Rich Homie Quan - Intro Lyrics

Yeah, you know, if you thought I was going to stop goin' in
You can ask double R, nigga
That's Royal Rich

Could've been a doctor
But I chose streets
I could've been a lawyer
But I chose streets
Could've been anything I wanted to be
But I chose streets
(Nah, but be honest) Hm, the streets chose me

Yeah, you know, if you thought I was going to stop goin' in
You can ask double R, nigga
That's Royal Rich


Started with it, I ain't start with paper, started with nothin', uh
Droppin' out the hot bars that'll let me hit the ground runnin', uh
I was thirteen when a young nigga just don't know how to put it, yo
I was drivin' at fifteen got tired of the bus, ha
For the yellow cheese, I was gettin' cheese for the guy that wasn't, and
Nigga wouldn't try me in high school cause I had alot of buzzin'[?]
Fuck that, I'mma take shit like bloods and
Talk like Thug when you see me in public
You the predicate, nigga, I am the subject
And I'm still goin' in but


Hey some type of way went gold yea i got my first plaque
Then my Hitta went platinum then went n got me some racks
Got a black card, Visa cards, I don't like to walk around with cash
I might kiss in the front, just know I don't kiss no ass

I ain't drop no mixtape in two years, but I been still on that roll
I been here for 25 years, thank God I'm still here
But I know I gotta go, know I gotta go
You ain't gotta go

Get money, don't play my nigga, I ain't never change, still goin' in
Who the fuck said I wasn't gon' drop no mixtape?
Who the fuck y'all think I'm is?
Got alot of money, got alot of bitches, got alot of places that I still ain't been
But I got more problems than all of that
That's why I'm still goin' in

Still goin' in, still goin' in
I said I'm still goin' in, I'm still goin' in
I'm still goin' in, when I start?
Hey Double R, when I start?
Royal Rich

I done made so much money, I got like four bank accounts
I put this pistol to your head, give you somethin' to think about
I ain't on vacation, I was chilling, they thought I was in a drought
Fuck a rap career
I'll make a transaction if it's for the right amount
I got my hands on her she know that i feel her
Hanged with drug dealers and nuthin but killers
My money got stacked from the floor to the ceiling
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the ceiling
I ain't have no more room in the attic, we filled it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Wanted for murder, but scoota make the beat
All i just did was killed it

I'm a rapper now but


Still goin' in [x7] aye
I told y'all niggas man
R.F[?] style for life

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Rich Homie Quan Intro Comments
  1. strip b

    Am I the only one that hear Ice JJ Fish ? 😂😂

  2. Ai Eli

    Been Listening to this since I was 15 , I’m 19 now

  3. Joshua Rios

    Try a round u see nigga America ain't goiit but one story and that gotti

  4. Deontae Rozier


    Christina White

    Big facts 😱😥☝🔥🔥💰

    Woody Wood

    Super heated in 2019

  5. Mike Brown

    Rich homie they was just sleep u ain never STOP till this day since u came out u been "Went In"

  6. G Rico

    Song so slept on ,I been listening to it since 2015


    G Rico facts bro

    The Life Of BBE

    G Rico Omn💯

    Mike Brown


    Junei Medina

    Real shit

    Woody Wood

    Yep yep

  7. Big daddy Smith

    bro he scared of rich homie

  8. Big daddy Smith

    bro he scared of rich homie

  9. Quenton Harris

    rich my nigga bae hacking here

  10. Quenton Harris

    rich my nigga bae hacking here