Rene, Chris - Were Still Here Lyrics

So tell me what you’re going through.
Sit back, Kick back when I roll with you,
And don’t to many people know how special life is.
So I might just I might just show you some things is this world that we can’t afar

Those hard times that was my world.
Everybody is gonna ride the night doesn’t matter if you’re black or white wrong or right
and if you’re not shy show your true colors doesn’t matter if you are high.
Doesn’t matter if you have a bad night.

Let’s take a trip in and out of time
Because it’s one love one life if we can live it together we’ll be all right.
Everyone is gonna be alright so we had no fear.
Even though he’s gone she’s gone they’re gone we’re still here.

Everyone is gonna be alright so we had no fear, so we had no, so we had no fear.
How many times have you seen them close to you.
When they turn into a ghost to you and disappeared to the dark side.
See the black in their eye like a shark’s eye.

I gotta let you know that
You ain’t not home young
Mother cries because her son died on the block.
Yeah, that’s the kind of pain that will never stop.
We stay strong when life falls apart like a cardboard box

Women like not to rest in peace.
We know your up in heaven kicking with the Z’s.
Please lord hear the world one day at a time and let us find who we need,
Let us find who we need,
Let us find who we need to be.

Everyone is gonna be alright so we had no fear even though he’s gone she’s gone
They’re gone we’re still here.
Everyone is gonna be alright so we had no fear even though he’s gone she’s gone ,
They’re gone we’re still here.

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Rene, Chris Were Still Here Comments
  1. Joyce Palm

    2019 still seeking the voice of truth and love. Chris... Lennon would have been proud. God bless.

  2. kyle aka lil guap

    This guy. Daaaauuum. I love it

  3. San VB

    We still many years after this song still gives me chills

  4. Suzanne Lancaster

    I know this CD by ❤.. Talented. I like hearing positive truth... Way 2 go G!

  5. K9 Momma for Abby

    This 60 yr old grandma loves this young man. He is a huge talent.

  6. Annie Gomez

    Just found a new song / video by him called "I'm So Gone" Love love love it :)



  8. OneidaNativeGirl16


  9. OneidaNativeGirl16

    I luv u Chris Rene for life

  10. Donna Polk

    Great song

  11. OneidaNativeGirl16

    Can I buy this cd yet?????????????////

    Vishal Desour

    This CD is a few years old. The image is of a CD he made before xFactor.

  12. Anthony Yang

    Reminds me of what pop used to be. R n b and all that mixed. Love how he makes music like how it used to be

    Suzanne Lancaster

    Anthony Yang Nothing better. Amazing!

  13. Killber Amazuki

    Just found him, love his music, damn man you're amazing.

  14. jann lm

    Nice lyrics, nice song Rene...Bravo!.. 

  15. mralpap1

    TQ influence is an evidence 

  16. OneidaNativeGirl16

    Yah he should of won Xfactor

  17. OneidaNativeGirl16

    radio radio radio

  18. rachel anne tabaday

    THIS! haters gonna die.

  19. melenaite pahulu

    hah... you mean 12 deaf people,,, hes coo and great voice,,, why you think he got how many songs w/ great true music SUCKA'S!!! hah.. you 12 ppl suck... -_-

  20. Stephen Screaton

    Hi all my son who is 14 years old has been inspired by Chris keeping him focused on loving life! Please support Albert by visiting his you tube therealtrebla thanks

  21. laotialavea

    Love Life!!! God bless u man.. love your songs, very inspirational :D

  22. OneidaNativeGirl16

    Fan for life, love life baby

  23. john jones

    I hope one day I end up like u

  24. john jones

    Cris I hope I get to meetbu one day ur a saver anf hellped me stay clean love u u saved my life

  25. Aaron Bains

    Love this song..

  26. thatgirl

    Your music motivates me to try to get clean

  27. OneidaNativeGirl16

    I hope I get to meet you on day, because your a healer

  28. isaac ana

    It's surprising for me, I'm way behind you ...... From Africa....ANgola

  29. icey ayon

    your the the beast

  30. OneidaNativeGirl16

    This song is so true,people close to you pass, so sad. Sober is sexy

  31. OneidaNativeGirl16

    Chris your music is powerful keep singing forever.If a song makes me/you cry you touched my heart. fan for life

  32. Suzanne Lancaster

    I love U Chris ...see U on the 17th!

  33. Beverly Pisano

    I hope
    Chris Rene and Eminem to make a video. I think they would sound great together.

  34. Suzanne Lancaster

    This by far are the kind of lyrics a song needs to me make me feel good. EVERY SONG CHRIS RENE DOES JUST BLOWS MY MIND...HE'S FAR ABOVE HIS YEARS IN MATURITY~ LOVE YA G~ 3. Keep it real & please keep delivering songs like this to your loyal fan base. Would be nice to also see you get back in the studio with Rich Tycoon...aka...You guys are good together...Aint Goin Nowhere ...that's another #ChartToppingSong. Ppl nees to hear this music~..Your music heals the day at a time~XC #LL

  35. davidnbreeable

    Anyone can sing with the right help, but very few can make u feel it. Im inspired

  36. Theresa Jordan

    What I love about you Chis is your ability to bare your soul again again and again. Keepin it real..We feel it every time...So proud and thankful you found your peace...We are blessed having your voice in our life..Peace my friend

  37. Mubarak Almahmeed

    now they became 7 :)

  38. Austin Oklevitch

    My favorite Chris Rene song! :)

  39. Mike stringer-lund

    So true wanda. Thanks for recommending me to listen to this song

  40. Jesper jacobsson

    He is a true talent. Everytime i hear his music i feel good

  41. Zypnick Vy

    a friend got his heart crushed by his girl, my friends and I sang him this song
    thanks chris 4 the song

  42. 2727Peach


  43. Josue Castillo

    This dude has to get on a track with bonethugs!!!!!!

  44. Swede Stevens

    Check out the tribute version of this at :Chris Rene were still here v.2.0.
    Very moving and meaningful to Chris

  45. Ambur Bond



  46. OneidaNativeGirl16

    One more day closer until Chris Rene new cd comes out. OCTOBER 2ND 2012..Hpoefully they will start selling Chris's Soul'd Out cd again.

  47. Elizabeth Julian

    He should have but being how he didn't he got a record deal, and is writing and singing his own music. He will do better without winning X factor. He is an amazing singer/song writer and his lyrics will touch millions

  48. OneidaNativeGirl16

    Chris Rene new cd comes Oct 2 2012. Cant wait. excited love life baby

  49. OneidaNativeGirl16

    cant wait for his new cd, once that comes out maybe this cd will finally start selling again because I want it also.

  50. Crazy Life

    he was on XFactor

  51. Cassandra McLaren

    best song ever

  52. OneidaNativeGirl16


  53. OneidaNativeGirl16

    Yah he deserved to win X Factor and should of won... Him and his family is soooooo musicly talented

  54. cheryl pearce


  55. Marcy Hall

    omg yes..........he was the best.....I voted for him.......I was disappointed when he didn't win.......he should of won..he deserved it..he was very gutsy......sang some of his own songs..I just think it's stupid that he lost..the winner won just because she can sing all those high notes..she was fake...pretending the way she talks..Chris never done that..i think she only won because she was on Simons team......ugh...sorry it still pisses me off....

  56. OneidaNativeGirl16

    I am addicted to his music.....And his sisters Gina Rene too. Make mee feel good, its weird how I feel listening to their music

  57. dope productions

    gud job on your career chris rene u got talent my bro

  58. Marisa J

    It's not enough to say that I fuckin love him

  59. José Caicedo

    The best

  60. Wanda Walker

    I agree!! This song is amazing!

  61. Tyler Covers

    I don't think its possible to get tired of Chris Rene LOVE LIVE.

  62. stacey vinson

    my fav by chris i love u :)

  63. danny cabral

    hell yeah bro i agree!

  64. princesswynona

    Yeah totally deserved to win gutted he didnt :( tops mate still reckon his first song was the shiitttt

  65. nicho824

    This better be on the album! LL! Love you chris!

  66. Matt Noah

    i so want to have his album. all of the tacks are awesome.

  67. J Park

    I never get tired of Chris Rene's music. Love Life salute, shout out to errybody still showin love for my boy Chris. Santa Cruz baby! LL

  68. Valerie Östensen

    how can u dislike this?????!!!!!!!!!

  69. Wanda Walker

    Thank you so much Chris for showing me you can do anything. Even though I'm thankful for everything I have, growing up with Cerebral Palsy has been hard. Your music has helped me so much and listening to you makes me feel better. Because of you and your music I love life!!

  70. nasmo

    5 people are not here

  71. J Fizz

    He should do something with Nelly! Would be epic, Love Life soldier!

  72. J Fizz

    The man is pure GOOD!!! He puts that felling in you that gets you up out the chair. So inspirational!

  73. Jochs

    This song might be on his new album, because he has been singing it on his recent radio station visits for his tour.

  74. Michelle S

    I wish I could buy Soul'd Out. Love all the songs on this CD.... In the meantime, i will just sit here patiently waiting for Chris' new album.

  75. AlexAdDan

    i totally agree with you !!!!!!! :)

  76. PrinceZerker

    best song I've ever heard can't wait for the album!

  77. Luis Magana

    I also will wait for the album and will not download illegally... Chris Rene is really inspiring to many! Keep it up brutha...

  78. Dana R. Toliver

    I agree 100%! I will wait for the full album; he's just that good and inspiring!

  79. Live4music626

    Chris Rene Inspires mee !<3'

  80. Toniann lovee

    He is the next lyfe Jennings. phenomenal

  81. Cindy Medlen

    Chris you are amazing!!!! I loved you from the moment I heard your story and heard you sing....I pray for you are so amazing...what a testimony to our future generation!!!! Hugs to you Chris!!!!

  82. Andrei Stanciu

    Just 138,104 views??????This man is the truth.
    L.A. Reid said it!

  83. Ashley Pelfrey

    anyone else think he DESERVED to win X Factor???
    just sayin

  84. daniela lynn

    i LOVE Himm . Chriss Rene Is Amazing && Sings The Truth , Cant Wait For Him Too SelL His 1st Album ( :

  85. lavendarcmg

    You can buy Chris's YOUNG HOMIE, it is on ITUNES NOW. He is #26 on the pop chart. Lets make him #1.

  86. melrose795

    Somehow, this songs strikes me as belonging on a movie soundtrack..

  87. doop408

    now this is a real artist, not stupid ppl like nicki minaj or lil' wayne

  88. Michelle S

    I wish YouTube had a LOVE BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. wanda pritchett

    Chris is going to be on Ellen 3/13

  90. jordan swagginonthebabes king

    the is the best rap ever . like this if u think to. chris is better then punk ass mgk

  91. Sophie Hannah

    Reminds me of a 90's summer, he's a mixture of bob Marley/2pac and boys 2 men! A breath of fresh air to the world :)

  92. Smiling Man

    This remind me of 2pac

  93. neha nehreen

    @zumba1292 because Xfactor is designed to sing other singer's song which Chris is not good at..This is Chris Rene's own song..He is best at doing his own song. That's why he chooses to sing Young Homie on his audition written by him.

  94. Jochs

    @zumba1292 I think Chris was stepping out of his comfort zone with the xfactor. He has trouble adapting to songs that aren't his.

  95. Kimberly Richards

    why didnt he sound this good on x factor....

  96. Richie Morales

    he would've won if he sang this song

  97. Marie Mooney

    I loved you from the start, your going to make it, am in recovery also, it'd hard , lol Marie Dublin, Ireland

  98. Musicboxplayer

    Kinda sounds like Nelly in a way he sounds good....

  99. Michelle Morrison

    love you Chris!!! hang in there!!