Rich Homie Quan - Party Lyrics

Heard she got a thing for them niggas with that money
Heard she running game so you better see it coming
And I heard she changed her name, got in some trouble
Now she running from her problem
I go running back, you know I'm coming for that money

[Verse 1:]
Now let's party, we gonna get it started
Too much money in my wallet, I can't even count it
Heard that she want that molly, look what they done started
Told her ride me like a Harley, fuck it, a Ducati, Kawasaki
She been watching since she heard my song drop
Work at fire, call her butter cause she popcorn popping
Silverado hard like a rock, that girl solid
All my niggas hard from the block masked up, robbing
Tell them folks cause I'm teasing we could make good news
For them niggas who wanna be me, one of me and one of you
Let that ho stay for the weekend, do whatever she wanna do
Now her friend wanna sleep in and that's cool long as we got room, no proof
They heard I got juice, how can I lose?
If everybody against you pass the test cause I cheated when I needed
I was bucking on police, relationships with all my teachers
I heard they leasing all them cars, they be driving around for no reason
On my block, they don't fight and if the boss retired everybody unemployed
Can't run from no nigga, world say she a gold digger


Let's have a party
(I got bitches, I got liquor)
Let's have a party
(I got weed, I got swishers)
Let's have a party
(Molly for the bitches)
Oh, let's have a party
(Invitation, come and kick it) Oh

[Verse 2:]
She be wilding at my parties, she invited
At first she quiet, turn down for what she still excited
I'm gonna hit you with this wood, baby, you gonna call me tiger
Heard they snitching in the hood, protective custody ain't silent
And he riding cause his partner ain't his partner
He wanna stay cause he asking where his Oscar
He had that bake and you homeboy fake
And it's a lot of bullshit in that discovery pack
Don't wear clothes, I'm Louis town where the judge at
Now the party crazy, I got pills, you want X
You know my neighbors hating, party look like project X
And I told that ho to take off, she talking about a check
No disrespect but that bitch in this shit for the check



Let's have a party
Let's have a party
Let's have a party
Oh, Let's have a party
Oh, Let's have a...

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