Rich Homie Quan - Throw It Back Lyrics

Izze made this for me nigga
Quan, yah, homie, yah, damn right too nigga
Rich Homie baby, Rich Homie baby

[Verse 1:]
Walked in the mo'fucker, these pants by nudie
Tattoo, no shirt, she wanna feel me
Feelin' like Biggie, this sweater by Coogi
Feelin' like Izze make a beat in the Jacuzzi
I done smoked to much weed, I'm startin' to see Illusions
I done fucked too many bitches, hope I ain't got cooties
Got your bitch watching me, you would swear I was a movie
My mind, I'm 'bout to lose it
Hol' up wait pause
Shawty go dump, go stupid, go roofless
Gutted [?] on her tongue, when I come, call her toothless
That [?] I can do this
Got them purple blunts rolled up, ready to get to it
Got hoes I can expose, but then why would I do it?
Talkin' 'bout [?]
She left her last nigga, he didn't know what he was doing
Even though he had money like a Jew, she ain't give a fuck
I told that ho to

Throw it back, hope you can take this dick
Please be a little slow, okay
Stay down and I'm gonna make you rich
But right now I'm just throw it back, throw it back
She like it on top, I love it when she throw it back
Throw it back, throw it back

[Verse 2:]
Throw it back like I'm pitching and you catching (Throw it back)
Like a wide receiver right after he catch it
To the referee, fucking hoes that my specialty
She say, she don't fuck with molly but she fell in love with ecstasy
Stupid bitch that's the same thing
No Bankroll Fresh but I got a bankroll on my homie show you nigga how to do that
She say she ain't suck dick
Let me call your friend over, bet that bitch show your ass how to do it
Put on a man rubber nigga, it ain't nothin' to it
One week, a hundred thousand cash run through it
Ask Cody, two hundred thousand, I thumb through it
No money machine nigga my hands started hurting, my hands started hurting
Because I'm smacking on a ass, like she ain't been to class in a week or two
She said 'Quan, you ain't gotta cheat when you got me'
'Think about all the bad bitches we could do' (I know [x3])
Thought that was your bitch
'Til I took her home, now you got the sad face (I know [x3])
Funny, how I'm in the top 5
When last year I was in last place (I know [x3])
That, you want me to fail but I'm not gon' fail because I got God (I know [x3])
You be feelin' freaky girl, all you gotta do is take your clothes of and


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