Rejjie Snow - Cortex Lyrics

[Rejjie Snow:]
He stood alone with a book and a camera
Snap, snap, snap put the v in viagra
A little stupid with a hash brown skin tone
Used to be a faggit now a gangster call him al capone
Used to merch with merchandise
Tax invader slim kept the meat for a stupid price
Charlie chaplin chap stick for black lips
Used to sell crack for baby prams and koi fish
Yeah jehova was his witness with his sixth sense
Starving for some cash like a bum sucking a joy stick
Had the city on there kness like the alemo
The good days shining for the villan of galactico
Was a pretty little nifty shoe shiner
With a gold tooth looking like a jew on salama
Word to mama yeah his flow was disgusting
Use to call him Luey zytron but ther bluffing
Stuttering some thoughts that where lost in the slaveship
Sicilian the color of his grannys favourtie fragrence

[Lecs luther:]
Always in some shell toe kicks with his cake up
Looking like a little fat fuck in his cake truck
Yeah his suit game was a little bit special
Kept his lucky for the sundays but his dark for the funerals
He was a fat favourite meal instant noodles
Always went big like a black girls afro
Yeah the sunny nice day of Bodega
Lucky with the charm an irish mans payment
Yeah the green, white and orange in his fucking blood
Privliged as a kid but a little bit misunderstood
Yo jehovah what the fuck is going
Why are people singing all the lyrics to my songs

Yeah thong song
Cisco was a soccer mom
Like a black albino doing cartwheels like fucking tom (ahawk)
Thomas edinson banging out that shit
Looking like I'm thomas the tank engine (tank engine)
As I'm screaming on the bed
Slipped a little nurofen for my head (aahhh)
So now I'm back with that nice flow
Slumdog millionaire bollywood for the rainbows
With a wallet that I stole from a fucking raincoat
Had about 6 million euro and a bag of coke
Never messed with the white stuff
Always kept clean never smoked like a rasto
But I was silly when I asked for
(Here shop keeper where the hell are your signs gone)
A little coulour blind it may changed
Youst call himself ray Luey charles the fucking eighth
Yeah a little freaky with the dance moves
Used to dance the charlston with his hands tied screaming (ooo)
Yeah muppets I'm awesome
Call me Dr Sues or that little fucking clarkson
Hit me with that swords shouting thou shall not say it
I'm the teachers little pet
Little rascal when he plays it

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Rejjie Snow Cortex Comments
  1. feliciathegoat t

    odd toddlers is the best sample

  2. Zoë Quíñonez

    Throwback as hell

  3. typical indie-kid

    only 186 people know of good music

  4. tv vaudoupaname

    Original is Cortex (Alain Mion) - Prelude a (60round) (1975, Fr)

  5. Liliana Votruba

    I remember listening to this in freshmen year. lol

  6. L e a n O n M y M i n d

    Beautiful afro lady from omegle brought me here 02/07/15, i have just her pseudo "kiki", I hope she will recognize if she comes here hahaha (she knows PRO ERA)

  7. Yassine MOHELLEBI

    Cortex's samples ftw

  8. Giovanni Gomez

    612 people know good music

  9. GTA V Soundtracks

    sick good!