Rich Kidz - Feel This Flow Intro Lyrics

I'ma make you feel this flow
I'ma make you feel this flow
I'ma make you feel, I'ma make you feel, I'ma make you feel this flow

[Verse 1]
Hey I get money like a cashier
Hurry up and buy
They been telling me this since last year
You needa hurry up and sign
Can't run too fast I might slip up
Nobody gone share they crutches
Smoke your own weed
Nobody gone share they dutches
I get aroused when I hear these beats
I'm in love with performing
First pair of jays
This shit kinda important
So I'm gone make it work and I gotta stay focused these niggas still sitting down leaving prints inside the sofa
So I got my ass up
Nobody gone take it from me
I'ma win when I'm gone win
Nobody gone make it for me
And if that ain't ambition
The kill me now
I'm injected to the game
I know they feel me now
So I'ma keep being the best
They gone keep jacking my flows
And I'ma sit back and sip this purp, while these niggas still acting like hoes
Lord knows what's gone happen
This shit giving me the shivers
Grandma keep telling her daughter that her son gone be a winner
But I'm trying not to a sinner
But I'm stuck inside the center
It sound good on the left
But the right might make me richer
Can't never be afraid
Just cause everybody scared
Cause everybody gone get paid
Cause everybody gone eat bread
Shit gets crazy round here, but we not
And shit getting blazing round here, cause we hot
Treat life just like an orange on a pillet
I'm tryna give it to em in the song to make em feel it

When them proaches start running and puranas start swimming
Where the hell you gone go
When them cones start searching and them bodies come up missing
You gone want to feel this flow
I'ma make you feel this flow
I'ma make you feel this flow
I'ma make you feel, I'ma make you feel, I'ma make you feel this flow

[Verse 2]
Aye I'ma young nigga
And I like new shit
Check up, throwing money up, I ain sick
Fuck the rap game like it was a bad bitch
Same ole me just back on my rich shit
Back on my rich shit
So I bought a A.p (yeah)
And that's just to watch the time shift
Screaming eff a hater y'all the fill to my success
And the O.G kush that I smoke keep me uplifted
Talent is God made that's why I'm thankful
A famous man made dad always said be humble
Cause being broke that's just irrelevant
And you know my crew we blowing racks just for the fuck of it
Yeah, aye watch this flow but don't look down
And you know my crew we stay in front like twitter pound
And we been working so hard where the scissors at
They playing with it so I'ma gone head and cut my own check

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