Remy Zero - Save Me Lyrics

I feel my wings have broken in your hands
I feel the words unspoken inside
And, they pull you under
And, I will give you anything you want, oh
You are all I wanted
All my dreams are fallen down
Crawlin' around and around and around

Somebody save me
Let your warm hands break right through it
Somebody save me
I don't care how you do it, just stay, stay
C'mon, I've been waiting for you

I see the world has folded in your heart
I feel the waves crash down inside
And, they pull me under
I would give you anything you want, oh
You are all I wanted
All my dreams have fallen down
Crawlin' around and around and around...

Somebody save me
Let your warm hands break right through it
Somebody save me
I don't care how you do it, just stay, stay
C'mon, I've been waiting for you

All my dreams are on the ground
Crawlin' around and around and around...

Somebody save me
Let your warm hands break right through
Somebody save me
I don't care how you do it just stay (stay with me)

I made this whole world shine for you
Just stay, stay
C'mon, I'm still waiting for you

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Remy Zero Save Me Comments
  1. JC Denton

    . __
    / (` \
    \ ,) /

  2. William Silva

    Sumbari saaaaaaaaaayve me eu cantava assim na abertura junto com o cara kkkkkkkkkkk

  3. Dani Dominguez

    No sabia que lex luthor cantaba la cancion, que cosas jaja

  4. Napsta TM

    Lembro quando era criança e assistia smallville , saudades daquele tempo 😢

  5. Martha Bertie

    SMallville 2020

  6. Hay Stack

    this kids is when we had great videos that had beautiful music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sandrine de massary

    du recul pour recommencer

  8. froggy chair

    I've never heard the whole song. Just the chorus, even though I love Smallville and I watched the episode where Remy Zero plays this song, I've never paid attention to it.
    Yesterday I was in Taco Bell and they were playing music on the radio. When they played this one, I didn't recognized it at all and I was like "Oh, that's a great song!, I love his voice. It's weird to hear a rock song nowadays since every place always plays urban music" but then I listened to the chorus and I was like "OMG! I know this song!"
    I love this small but euphoric experience because:

    1. I appreciated the song and my first thought wasn't Smallville. I paid attention to the melody, to the lyrics and the vocals. I love Smallville but I felt the song with its own essence and a lot more personal...

    2. I was in a nice local and it was raining. If I were in different Taco Bell place or in another restaurant and it were sunny and hot probably I would hate it! But I felt like I was in a movie. (btw, this is not sponsored by Taco Bell LOL)

    3. I'm in a dismal moment of my life and this song made me see happiness in little things and it made feel hopeful.

  9. ElimineitionGamesBr

    Opening of the beginning of the apocalypse on earth KKKKKKKKKKKK ... lol

  10. Tiernan Flaherty

    Best U2 soundalike evar!

  11. Gilmar Satterhand

    Al estilo U2 Bono.

  12. Bundão - Gatinho

    Carecão do Brazzers fodendo os nossos corações com essa bela canção.

  13. Vitor Oliveira

    it's Lex Luthor himself who sings this song LOL

  14. zamasu21

    Como olvidar cuando lex luthor canto save

  15. Artemiy Znamenskiy

    Anyone in 2020?

  16. berenice heredia

    Quien le da nostalgia esta cancion😕

  17. Zuan Radzeem

    0:24 lex luthor is that you?

  18. Umar Fateh

    im from future. Coming back to 2001 for this song.

  19. Mohd hidayat Borhan

    smallville alive in me😂

  20. Victor Hugo

    I love this song
    smallville feels

  21. Asyraffizrise83 Cr

    Lex sing this song 😁

  22. Zati Nation

    Nostalgia is a B who else watched Smallville growing up

  23. Diogo Sousa


  24. Aldo Guzmán

    No mames, Lex Luthor cantaba el intro de Smallville

  25. Janaina Oliveira

    Essa música é foda


    Annete O'Tool y John Scheinder como Jonathan Kent xD

  27. Omar Silva

    Es muy parecido el estilo de U2 😮

  28. Александр Валеев


  29. Enot Is bro

    This guy is looking like Lex Luthor or Bald from brazers

  30. silentkiller64

    Admit it, Crisis on Infinite Earths brought you here.

  31. megabadass30

    Is the lead singer the Dean from Community?

  32. Iris Percy Lee Pamil

    Who's here because you've seen Tom Welling in Flash Series.


    Smallville acutally KEKW

  33. David Aragon

    El pelón de brazzer también era cantante :v

  34. Albert TGz

    A classic of 00's !! The first time I heard it in 2001, I thought that the one who sang it was U2

  35. Brunnoh_Sakai / xgamer327

    Smallvile best serie💕💕

  36. Brunnoh_Sakai / xgamer327


  37. Thiago Garcia

    Brazil ✌️

  38. Godzilla o único Deus

    ALGUEM EM 2020 ??

  39. Anderson Dellare


  40. dartdouglas


  41. hyun-chung Jung

    Lex Luther could sing

  42. Tynna Silva

    2020 BRASIL❤️😍

  43. f o o l

    Top 10: Best anime openings

  44. Face Book_note

    Music songs 2020 ???

  45. Elisyum9

    Sombariseeeeeeiiibmiiiiii 🎵🎵🎵

  46. Max Amillion

    Is anybody going to talk about the actual music video lol? 😂

  47. Edd TM

    Elsa...mboriseiiiiiimi...!!! 😂😅😀🙄🤔

  48. Fearsex dream rip torn

    Chris mastronardi held hostage please Help these people will jail 47barrests they really riined my life they are awful no idea what the deal is please beg where I live send souls.

  49. RaCaMuMU 16

    Calvooooo atte: auronplay

    PD: muy buena la canción

  50. Gülbin Akçay

    Türkiye den kimse yok mu buralarda

  51. julio cesar

    Sumbariseiiiiiimiiiii in 2020

  52. DarthChris96

    That Smallville nostalgia hit

  53. Lucas Brandon

    Someone in 2020?

  54. Alejandro Fuhrman

    Crisis is coming!!!

  55. Rubén Venegas

    Quien más en 2020?

    OA BM

    Aqui prro

  56. Ravi Basiram/RegularDude589

    Who's listening to this in 2020...Smallville was a big part of my childhood...


    Just finished the 1st season. 9 more to go lol

    Dopamine Rat

    @eric8604 I'm glad people still watch it, I watched all 10 seasons throughout my high school years. And it was the most impactful series to me to this date. Enjoy your journey of young Superman my friend!


    @Dopamine Rat well i kinda mispoke ive seen thr whole series several times lol every couple of years or so ill watch it again to relive it. And every time i wish i was watching it for the first time


    Been binge watching Smallville all week

    Tracy Tipton

    Mine as well. I'm on season 7 right now and decided to make a Smallville playlist. I'm reliving much of my youth through these amazing songs.

  57. Jack Cullen

    Alguien 2020
    1 de Enero

  58. PowdaToastFace Killah

    I’m here because I’ve loved this song since it came out in 2001

  59. Salauat Yermukhanov

    Who is from 2020??

  60. Jadson Oliveira

    mais alguem em 2020?
    kkk ta quase

  61. Filipe Miranda


  62. Ricardo Simões

    Lex Luthor no vocal kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  63. Teslux73

    Mi mami viendo su serie del joven superman :'3 que tiempos

  64. Daniel Venturini

    Lex luthor é tão foda que gravou a abertura da série do Smallville

  65. Hoxter Ivan

    Alguien a finales del 2019 escuchando este tema?? :'))

  66. Joseph Sánchez Montes

    Nunca pensé que el pelón de brazzers la cantaba

  67. Travis The Alien

    My child hood show smallville 😢

  68. Andrey N.Grellert

    Robert De Niro

  69. Lobot

    0:01 when you stub your toe

  70. Eddie Rough


  71. yosef games y.t

    Que nostalgia :')

  72. monkcolling coll

    Johnny sins?



  74. Rikhard Kadirov

    Русские есть?)

  75. wayfaringshaman

    Man, I miss Smallville. It was my favorite show back then, and one of the first TV shows I subscribed to.

  76. VissualGaming

    2019?? <3

  77. alanchelo10 arguello

    Es un clasico, es lo que es .jpg

  78. Pietro Maisto

    Me fort Paolo Cannavaro

  79. Luis Adrian Bernal Lobe

    1:05 Best part.

  80. Tubular Topher

    This song encapsulates a very special part of my childhood growing up in the early 2000s.

  81. JARO5000


  82. SoonToGame

    Smallville anyone?

  83. juan manuel liendro

    Wow es el tema de la serie
    La vida del joven Clark Kent
    Mejor conocido en el futuro será súperman

  84. Amelia Khan

    Smallville love you

  85. Vivere Pericolosamente

    Baldies United. Including meself of course. Power to the Bald People. Moby n2.

    Capital Black

    Don't forget Lex luthor

  86. Géminis 96

    No sabía que quien cantaba el opening de smallville era lex luthor.

  87. Fonordy Martinez

    De niño pensaba que era de u2 :( viví muy engañado.

  88. Vl0111

    Smallville brought me here

  89. Roberto Monroy M.

    Sombadi sey miiiiiii

  90. Augusto Lopes

    Melhor coisa assistir Smallville à noite, deitado no chão com aquela chuvinha. Tempos que não voltam. Me senti velho agora nessa po***!!!

  91. Garrafinha

    O vocalista é o Lex Luthor.

  92. Francis Valle

    Gracias a crisis en tierras infinitas es que me acuerdo de esta bella canción :,)

  93. Crimson Comet

    remy zero look like lex luthor 😂🤣

  94. Celty SN

    Jamás vi a Lex Luthor tan feliz

  95. [Omega] Centauri

    No sabía que el pelón de brazzers cantaba y tenía una banda

  96. paul horton

    Dec 2019 .. still sounds great

  97. crazydraiman

    Almost 3 million views! thanks a lot for good music! gracias, amigos, follow me on Instagram

    Michael Román

    It is because the song not for you, foolish.

    Aloondra Roodriguez

    Now 4M bro

    Dalas play gaming

    Quien escucha en 2019 y 2020

    Rafael Correa

    4, 2 in 2019

    Lidiane Alcantara

    Isso aí amigo