar Coco

    Haven’t heard this in years

  12. Tae Sav

    I riding around up north blasting this 😂

  13. BoneyBap Kyosev

    Chief keef's beat

    E DE

    This was before chief keef lol... but i know what you saying!

  14. Ọ̀ṣun Maat

    My Patna dem!!!

  15. Lakeithia

    The song traveled. I had this on my iPod in middle school. Detroit loves Atlanta ❤️

  16. Frank White

    I remember they a video of them performing the song in the studio Turnt!

  17. Daiza Angelique


  18. Lil Jalen

    2019 vibes

  19. Naya Dianna

    Decatur 🥵

  20. god body

    Real A town classic for folks in they 20’s lol

  21. A C M

    This song throw me back to the Marietta RYDC days going off on the jcos 😂😂😂

  22. Joe Carson

    Anybody else Hitting dis in 2019?

  23. Terrance McBride

    I love how Dro and Yung LA flipped flows

  24. Spencer North

    childish gambino put this canadian on to this

  25. Thomasena Wilson

    😀y’all know I fuck with 👋🏾shawty then you know Pittsburgh 👣my partner is my pattens 😀my partner them on her 👋🏾popping them toes guitars my 👣partner them be and arcade;

  26. John Doe

    2020 banginn

  27. Pookiee TV

    Summer Hill My Potna Dem💯🤞🏽

  28. Sacred Starlight_94

    Childish Gambino brought me back to this 🤙


    I’m From NY but my senior year of high school I did in ATL this was the anthem in school lol

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    Thomasville my partna them
    Moreland Ave
    Starlight Drivein

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    Donald trump my partna dem

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    Zone 6. Luv my whole city. Phew💥💥💥💥miss my Pittsburg daysz

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    ohhh the memories💯💯

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    Primetime classic 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

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    Plz take me back to 08

  37. AboveTheRest

    I miss the old Atlanta. 🛫

  38. TheHiro56332

    Damn ATL days... Brings me back to better days

  39. J Byers

    Yo it's 2019...grew up listening to them.. Ppl in Cali look at me crazy when I play that shit from the south😂🤪

  40. Leivyh Te'lur

    Aye!!! Summer hill

  41. Antania Fleetwood

    If u don’t know rich kidz u not from Atlanta fr

  42. Sizzler

    Rich kids used to slap!!

  43. william jones

    Freshman year of college. Good memories mane! #TSU '09

  44. Trevon Griffin

    This shit was fucking heat. I like Iceberg version better cuz it’s Miami of course but this is a classic

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    Who remember goin to cascade and skatin yo this shit

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    It's 2019 this still go hard

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    Shit still ride 🥊🥊

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    My patna Dem

  51. charlie jenkins


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    Back before the city had major gangs fr fr. 30 deep slick influenced swag rap in they own way😂. Everybody was trued up

  53. Sunny Saiso

    Who came back in 2018 for a flashback? Lol

  54. JACQU3Sworld


  55. PimpNamed SlikRich

    Boy Memories 😂😂

  56. Keith Howell

    Who remembers the video of them in studio ?they was smoking weed so it got deleted

  57. kill.pugsley.bitch

    2018 Still my patna dem

  58. Jaba T.

    2018 still bump

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    This is when Atlanta music was fun

    Clem Fivekiller

    I can take you back to those times lil baby girl

    Shod Killings

    Hell yeah girl

  61. JG R

    Shit always be LiT no. matter year you come from

  62. Mr Pb

    Skoolysb , jose guapo, shad da god

  63. Detrick Boyce

    That is Shad and Jose right? Folk don't look like themselves now 😂 boy how SwaGG chanGed

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    Westside Atlanna!!.. Check out the "Lingo" it's b4 it's time.. This is some REAL WESTSIDE Atlanta shit, going on. Big ole FLAVA!! My potna my potna!!

  65. Milly Milly

    Man I love Atlanta so glad I was born here Grady baby 4life <3

  66. Gabriel Alonso

    My olders brothers been bumping this shit back in 2009. Back when i was in kindergarten. Shit was crazy bro

  67. Gabriel Alonso

    Idc what anyone said. Atlanta niggas made the most beautiful trap music

  68. 205 The Truth Dallas Co. Creek

    Im old asf g senior yr shit

  69. Oklahoma Brickhouse405

    My 11th grade year we was on...

  70. Lorenzo Chapman


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    Still bump in 2018.

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    2018 june im here squa

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    Big sac when dis dropped..potna potna potna

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    Forever gone fw this track

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    35 and still riding my partner dem

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    shad da god

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    Somehow im still here in 2018

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    Boy I had this on repeat when I was 18, now I’m 28

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    I remember when this song came out in HS, after Soulja Boy blew up so many artists and groups like this came out... miss these days

  84. Derrick Amos

    2018 wit it

  85. DRE LOCO

    Lol dreadhead dude is Shad Da God he used to go by Rich Kid Shawty . Now signed to Grand Hustle . You don’t hear from Kaelub as much then you got Jose Guapo who’s practically a junkie and Skooly

    And then I know y’all remember when they had a remix with Young Dro on it

    Then Ludacris and Lil Scrappy did their own versions of it

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    This sums up 2010 rap in a nutshell👌🏼

  94. Outdoors&Cars

    High school days, miss my patna dem. Got damn this shit brings back memories. 24 years old now and this shit came out in 2008-2009 almost 10 years ago.