Rich Kidz - Kool On The Low Lyrics

[Verse 1: Skool Boy]
I don't sell weed, pills, or coke
I'm so local
I don't got no degrees or specialties
I got no purpose
I go rock out these shows
And fuck these hoes for good promotion
Don't let your bitch bend out of shape
Cause over here we teach them yogo
Get a O' from Dread and Ratchet
Go and chief it with the killers
Let them know I'm still hood
When I get that sack I'm fucking with them
Well look what happen to your crew
Man them niggas feel apart
It shows in the light
When it happens in the dark
Everybody fucking with them
Never tamper with the boy
Gangsta's, Slauson, Campanella park

[Hook: Skool Boy]
Drank lean, eat food from the strip club
Got a deuce or a 4
Don't watch me better watch yo bitch cause
Cause we Kool On The Low
Drank lean, eat food from the strip club
Got a deuce or a 4
Don't watch me better watch yo bitch cause
Cause we Kool On The Low

Kool On The Low... Koo... Kool On The Low

[Verse 2: Kaelub]
My pockets on swole
No inflammation
The feds snatch my uncle up
But still no information
Unk had a glass house with glass work
His clear location
Go to cheetah's share my blessings
Filled my section with Caucasians
We headed international
But we started local
Got a nigga bitch with me
In my hood like my motor
We make movies 7d
We just tryna stay focused
Pull up at magic city
And make them bands hocus pocas
Put my bills first like Cosby
Big balling whoa kemosabe
This fashion shit a hobby
#Ccm for everybody
You gotta player circle like 2 Chainz
And bad kids we popping
And bitch we is the latest
When it's dropping we be copping


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Rich Kidz Kool On The Low Comments
  1. TheDirtySouth404

    2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Jlyn Haugabook

    I'm here in 2017

  3. King Skeliee

    Im Here In 2016🔥🔥

  4. Keyandrea Burgess

    THIS IS MY SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sidney Williams

    I loooooooove this song

  6. Jonathan Booker

    "Eat food from the strip club" Is that shit really good?

    Or are they bullshitting

  7. Jessica Shumpert

    Rich Kidz iS Wassup .

  8. katrina powell

    koo on low koo on low my shit

  9. Fantasia Duncan

    Lmfao !. My Shit

  10. Jonae' Cash'Money

    Too Fyee,.. Causee We Kool On Tha Loww

  11. China Jones

    betta watch yur man cuz we cool on the low

  12. Spades BlackBeats

    dnt watch me better watch yo bitch cause.....we kool on the low

  13. Safiyyah Slay

    Kool on the low

  14. trey carter

    Over here we teach em yoga:)

  15. Antwan Arnold

    kool on the low is kool

  16. Shani Bleu

    llf dint letcha bitch qet outta shape cuzz over here we teach em yoqa . Dont watch me betta watch ya bitch cuz cuz we kool on tha low . 4 Da West Side

  17. jasmine monia

    me kool in the low

  18. champagne graham

    Ummm do I hear babies cryin???? :)


    😂😂😁 Yes I always thought so too

  19. Coren Swain

    sh*t ridin' !