Rich Kidz - My Life Lyrics

[Verse: Skool Boy]
These niggas fake, I'm real
Pussy niggas ain't authentic
No bait, fuck a squid
I be in the water with sharks in it
Real nigga, gaining weight
I'm growing up, I'm getting young money
Never tell another nigga to suck my dick
Because the game I'm in nigga punks running
If I get mad, they goin run from me
Run from me like they done something
I'm hustling, doing shows, this the
Shit they come for me
Rich Kidz, for life now
I hope you don't think that
Shit changed. Blue shit
The crew shit, everybody knows my
Click bangs, fuck a click because
I got a team, Fuck a bitch just because she
Got a ring,fuck a bitch all at a gathering
In front of a friends and her colleagues.
I really don't care like honestly
(like what?) like honestly
I got that feeling like finally (like what?)
I got a team

[Hook: Skooly]
Check out my ice, I’m so icey
My watch so bright its a Brightlen
My bitch do it all she be dyking
We already ran it up it be knocking
Its my my my my my my my my life (Flex)
Its my my my my my my my my life (Flex)
Its my my my my my my my my life
Its my my my my my my my my life

[Verse: Flocka]
Still on that fuck shit
But they put me on Pandora
Pull up
Can't drop the top
Baby shit throwin holter top waka flock oh it's
12 o'clock 2:30
Oh Its 1 O'clock Two Thirty Came Bout One O'clock
Brigtlen watch, 100 K
Man, we do this shit everyday
Man, my bitches they go errrryway

[Hook: Skooly]
Check out my ice, I’m so icey
My watch so bright its a Brightlen
My bitch do it all she be dyking
We already ran it up it be knocking
Its my my my my my my my my life (Flex)
Its my my my my my my my my life (Flex)
Its my my my my my my my my life
Its my my my my my my my my life

[Verse: Kaelub]
My whole team BALL, no NBA
And all I know is real, it's in my DNA
Yeah, we rock Play Co., but yeah them kids don't play
Got a Brightlen with no diamonds, cost 'bout 15 K
No acting I'm gon' cop that Aston coop like Tom
And all my niggas making noise C4 bombs
And My check is crazy, like Lil' Darrell, DUMB!
I get high i stay higher than Bugatti insurance
Them rap niggas Yea They Looken Steak
We on a rich nigga diet, every night is steak
And I hate a pretty fake girl with some dirty feet
I like a girl dyking just like Nike wanna Come Wit Weed !

[Hook: Skooly]
Check out my ice, I’m so icey
My watch so bright its a Brightlen
My bitch do it all she be dyking
We already ran it up it be knocking
Its my my my my my my my my life (Flex)
Its my my my my my my my my life (Flex)
Its my my my my my my my my life
Its my my my my my my my my life Explain

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  84. #SwankUpNext #ALoading #SwankGod

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    CHECKK outt Myy Watchh Itss Soo Brightlyy
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    We Dont Really Know Jhuss Likeee Nikee
    #Datss On Myy Myy Myy Myy Myy Life(Flex)

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