Remy Zero - Fair Lyrics

Hey, are you lonely?
Has summer gone so slowly?
We found the ground
And that damage was done
It's cold as you fade into the sun
Where'd you go? To me?

But you're alive!
Well, it's only
Fallen frames, they told me
You stand out, it's so loud
And so what if it is?
It's cold as you face into the wind
Where'd it go to? tonight the sun shall see its light

So what if you catch me,
Where would we land?
In somebody's life
For taking his hands
Sing to me hope as she's
Thrown on the sand
All of our work
Is rated again
Where to go?

And you were somehow the rain this thing could allow
I tried but it's all wrong
You're so strong
And this life and work
And choice took far too long
Where'd it go? tonight the sun shall see its light

So what if you catch me,
Where would we land?
In somebody's life
For taking his hands
Sing to me hope as she's
Thrown on the sand
All of our work
Is rated again

When I was sure you'd follow through
My world was turned to blue so thin
When you'd hide your songs would die
So I'd hide yours with mine
And all my words were bound to fail
I know you won't fail
See, I can tell

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Remy Zero Fair Comments
  1. m & m's

    Garden State....
    Natalie Portman ❤

  2. Kyle Baggett

    This song man

  3. Kyle Baggett

    Is she walking through Brooklyn heights near clark street?

  4. fatih avcı

    Eski remy'cilerden kim kaldı bee gelin sarılalım.

  5. Richard Janics

    Nice video ! ! ! 💜

  6. This is Ajang

    Linus, you'll always be remembered, buddy

  7. Bladimir Montenegro

    Does anybody knows what is this song about? Is is about breaking up ?

  8. Calvin

    RIP Linus :(Fanboys!

    Tommy Benefield

    He became one with the Force

    georgie carver

    I had al like this in 90s

  9. silberzwibeli

    just one question: why song no on spitfy¿

    Max Fällgren

    Its a hidden gem!

    Ryan White


  10. Jit Nhat Hanh

    This song is what happiness is to me

    Tomy Imad

    me too😍😍

  11. dwk49

    I thought the photos and video compliment the music. Good images.

  12. Molotov Cocktease

    Love this song.

  13. AloneinFiction

    Thinking of you cutie...

  14. David Blackwell

    Reminds me of better days gone by

  15. Leonny oliveira santos


  16. T. Johns

    Hey, are you lonely?
    Summer gone so slowly,
    That We found the ground,
    And that damage was done.
    It's cold as you fade into the sun.
    Where'd you go To me?
    But you're alive!
    Well, it's only
    Fallen frames, they told me.
    You stand out, it's so loud...
    And so what if it is.
    As cold as your face into the wind.
    Where to go? 

    Tonight the sun shall see it's light, 
    So what if you catch me,
    Where would we land?
    somebody's life 
    For taking his hands.
    Sing to me hope as she's 
    Thrown on the sand.
    All of our work 
    Is rated again.
    Where to go? 

    You made this thing collide
    I try, But it's all wrong, you're so strong.
    But this life and work 
    Your choice took far too long. 

    Where to go?
    Tonight the sun shall see it's light, etc..(cept "all our WORTH is rated again") 

    Repeat chorus. 

    And I was sure you'd follow through,
    When the world was turned so blue. 

    And you'd hide your songs or die, 
    So I'd hide yours with mine. 

    And all my words were bound to fail.
    I know you won't fail... 

    See, I can tell...

    The Kadju

    @T. Johns <3

  17. T. Johns

    Love this one too!  Which scene was it in, in the movie Garden State?  :)  Where Nat and Zach were at the mansion and were n front of the fireplace and she said that she could tap dance. lol  cute.  ;)


    best scene, definitely.

  18. FrozenguyRS

    I thought I found my Sam once. She's still out there.

  19. Alan Cristian Cáceres

    Porque mierda no nos dejan escuchar el soundtrack sin comerciales!!!!!!

  20. Overdue Films

    Fanboys brought me here :)


    VG2 same

  21. JoniPlayboy1979


  22. Nick Jarrett


  23. natasha m



  24. Mark Lan

    FANBOYS !!!

  25. Grover Bennington

    What a beautiful song. Even more poingnant in the brilliant fanboys movie


    You are so right! I almost cried in Fanboys when Linus watched Episode I alone.
    Love that movie

  26. osmdude101

    Garden state?

  27. Michael Gomez


  28. Joe Jackal

    the lyrics to this song are beautiful and very deep, thank you for sharing.

  29. 1daftpunk


  30. Chellolaa

    Forever reminds me of Fanboys!

  31. Grid Herre

    Great playlist!!

  32. Tom-A062


  33. Richelle Smith

    Garden State!

  34. gjc82071

    Good movie + good soundtrack

  35. Tamuna Tchelidze

    Love this song. Best of Remy Zero's.

  36. AndyRantz

    Garden State.

  37. indynico1

    and you ?

  38. indynico1

    I'm a fanboys

  39. indynico1

    this song is in fanboys

  40. Casee Marie

    found these guys by the smallville theme song

  41. Just Once

    Yes Garden State!!

  42. Danny Rounthwaite

    discovered this years ago when it was on garden state, and still can't stop listening to it! really makes you remember theses you've lost in a good way :)

  43. Avocado:Six

    if you'd edit'd this might still have her

  44. Samuel Tan

    garden state!

  45. alesanadashit

    lolz fanboys= win..

  46. Tace5

    R.I.P Linus

  47. Timsland

    Garden State for the win.

  48. cowwman99


  49. Daryl Dixon

    Amo esta cancion desde que tenia 12 años & ahora tengo 18 n.n

  50. LoopMasterBulu

    At the beginning I thought that Linus didn't really have the cancer, but at the end I was like.. WTF ?

  51. floby37

    @seaniner1212 I first heard it in garden state, and that's one of my favourite song... and then, I heard the first chords in fanboys and I went "OMG,I didn't think this movie could be more awesome"!!

  52. SuperJeck91

    when i hear this song i cry

  53. Simon Kapl

    thx zach braff...thx garden state -> one of the best movie soundtracks EVER!

  54. IHectorino

    Love this song... Reminds me of high school and my old friends.

  55. Jonas B. Ingebretsen


  56. mikeortiz410

    @seaniner1212 Right here! Not gonna lie, the whole part about him dying didn't really hit me until this song was playing. That was a really good movie, no matter how stupid it sort of was or what anyone says. You just have to look underneath the underneath...

  57. aceinthehole1222

    Garden State !!

  58. Juan Bautista Jr. Shabadu

    the song is great, and she is so very beautiful


    Thumbs up if you heard this in Fanboys

  60. jmadd24060

    heard it in fanboys this afternoon, and i had to know who it was by.

  61. A. Kochan

    The riffs and sound remind me of the Smashing Pumpkins. I'm not sure what he's talking about though.

  62. Randall Wasson

    Great song but I'm commenting on the fact that the girl is incredibly gorgeous...

  63. LiquidSpleen

    I love this sng, i know it from Fanboys. Video is great!!!!

  64. Scott T

    It's also used in Garden State. That's where I first heard it.

  65. Tim Duyck

    i got the dame, i 'm forbiddento fly.. and i would sell my soul to go to Usa

  66. István Szalay

    @2eman234 me too :D

  67. Ben Huot

    Me bro

  68. jonathan facile

    i think i fell in love with her too... great job.

  69. mikeyamp22

    Well...dude who made this video...looks like you're either getting laid or getting a restraining order.

    Kamil Hayder

    mikeyamp. This 8 year old comment is GOLD and the reason why Im laughing 5 in the morning in Sweden

  70. rgvf

    Song makes me want to cry at the end of Fanboys

  71. dickflacid

    @anniebelle13 Its not L.A., its Boston, not L.A. This is Boston, not L.a.

  72. Allen Smith

    this makes me sad when watching Fanboys lol

  73. 0mrdiu0

    I really like this video. Nice and simple and goes with the song. Good job!

  74. Sean Nokirin

    vote up everyone who heard thid song on fanboys

  75. Shaquille Davis

    Thank you fanboys for introducing me to this song

  76. TheToasterTV

    Heard this song in fanboys!

  77. Vert

    @nwrunner i think he was going for pikes peak. haha

  78. zulaihaha

    i forgot how much i love this song.

  79. JaredTJohnson

    If perfection made a sound it would be something like this

  80. Ark Queue

    @enrrwa They've sadly split up =(

  81. Ark Queue

    The entire Garden State soundtrack is amazing. To this day all the songs are on my iPhone. All of them, especially this one by Remy Zero evoke a feeling of nostalgia and loss. We all have those moods.

  82. Kinda Dead

    sounds just like u2 lol

  83. Ben Macedo

    Heard it from fanboys. Great song.

  84. Doreen Rios

    This is lovely...absolutely lovely :)
    great job
    beautiful girl!
    & amazing video

  85. iluvmyichild91

    i love love love seattle :)

  86. lee gibbon

    Emotionla track man.. goes hand in hand with fanboys

  87. veryarrant

    love the track, love the movie

  88. Minh1110

    an AWESOME video. Really like it!

  89. See Saw

    i'm from scotland and never heard of this band untill i heard their song on smallville, i have to say they are really good.

  90. anniebelle13

    @dickflacid It really is Pike Place market in Seattle as the info states

  91. dickflacid

    It ain't. It's boston, not l.a.

  92. carlos toro

    what's the meaning of this song?? I really like it but im not too sure about the meaning..

  93. anniebelle13

    It is actually Seattle

  94. dickflacid

    this is boston, not l.a.

  95. thirdattempt

    twenties? he was 40.

  96. jillsilver007

    One of my favorite songs and bands, thanks for this :)

  97. phoenixbird

    his voice is like the singers of U2 and The Killers. great