Rejjie Snow - Crooked Cops Lyrics

[Rejjie Snow:]
Officer, my hands is up
Please don't shoot, but I might run
Run nigga, run nigga, run nigga
I've been black since '91
Piggy piggy, hold your tongue
Run nigga, run nigga, run nigga
What, you want some open graves?
I'll make you catch this fucking fade
My tendencies be "fuck the law"
But mama said, "just look away"
Hands up, keep my weapon on me
Blade be tucked so what's up, homie?
Friday night and cruising slow, they
Pull me over, I record it
Bow my head and kiss this ass
And this bacon did smell off
Black and white, you ignite my rights
These crooked cops they hate by sight
Blackest skin, the blackest name
From Africa my father came
From mother eath he saw the dirt
From broken souls to heal the curse
Public enemy? My felony was being black as fuck
Eenie meenie miney moe and hang him up and take his lunch
Call the homies, call my mama
Take his badge and fuck him up
Then fuck him up and make him cry
And remember where we lived and died

No, no, no, no, noo
No, no-ooh-aah, no, no

Crooked cop, crooked cop
Crook-crook-crooked cop
Crooked cop, crooked cop
Crooked, crooked cop
Crooked, crook-crook-crooked cops
Crooked cops, crooked
Crooked cops, crook-crook-crooked cops

[Tish Hyman:]
I'm tellin' you now
Police in their feelings, they scared and they killin'
They shootin' us down
My hands up, they shootin', they shootin', they shootin'
They shootin' us down
Why? Please tell me why
Scared of me? Is it my black skin?
Public enemy number 1, I was the black man
They be usin' their badges
As a weapon to [?] shoot at us and back up
Tell me why? I, I think I know why
Why they wanna shoot me down
I think I know 'cause they crooked cops
Crooked cops, crook-crook-crooked cops

No, no, no, no, noo
No, no-ooh-aah, no, no

[Rejjie Snow:]
Crooked cop, crooked cop
Crook-crook-crooked cop
Crooked cop, crooked cop
Crooked, crooked cop
Crooked, crook-crook-crooked cops
Crooked cops, crooked
Crooked cops, crook-crook-crooked cops

Call me back, no text emoji
All this gold be danglin' on me
Pants be saggin', I've been taggin'
Officer, my record flawless
Rappin' since like '96
When ODB was runnin' shit
Grammy nominated
Hope there's trophies in my cabinet
Hide your kids and hide your wife
The reaper creepin' through the night
Crawl in, Mr. Officer
My fingerprints gon' testify
Tats up on my neck and face
From GTA to gettin' maced
Fuck is up? I know my rights
The sirens, red and flashing lights

Crooked cops, crooked cops
Crook-crook-crooked cops
I don't wanna hear this shit no more
(I don't wanna hear it no motherfuckin' more
You talkin' about motherfuckin' all lives matter)
I don't wanna hear this shit no more
(I don't wanna hear this shit
Nobody is killin' your brothers, your sisters, your father, your mother - nobody is killin' y'all motherfuckers in the street
They killin' us, nigga!)
I don't wanna hear this shit no more
(The fuck is wrong with you?)

No, no, no, no, noo
No, no-ooh-aah, no, no

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Rejjie Snow Crooked Cops Comments
  1. Klain Main

    croockeeeed croocked cooops

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  4. Juan Carlos Infante

    In Spotify?

  5. meow

    Cops need to start smoking w

  6. baubus123

    where can i get the beat?

  7. Ricardo Galvan.S

    Hace dos años me lo vacilaba borracho qué tiempos

  8. Daví Brito

    Foda demais

  9. 小松でら

    Is this song inspired by RATM?

  10. Matheus Olds

    monstro !

  11. The war Papus

    El Men del coro suena a pezcatore de RAP bang clup

  12. Aurongel

    0:46 I'm on acid right now and the guy taking off his mask just scared the shit out of me.

  13. Elocvent Doitrei

    I don't want to be that guy but maybe stop breaking the law? I think that's why they shootin you downxD u aint above the law boi just like me or any other dude.Play games with weapons on you, get shot.Plus you've been killing each other more than the police does how about you make a rap about that.The beat is fire but the message?..silly suburban white kids love that "fuck the cops" feeling all gangsta but when you get robbed its "hello, 911?".Be real and expose all problems.Fucking propaganda right here.Not all people in the world are racist.When i act like a bum and asshole be sure people will treat me like crap too.But the beat is really good xD.just upload the instrumental.

  14. Gus

    Man, Rejjie is so underrated...

  15. TheManWhoLaughs 666

    640 crooked cops

  16. psyched aliens

    Is there any woman singing in that song?

  17. Ana Luiza Santana

    Adoro a animação dos vídeos

  18. Carlos Esquerra

    638 crooked cops

  19. Yatsumiru

    lvl. 1 Crook(ed cops)

  20. Kostas Sharigan

    can i find the beat without the singing somewhere ?

  21. Stone Emrick


  22. LF Rock

    Level 1 Crook Level 100 Mafia Boss

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  24. Stone Emrick


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    dose dikieee mouuuuuuu

  26. mauricio ceja

    where are the lyrics?

  27. pranjul kathpalia

    Collaborate with Gambino!
    You both just have the same energies. That song will just put everything on fire.

  28. Julián Alvarado

    This shit it's awesome when you're so high

  29. The Happy Madman

    lol imagine thinking that cops wake up every morning ready to shoot minorities

  30. MrAsier1992

    Cream shiet

  31. Aarón Martínez

    why is this song not available in spotify?

  32. 101GANG

    Why did he delete his other songs

  33. Christian Acosta

    Like because the American Government is Satan himself

  34. knowyoself

    just got blackmailed in bangkok by cops because I had a vape.... 1.2k bribe and im off

  35. 没有睡眠BIOSPHERE

    Error 404

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    Cookie cops

  37. Youssef Farhi

    anybody got flashbacks of GTA San Andreas cops missions? Seeing this artworks makes me remember those

  38. 没有睡眠BIOSPHERE

    600 coms

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    Speed up

  40. Martinsando

    A batida é muito massa! esse ritmo rap slow e a animação fazem ser algo único. A letra é muito boa e to curtindo todas as musicas. Parabens pelo trabalho!!!


    586 people are crooked cops

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    oh lawd

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    This visual is so dope, especially when the cop removes his mask. #TooDeep #lOVE

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    This is too underrated. Sad from Brazil.

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    Por aquí alguien de mexico

    Pakitas 99

    Hector Mendoza Hernández tu mamá

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    667 comments now

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    1:40 best part

  49. Alfred B.

    This is Real Hip Hop Music 😈

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  51. ZuRriX

    Loved the song, but that ending was just bullshit.

  52. Max Simonyan

    Only crooked cops disliked this song

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    blade be tucked so wassup homie

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    Oo nice

  56. Taylor Murphy

    Thank you Youtube for suggesting this you done good :))

  57. Andres Rojas

  58. Raquel Ashleman

    This is trash, i personally enjoy rejjie, but this song is just stuffed with victimization and BLM topics.

  59. Bobby Thompson

    Seriously sick this guy 👌

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    Never heard of this dude and I'm already hooked off this one song

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    The jam for a 20 year old.

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    Fish chips and bong rips this guy is cool

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    BRs dominam tudo 🔥🔥🔥

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    this is my fav

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    Some of these covers would be dope merch.

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    tommorow HIP HOP KEMP!!!!

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    Dang this sounds like some old school shit I love it😘

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    Cade ps BR???

  71. Xavier Mixon

    song has that old school 90s beat I like it

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    ya'll fw Rejjie being my favourite artist?

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    роджи ты бусинка


    ooof that bass

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    love this animation

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    My favourite animation so far!!!

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    This guy is INSANE


    SchoolBoyQ would have ate this beat up!!

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    Why are all the cops white? Cliche

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    This song makes me want to rob myself.

  81. Kyler Juhasz

    I didnt even notice thats Tish Hyman on there! Dope to see people recognizing her!

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    The bassline reminds me of Sweet Leaf from Black Sabbath


    430 people are crooked cops

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    UK hip hop artist here who also dabbles on DnB and trap time to time check out my newest track

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