REO Speedwagon - Wild As The Western Wind Lyrics

Outlaw running from the law but he's
Got nowhere to run to
Big law he broke it and ran faster
Than the lightning bolt
Chasing down the golden sun, running away
From the blue
He ran with no direction in mind, just
Running like a crazy colt
And he's gonna run let the four winds slap his face
He's gonna fly, let the sky be his guide
He's gonna lie beneath a blanket of stars
He's gonna run, wild as the western wind

Bad lands are sheltering him, maybe Dakota's
His home
Red man's become his friend, when no one else
Would have him
There's an Indian woman who keeps him from
Being alone
She stands tall by his side, but the law's
Got him out on a limb

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REO Speedwagon Wild As The Western Wind Comments
  1. Josie Owl

    Sweet one of my favorites love to listen to

  2. Josie Owl

    Sweet song one of my favorite songs my Angel forever

  3. Josie Owl

    Awesome one of my favorite songs

  4. Donna Scott

    Always my go to when life just isn't going well.  His voice, his lyrics and even a bit of Mike, well it always makes me smile.  Besides, Gary was wild, just another reason to love the man!  R&R forever.  Richrath Rockin' it Loud and Proud.


    is that true that Gary is singing on this song.

    it's Miriam.

    rockerbabyification Yes he’s singing the verses and sings with Mike on the chorus

    Donna Scott

    Oh yah....that's Gary with a touch of Murphy. Gary is the good part....

    Eric Burkett

    The lyrics, the melody and Gary's voice does just the same for me, Ms. Scott. I can't play it enough. Puts me right where I want to be.

    Donna Scott

    You and me both. A very happy place. Good Gary memories and even good REO memories when they were still a rock band! :) Enjoy Eric! RR ROCKS! Take good care.

  5. Josie Owl

    Sweet one of my favorite songs

  6. Josie Owl

    Sweet Gary Richrath is sing this song Awesome voice.

  7. Josie Owl

    Sweet song I love to listen to Gary Richrath singing.

  8. Josie Owl

    I love to listen to Gary Richrath singing.

  9. Stephanie Cantrelle

    Love your vocals Gary, wish you would have done more, your photo on this album cover, omg ...miss you

  10. Trev Mac

    R.I.P Gary Richrath

  11. JLTURBO70

    Gary is singing on this song.

  12. CLepper61

    amozon has it for 99 cents

  13. the737yo

    Too bad you didn't post the entire song. I was really liking the last part and unfortunately this is the only video of this song I can find.