Rich Homie Quan - Ran Off Lyrics

Ran off that money, yeah yeah
Ran off that diamonds, yeah yeah
Fuckin' hoes on a Monday, yeah yeah
Thursday, Friday and Sunday, yeah yeah
I'm gon' keep getting money on this niggas just like yeah yeah
I'm gon' keep fucking these nigga bitches just like yeah yea
Gotta know the opposite of no always gon' be yeah yeah
And I'm gon' never stop getting to the money boy, you know I swear swear

I just bought me a brand new rollie, I ball, I swear
I ain't even walked in the club yet, and I already sold it out the bar
I used to smoke nothing but swisher, now I roll my weed in a role
Ass so fat ian have no condom boy had to hit that raw
But you gotta know a nigga like me pull it out and I went straight for the mouth
I just want her [?]
If I leave that pussy red like a little tomato
Hide right under the bed, cause her daddy crazy
I rap the 5 like a motherfuckin' nickle baby
Ay look, extra money is just grip statement
Tomorrow not promise I gotta die anyway
I done made a whole lotta money
I done seen a whole lotta people
I had to stack a onion
My foreign cars are real
Pull up in that 458 Spider
That every nigga gon' hate
Because he know he wanna be us (For real)
I want to touch
She want to left
I want to fuck
She just neglect
I want to love her
I want to wife her
I want to walk her down that aisle
Your daddy gave me permission
Your momma wouldn't wanna listen
Your brother can't stand my guts
Your sister she love my people
She don't know that her friends so freaky
She don't know that they really love her
She might as well fuck with me, instead of a chicken nugget
I got chicken tender for you
Ay, where that ratchet babes
We could fuck up the mall
Girl let's ball like a cancer patient
Hate when a nigga be lying, boy you talking and they acuvate me
Her best friend play baseball in the outfit they way she catch it
They treat me like I be meditating
Ice Box put me on and told me a lot of these jewels are faking
I know that your rollie fake
Look at your wrist that shit outdated
Once watch busters catch it
You can't hide us that no secret
Might as well give that shit away ain't no point in tryna keep it
I love my nigga bleeding
That dog food I feed it
To my soldier, to my young nigga
I told you, get to clapping shit I don't know ya
Ian dapping ya if ion know ya


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Rich Homie Quan Ran Off Comments
  1. Ayo' Savage

    2020 🤘🏽💯

  2. CCB Ty

    Hardest rapper

  3. Mula X Street Hank Nation

    Y'all Don't Appreciate My Boy Fr ,😐💯

  4. beran jiko

    Gotta no the opposite of no gone always be yeah yeah

  5. Jenifer Mercado

    My shit 💯

  6. mr ogk

    "if I leave the pussy red I call it tomato" 🔥🔥

  7. Jasmine Davidson

    Still listening to this in 2019👌🏽🤪

  8. MrSurprise 22

    Gordon Ramsay would tell him it's raw get out!

  9. Stafford Morgan Jr.

    2019 still riding

  10. Robert Merriweather

    2019 and im still calling these bitches bds chicken nuggets

  11. Deontae Rozier

    Ran off 2018 to 2019😂🔥🔥

  12. A M

    Just like yeah yeah

  13. A M

    Ran off

  14. Ashontia Harper

    2k19 💥‼️

  15. DeeJay Badazz

    2019 and still hitting harder than my dads fist 👊🏾 going cross my head

    nbayoung kvngg

    DeeJay Badazz ✋🏻

    nbayoung kvngg


  16. Lil Travis

    2019 still BUMPIN.

  17. black GTA girl

    2019 I SWEA

  18. Bryant Witherspoon


  19. Myaa Mariee


  20. Mariela Garcia

    Bring him back

  21. iFxckYoMama— Bean

    gotta know the opposite of know is always gone be yea yea 🤞

  22. Torrey Mabone


  23. Mississippi Boy 601



    Love the old rhq

    Deontae Rozier

    Hi there

  25. DMill

    ran off

  26. Freedom X


  27. TheRealTooFly KG

    This shit still fiyah Gz NY

  28. Jeremiah B.

    2018?? Anyone?

  29. 225.younginn

    hate when a nigga be lyin boi uu talkin and that's aggravating ‼️🔥💯

  30. indaneshea Moreland

    Yaa Yaa 💪💯

  31. Minda Leonidas


    favorite 💯💯

  32. maniac green

    favorite rapper 2017 still back to the basics

  33. Jenel Subbery

    don't say nothing if you don't want you talking about this my song 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

  34. Black Williama

    Nigga let's get it Rich homie😈👿😈👿👿🙈🙉🙊💪💪👍👍💪💪😯

  35. Stephanie Hill

    she might as well fuck with me instead of a chicken nugget i got chicken tender for ya

  36. Jakiya Robinson

    chiken nugget

  37. Campaign Dumbway

    Listen to Dumbway2k - Bottom Baby Ft 23Jumpstreet by N.B.A Dumbway2K #np on #SoundCloud

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    Still song will go hard4L

  39. 901 L〽

    2015 Era of Music was on Top !

    Tacary Gaines

    901 L〽 fr 🔥🔊💯

  40. vincent carr

    why liz left me at advatur mal enter

  41. Keyonno Tucker

    u said it ain't a hit cus. u can't understand if u ain't from the hood so shut da fuck up!

    Micah Joel


    Micah Joel


  42. Sean Collier

    My dad plays in his Rolls Royce ghost

  43. Joe Herrera

    it's okay not really a hit

  44. Shame Wahid

    bring back memories

    vincent carr

    dam rob fa so much money got mad enter

    nbayoung kvngg

    Shame Wahid man what

  45. Marquez Bledsoe

    this song is the 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

  46. Marquez Bledsoe

    I'm a keep getting this💰💲💲💲💰 just like yaaaaaya

  47. Tristan Tharpe

    this that RNS Real Nigga Shit!!!!

  48. jamie wilson

    I LOVE YOU RHQ 😘😍😎

    Terance Edwards

    jamie wilson hoiippp

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    Takeeee myyyy hhaaaannnddd illl takkkee urssss toooo

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    fire bruhh 🔥

  51. Sagi Jones

    I have to listen to dis song everyday forreal yea

  52. Dee Myles


  53. Ranishia Allen

    Datz my jam lol

  54. Laquan Davis

    This that real shit I have to listen to this to go to sleep on favorite song

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    rich homie da shit

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    I'm gone keep getting dis money like yea yea

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    In stead of a chicken nugget I got chicken tenders for ya 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Naw Crawford Wilson this is MY SONG!!!

  60. Crawford Wilson

    my song