Relient K - Therapy Lyrics

I never thought I'd be driving through the country just to drive
With only music and the clothes that I woke up in
I never thought I'd need all this time alone it goes to show
I had so much yet I had need for nothing
But you

This is just therapy
Let's call it what it is
(Not what we were)
With a death-grip on this life always transitioning
This is just therapy
Cause you won't take my calls
and that makes God the only one who's left here listening to me

Letting it all sink in
It's good to feel a sting now and again
I hope it's one less woeful thing there is to fight through
Forgetting it all begin
Fresh paper and nice expensive pen
The past can not subtract a thing from what I might do
For you
Unless that's what I let it do

Loneliness and solitude are two things not to get confused
Cause I spend my solitude with you
I gather all the questions of the things I just can't get straight
And I answer them the way I guess you'd do

Cause this is my therapy
Cause you're the only one that's listening to me
This is my therapy
Let's call it what it is not what we were
With a death-grip on this life that's in transition
This is my therapy
Cause you won't hear me out
and that makes God the only one who's left here listening

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Relient K Therapy Comments
  1. James Wolf

    No one will ever know how much this band has got me through...

  2. Simon Ellis

    This song is so underused...Relient K is just one of those bands that nobody knows but as soon as you hear your hooked. Its just captivating. I think every christian rock band has heard this song at some point. lol

  3. skaterbro18

    One of my favourite smoking songs.

  4. Lily Bishop

    Eight years later and this song still means the world to me

    Kregg Walter

    Probably lyrically my favorite relient k song

  5. Chris Witt

    Loneliness and solitude are 2 things not to get confused... 👌🏽

  6. Sk8ersgonewild

    "Loneliness and solitude are two things not to get confused...

    ...because I spend my solitude with you."

  7. Paul Reid

    "the only one who's left here listening to me"

  8. Josie Ouiri

    i really genuinely believe that this is the best breakup album that ever existed.

  9. Nicholas Fluegeman

    Atheist but i love this song lol

    - TheDrewtopian -

    +HobbitstoHobbes What Liz said. Also explain what being "weak" means. Kindness? Mercy? Yielding? Christianity is nothing without Jesus; he's literally the entire centerpiece of the religion. Without that it's simply "Love God Love Others".

    White Pill Prole

    @- TheDrewtopian -
    "Weak" means that you've found yourself in a position where you're considered less than others, whether you're sick, poor, a prostitute etc. People are given currency and legitimacy based on their sense of victimhood. He was telling people from and ancient Malthusian world that they should feel guilty for not preserving the weak as an end in itself. He's like a modern day hippy who is full of sentiment, but has no grasp on reality.
    "If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters--yes, even their own life--such a person cannot be my disciple." He asks people to abandon their family to join his cult. He's telling people that their sense of moral indignation is more important than any natural duty someone has to their family. This is why the west is falling apart.

    Christian Bairos

    +HobbitstoHobbes I don't think you like Christianity then since Christianity follows the teachings of Yashua.

    Christian Bairos

    +HobbitstoHobbes the west is falling apart because people have broke away from Christian-Jewish values. I advise you read John/ read it again. Jesus was no hippy.

    Christian Bairos

    +Christian Bairos Yashua (Jesus)

  10. Jason Effinger

    This has been my theme song lately. Relient K have SUCH relatable songs for Christian teens like me.

  11. Ericha Salazar

    They are te best band ever!!!

  12. Aaron Mullins

    Seriously, this is like the best song that unfortunately nobody has heard of...Relient K is my therapy for sure...



  13. puellamagica

    curse youtube for not letting me thumbs up thecaptaindee's comment lmao i am 100% the same

    i'm so obsessed with the opening of the song; those sparkling guitars, that tumbling piano line. so beautiful.

  14. Lainey Evans

    Relient k<3

  15. Kelly Fuhrer

    Late response, but nonetheless: this IS my alarm clock tone. =)

  16. Madison Nichols

    My alarm clock just played this on the radio when I woke up! I love Relient K!!!

  17. Blumpkin717

    great song

  18. beansss

    I love Relient K♥

  19. Claire Carter

    the gasp of air at the end hehehehehe OKAY I LOVE THIS SONG :D


    its the beginning of the next song....I'll admit to who I am .....

  20. xxbamesxxjurke

    please check out my electric guitar cover for this song! : /watch?v=YXBdnkd-2dE


    God the only one who's left to listening to me

    those words are the truth listen to them
    let them touch your heart and change your life
    God is listening to you and talking to you
    talk to him and listen to him
    follow him and learn he will bless you

    God bless you and your life

  22. Killerkiki313

    I love this song because it reminds me to keep myself out of that situation. :)

  23. Eric Nail

    the new Christian breakup song! lol Amazing lyrics really profound. Very nice.

  24. Mo Lim

    This song is AMAZINGGGGGG<33
    Relient k i love you guys SO MUCH!!

  25. Liz S

    i love relient k!!! =)
    this is a gr8 song
    meaningful tooo =D
    they r evn more awsum live!!

  26. Russell Reihart

    I can't wait to see Relient K on November 19th!