Relient K - When I Go Down Lyrics

I'll tell you flat out
It hurts so much to think of this
So from my thoughts I will exclude
The very thing that
I hate more than everything is
The way I'm powerless
To dictate my own moods

I've thrown away
So many things that could've been much more
And I just pray
My problems go away if they're ignored
But that's not the way it works
No that's not the way it works

When I go down
I go down hard
And I take everything I've learned
And teach myself some disregard
When I go down
It hurts to hit the bottom
And of the things that got me there
I think, if only I had fought them

If and when I can
Clear myself of this clouded mind
I'll watch myself settle down
Into a place where
Peace can search me out and find
That I'm so ready to be found

I've thrown away
The hope I had in friendships
I've thrown away
So many things that could have been much more
I've thrown away
The secret to find an end to this
And I just pray
My problems go away if they're ignored
But that's not the way it works
No that's not the way it works

Any control I thought I had just slips right through my hands
While my ever-present conscience shakes its head and reprimands me
Reprimands me
Then and there
I confess
I'll blame all this on my selfishness
Yet you love me
And that consumes me
And I'll stand up again
And do so willingly

You give me hope, and hope it gives me life
You touch my heavy heart, and when you do you make it light
As I exhale I hear your voice
And I answer you, though I hardly make a noise
And from my lips the words I choose to say
Seem pathetic, but it's fallen man's praise
Because I love you
Oh God, I love you
And life is now worth living
If only because of you
And when they say that I'm dead and gone
It won't be further from the truth

When I go down
I lift my eyes to you
I won't look very far
Cause you'll be there
With open arms
To lift me up again
To lift me up again

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Relient K When I Go Down Comments
  1. Nakisha Jones

    This song makes me remember the time I lost my cats max and Olivia. I tried not to cry but I did

  2. Ben Stang

    What a real and powerful song. What a loving savior.

  3. Radiofriedtoast

    I moved out on my own to try to grow up. My mother has always babied me. She blamed herself for not giving me a good childhood. Dad was a druggie, an alcoholic abuser. He left when i was 6. I always saw it as play wrestling, but it was so much worse. As i grew up I always felt so in tune with my own emotions, they really controlled me and still sorta do. I would go through school only to meet this girl, we can call her punk. She was awesome, but i cheated on her with an ex, and thats when we started noticing mood swings in me, i would flit from relationship to relationship wanting to feel love, to feel spoiled. I met a different girl, we can call her "C". She was abusive as all hell. She would threaten suicide, cut herself infront of me, scream, hit, you name it. But i stayed with her. She helped me stop smoking pot to run away from my issues, she never let me near any alcohol as had become a habit of mine. so there was some good. After my real dad left when i was 6 my mom met a new guy, a nice guy. around 12 he adopted me fully. but at 16 when i was with C, it just drove us apart. My mom continued to spoil me behind his back, protecting me from punishment. She always felt responsible, like she had to save me. My druggie dad never came back, leaving me to feel alone, despite how much love my mom and Stepdad tried to show me. My mom would never give me space to grow, she enabled me, like I was enabling C. So at 19 I moved out, no college, just a serving job. I couldnt let her ruin a marriage because she was spoiling me. I wouldn't grow up there. I couldnt. And now i'm a kid playing house, failing at keeping my own apartment clean, barely scraping by. chasing that feeling i had when i was with Punk. I will always love my family, but boy oh boy do i not feel broken sometimes. Between drug problems, work, and my own emotional baggage i dont know what to do. I interned as a Youth pastor for a little bit, but that ended so i could work as a server more, bills to pay and all. I find myself praying all the time. but I just dont know how to reignite my feelings. Life feels draining and dead. I just want to be okay. I feel so alone. helpless. And I just want the world to know im sorry if i brought more bad into it than good. I dont know why I'm writing this comment. nobody on this video will care but i just...well i guess I'm going down hard.

    Fernando Vega

    This is a long shot but, you're not alone, it's not your fault and you're not evil nor bad just human

    Jake Hritsko

    Life is hard man, just gotta keep doing what you can to make it, if you do good things I like to think good things will come, I hope, the drugs make it worse in the end trust me

    Katriel Van Cleve

    Hey, ToastedRadio. I'm so sorry that your feeling this pain. I thought of two songs you might like. Both are sung from Jesus's perspective. The one is by Switchfoot: "I Won't Let You Go" and the other is by Ashes Remain: "Right Here". I hope they speak to you. I am praying for you.

  4. Savage Racer

    Easily one of the best songs ever written.

  5. Walmart Melon

    I get the song sounds nice, but I don't see how a "non-religios" person could relate to this song whatsoever. Unless they don't understand it XD

  6. The clown

    This band has really helped me through some dark times.

  7. Deyse Carvalho

    10 years later and it's never been more relevant than now

    Mychael May

    Yes!!!! So true. Honestly, Relient K’s music has helped me through some rough times in my life, very dark times, in fact. Their music now really just reminds me to enjoy the good things and good times in life while they last.

  8. Tricia Denbow

    its not a religion its a relationship


    Dang Tricia, well said!

    Jesse Garcia

    I fail to see how that's true. Do you have a religious text? Do you congregate? I think you should look up what religion is..

    Walmart Melon

    ya it is definitely a religion lol but the relationship is more important than the fact that it is a religion. The point is that Christianity, unlike most religions, is based on a reverent, loving, friendship with God and the fact that he loves a heckin lot! Right?

    Jesse Garcia

    Daisan JAMES does he really does though?? I mean he's killed a lot of people with his flood.. Not very forgiving and loving with his first group of people was he? Plus he sends people to hell for a lot less worse than murder!


    Its not the religion that matters to God. It is OUR relationship with him as an individual. Gathering together to worship just pleases him further.

  9. Josh's Youtube Show

    Am I the only one who think the chorus sounds super sexual?


    way to ruin it lol

    Steven Pistone

    Is this supposed to be funny, or clever or...?


    Go fuck yourself man

  10. david 466

    this song is wonderful

  11. Sarah Johnson

    try setting it to 1.25 in youtube settings for a new listen

  12. iF3llOffaBr1dge

    Love the softer side of Relient K

  13. Alix Malone

    Not religious and I hated this song as a kid because I thought it was boring. I come to listen to it 8 years later and pulls out everything I've kept bottled up.

  14. Ardent Vary

    Same with Relient k i am making music here in our country Philippines. Music will change lives!

  15. Ranaivoson Eliah

    Amazing song about God's grace

  16. Toffnm

    Just a random person who is not for or against religion passing through only to listen to the music :) Have a nice day!

  17. Caleb Swendson

    Jesus would be sad by your actions. He spread only love.


    Caleb Swendson do not presume to know the mind of your Creator.

  18. jcmmanuel

    I don't love god anymore and god loves no one, in my opinion (because he does not exist). But this is just my opinion of course, as Christian faith just shipwrecked on me. I do not see my opinion as an attack on believers. Besides, I still love this band, and this song has long been a favorite of mine. With or without God, songs like these do hit hearts. I have the CD's of this guys. They are human beings and they understand human beings. Nothing can beat a person who is capable of understanding others. That's why these guys made the greatest music.

    Hannah Stange

    No, please don't give up. God did not abandon us, we abandoned him. He has always loved you and he always will. He gave his only son so you could live with him forever. Please, don't waste this priceless gift!


    @Hannah Stange Don't worry. If god didn't give up then why worry. If he would show up suddenly I really wouldn't tell him to go away, I would rather ask where have you been all this time? And I'm pretty sure he wouldn't punish anyone for asking this question.

    David Davis

    hes been with you but hes asking where have you been? when do u find private time to seek him? to pray? to worship? to read his word? hes there man but hes wondering when youll get to know him


    Praying for you... and if you want to see God... Look inside your own Heart... He is always there...

    Justin Dahl

    You exist, yet you deny yourself? Hahahaha

  19. Justice Kesner

    I love God. I'm not religious but he loves me and I follow him. He didn't ask us to follow some huge congregation and obey them he asked us to follow him yes I do go to church it's a wonderful message and I love it but religion and religious has become something else and God wants more for everyone. (it kind of comes down to your definition of religion because to some I am religious and in that way I am)

    Justice Kesner

    @jcmmanuel it's been a while but all that matters that I thought about was this, Job, throughout the book of Job it's obvious to me that someone can go trough alot espesially as a Christian. If Job had the mentality that God just was ship wrecking him he would have missed what God was doing. We all needed to see that happen to Job to understand how to be and what mentality to take in hardship.

    Thinking trash

    hmm... what if I abandoned all the time and mental effort I give to God and get more time for family and my job and get a raise and a happier life?

    Justice Kesner

    +Thinking trash me and my family are very Christ centered and it's what has made us so close. It's very hard to raise a family no matter how you do it, so why not do it with God. my dad wouldn't be the father he is had he not.

    Thinking trash

    Justice Kesner Well, I said what if, and your case wouldn't be the general circumstance. You don't know if there's a family out there where they turn aetheist, and turned out for the better, but, nevertheless, good for you and your family that religion brought you closer as people. Btw I'm just a 17 yr old kid with opinions, not someone in the cicumstance said above.

    Thinking trash

    Justice Kesner But remember, some people don't believe in a god and live happier by believing there isn't one, so, as not to crush their source of aspiration in life, in tend not to say anything radical about their beliefs. Some take respite in thinking there is no God and they should believe in themselves (or their friends family or whatever as well), rather someone who they believe is never with them when they clearly need help. They believe that if it is a trial, and they can't handle it then God would have given them something which they can't fix. People would rather take it as circumstance and deal with it.

  20. Jessica Schultz

    Brings back so many memories... ^^;

  21. MillieLilly

    I'm not that religious. But this song as always been there for me at my lowest of lows. Thank you Relient K

  22. Will

    Woww nice song. 

  23. WeirdoHeart26

    Relient K "When I Go Down" unofficial music video

  24. maylord lapuz

    Nice part "GOD I LOVE YOU"!

  25. RainbowBlorf

    press (show the comment) to learn a life lesson.

  26. Gracie Vallee

    Whose idea was the dislike button anyway? I have 3 or 4 dislikes on my one video and it hurts to know that someone doesn't appreciate the work my cousin and I did on it. We spent a long long long time on it. So from experience, I don't dislike videos.

  27. Lenny

    don't care about religion, i'm an atheist, but still this song rules.

  28. tHe XeKuter

    i think religion is a fucking joke but this is still one of the most amazing bands of all time..

  29. cwarcarblue11

    Emma, you "wanted to hear" that someone who was raised christian turned away from the church because people used to much Scripture?

  30. cwarcarblue11

    Could you please show me where the Bible says that? Also, can you show me where I was "dangling hell" above people's heads?

  31. Emma Kirkpatrick

    Some people are just like that; the Left Behind books are a great example, even the kids series, which is the one I personally read, as I am still a "kid," about Ryan's age, a little younger. Judd and Lionel were raised in Christian families, Ryan had a Christian friend, and Vicki's family changed to Christianity. They didn't believe, not one of them, and so they were left behind in the rapture, no matter the extrodinary influence.

  32. Emma Kirkpatrick

    Thank you, that is just what I wanted to hear! God bless you, you know what you're talking about.

  33. Emma Kirkpatrick

    But it also points out that we should not FORCE people into believing or dangle hell above their heads, and I'm not exactly sure where in the Bible, but I know it does. I mean, if we were just all to use the right words, maybe we COULD tell someone without getting into a fight about God! Spread the Gospel and Good News, but do it with kindness and gentleness.

  34. Emma Kirkpatrick

    Hey, dude, I'm your sister through Christ here, but why couldn't you be kinder about that? Seriously! We are told in the Bible that we aren't supposed to act that way; it's pretty hypocritical. If you were a little nicer with your wording, maybe pollol95 would look in a Bible.

  35. Edana

    Why do you have to fight about religion, let the person believe what they want. When they want to convert they will, we can show them the way but we can push them to it. Let it be.

  36. dillon reeves

    Of course not, that's silly. The arguments just support my beliefs

  37. Matthew Landrum

    So you've based your entire faith in something on the fact that people argued on a Youtube comment?

  38. Alyssa Milliron

    righhtt thats why

  39. dillon reeves

    This is why I'm not a Christian. You all have ruined a good song by arguing about something that no one knows for sure

  40. Stephanie Kang

    this is an amazing song..

  41. iRecord100

    I don't care what /who saved someone. but It is good that someone is safe because of someone/something. :) May it be religion/friends/whatever.

  42. Zarek Camplin

    if these guys saved u from yourself then check out my own worst enemy by casting crowns

  43. Ryno Jackson

    The Summer of 2010 I first heard this song and it brought me to tears

  44. cwarcarblue11

    I am convinced that God's Word is true and the natural mind is deceitful, including mine. Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" I am amazed, actually, that you would rather hear my "thinking for myself" and not the Word of God.

  45. thfanpire

    You're arguing against anyone who doesn't believe the exact same way as you. What happens if I do have faith and I believe in a God who isn't the same as your God? Does that mean I am damned, too? You continually quote from the Bible, I see, which kinda tells me you've had these ideas drilled into you and don't exactly think for yourself, either. I believe in the power of belief, and hold faith in the power of faith. This doesn't mean I believe or have faith in what you do.

  46. cwarcarblue11

    I'm sorry, you are mistaken. Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." It is having confidence in what you cannot experience with your senses. For instance, we have confidence that there was a man named Alexander the Great, but we cannot see him. I have to say, I don't have any faith in your knowledge.

  47. Maikos

    You can't have faith in knowledge, faith is believing something even though you can't know it.

  48. Spreesty

    Brings back so much nostalgia

  49. Jordan McElveen

    Everyone has their own opinion, and everyone believes in theory; therefore, your arguments are invalid. C: now shuddddup and listen! ♪

  50. sparta981

    Not a Christian. Beautiful song. Makes people smile.

  51. Kole McFadden

    15thnobody who said I was bullying anyone? I am just giving the truth. Honest and bold Christians don't bully, they are just honest and bold. They are not cowards and sit by the way side keeping quiet, do you think that's how Jesus was? No my friend, he addressed everything. Like I said, I was just giving truthful facts.

  52. Zarek Camplin

    If only that would work. I have tried it but it doesn't work for me

  53. Micah Ayres

    Best old school christian band. Awesome albums

  54. 1noobgirl

    Thank you relient k for helping me rediscover the love of God, you have saved me from myself.

  55. 15thnobody

    finaly someone gets it.

  56. 15thnobody

    its people like you that that make all us other christians look bad!
    would jesus have tried to bully someone into conversion no jesus led by example and if you want to call yourself a christian i sugest you shut up and do the same. THAT is just the bottom line.

  57. Matthew Mason

    This is ridiculous. This whole thing is a huge argument, yet almost every comment says "I don't want to start a debate"! If you don't want to start a debate then why did you post? translation: stop arguing! lets listen to the music shall we?

  58. Matthew Mason

    If you hate Christian music or something, just don't listen to it. Yes, its that simple.

  59. SNL96Tilnfinity

    4:14 to 5:45 best part of the song

  60. Melanie c

    Can we all just settle our beliefs and enjoy the song?! I came here to listen to music not start a rage fight..

  61. unsilent4truth

    I believe in God and I know He is real. :) I do not want to start any argument in here though. Just want to say that you are never alone and you will never be. When you need help, God is and will always be there for you.

    "...And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."
    Matthew 28:20

  62. Carson Shultz

    really? You really need god in your life man.

  63. cwarcarblue11

    Except, "faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ." (Romans 10:17)

  64. Ampion1337

    I know how you feel. I used to try the same approach on some atheist friends of mine and nothing seemed to work. I just kept living a Christian lifestyle and the way I lived out my beliefs got them more interested in Christianity than any of my forcing seemed to do, and I've been trying to use that approach ever since.

  65. cwarcarblue11

    True. Let the Holy Spirit do the work. I am sorry if I sounded forceful; I was not intending to. I was simply following the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) (many Christians ignore this passage)

  66. Ampion1337

    However we must remember 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. We must be patient and let people come to God on their own terms or else they will just become bad Christians.

  67. cwarcarblue11

    I'm not threatening... Someone else is (Romans 6:23)

  68. Ampion1337

    Please don't try to get people to convert by threatening hell. That's like sticking a gun at someone's head and telling them to love God.

  69. Brionna

    Its amazing that on just about every You Tube video that is about God. Christians and atheist are ALWAYS going back and forth.. smh But no matter what God is still good

  70. cwarcarblue11

    I am sorry for arguing with you, but I do have to point out that you are "religious". You have faith in your own knowledge; therefore that is your religion. I am sorry that you trust in the sad, depressing belief that "nothing matters". I am also sorry that you think this is foolish; as 1 Corinthians 2:14 says, "The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him". I encourage you to pray to God to ask Him to show Himself to you. 2 Peter 3:9

  71. Zander11591

    God this is difficult to not be insulting here, but seriously. Stop cramming religion on people. That's all i'm saying. I've read the bible, and heard it's message my entire life. There is no god. There is no heaven. There is no hell. Do you remember anything from before you were born? No? That's what it's like when you die.

  72. cwarcarblue11

    And the best way to love the sinner is to not let them fall into eternal condemnation! It is so sad to see people proudly state their unbelief (Isaiah 5:21,Proverbs 26:12,Proverbs 26:5). I honestly do not want him, or you, or anybody to have to endure God's wrath for sin. Please repent and believe in Christ!

  73. Zander11591

    he says to spread it. not cram it down other people's throats by telling them they're "going to hell." love the sinner, hate the sin. i was raised christian for 18 years, but it was people like that that turned me away from the church along with many other fallacies. you can be a christian without pointing out to every person who says they're atheist that they're "going to hell."

  74. cwarcarblue11

    So Christians are supposed to make sure that atheists don't have any problems with them? I don't see that anywhere in the Bible. God tells us to spread His Gospel (Mark 16:15)

  75. Zander11591

    wow seriously? as someone raised a christian, i'm going to point out that comments like this are the problem atheists have with christians. just because he doesn't believe in it and you think he will "go to hell" doesn't give you any right to preach it to him. polloI95 was just pointing out he likes them despite being atheist and not believing what RK believes in. you can be a christian without cramming it down someone else's throat.

  76. cwarcarblue11

    Amen! Psalm 14:1. Look it up.

  77. duckduckmeese

    God loves all his children, including those who choose not to believe in him or his love. He even loves bigoted, hate-mongers like yourself that give Christianity a bad name. You should be ashamed, for you are indeed passing judgement and harboring such resentment towards someone who chooses not to believe is absurd. If you truly loved Christ, then you are the only one who needs to be convinced, not shoving your beliefs down another's throat who has made up their mind already.

  78. Kole McFadden

    The fact that you listen to christian songs or think that just because this song is clean and beautiful does not exclude the fact that atheist will go to hell. If you remain an atheist and do not accept Jesus into your heart and change your ways you will go to hell and burn for eternity. That is just the bottom line. That is not me judging you, so do not try and throw that back in my face. It is just a fact my friend. Maybe since you listen to christian music, you could try reading the Bible.


    Kole McFadden

    Here's the thing though. We can't judge men's hearts. We don't know if they will come back to God. Another thing. Telling someone they are going to hell Isn't very loving. To be a Christian means to be like Christ who was love. The problem with a lot of so called Christians is they are all about condemning people instead of loving them. If you believe in Jesus and his teachings wouldn't you want to show love. Here's the thing. Jesus was nice to sinners. He ate with them. He treated them with love. Telling someone they are going to hell is not loving. It is a scare tactic. In the word It says, "The goodness of God leads men to repentance." If that's the case why are we trying to lead people to God out of fear? It says in the Bible that perfect love casts out all fear. Why are we trying to scare people? The best way to lead is to lead by example. And to be honest you're not being the best example. If you want to help them, pray for them. No hard feelings. Just trying to help. God bless you.

  79. Thabang Shadrack Molebatsi


  80. englishtopmovies

    I was searching for another song and , i thought it was.But it wasn't. I really love this song I even forgot that i was searching for another hit.... best song ever <3

  81. FaZe_BorJas

    pollol95 eres un buen ateo por la voluntad de Dios.
    Eres como todo el cree en Dios pero que no acepta el perdón de pecados que solo Jesús puede dar.

  82. Anthony Cousineau


  83. s p a c e

    Reliant k isn't a athiest he's a Christian

  84. absolutelyabby991

    I LOVE JESUS! -3-3-3 I thank God everyday for what he has done for me, because without him I would be so lost and have no one to look to. a message to everyone out there, you would be so much happier if you trusted in Christ our savior, because he didn't just die for the Christians, he died for YOU TOO because of his undeniable love.

  85. osufann69

    Fellow atheist here - thank you for your opinion. I absolutely agree with it and love this song, and RK in general. Glad to see i'm not the only one :)

  86. T.F.H.K.

    Firstly, I don't want to start a debate here, so I'll just say it here and not go on.
    It's not a matter of God "needing" someone to tell him or say that he's amazing, it's a matter of US, as people, acknowledging that.
    It's always good to praise the Lord :)

  87. T.F.H.K.

    God is never irrelevant. :)
    Besides, this song's lyrics have to do with God.

  88. Acid

    honestly who cares what you are just listen to the music.

  89. hannah ramage

    im the same way bro..and everybody's just like ohmygod go away or they start an argument..its annoying...

  90. Nobody-in-Particular

    I just heard Relient K in concert for the first time and it was AWESOME!!

  91. Jay W.

    You are awesome.

  92. mvnners

    because i love you,
    oh god i love you

  93. mvnners

    christian bands make the best screamo
    like strait up,

  94. - Oiduakni -

    uhm, when the sleigh bell type bells start jingling??

  95. nemuanimation

    i was chased out of a church and almost taped to a flag pole. :I
    I guess there are alot of stupid christians out there.

  96. nemuanimation

    I'm a Wiccan...
    So i don't know what to say, since christians burned Wiccans in a holy fire on a stick. >.>
    Uh, go packers? :I

  97. Fahmi Danureza

    I miss you, God...

  98. - Oiduakni -

    This song was good until it went all jingle bells at the end. what the heck?
    whose great idea was that?

  99. Erin Lawson-Smith

    i always cry at the bit about taking the risk of throwing friendships away, because sometimes u have to take that risk, and i did :L