Rejjie Snow - Bubble Gum Sunday Lyrics

1, 2, 1, 2
Check, check, check
Check, check, check

Do a damn spin on your knee cap
Venomous artillery splitting stones to the ear wax be leaking
Better off a girl who be speaking indigenous black queen
She played the trumpet by my [*coughs*]
Better off a single fucking momma
And the late night sex and watching tapes of Nirvana
In the new shoes, jumping out the soul to breath the blue fumes in
Honey in my tea, she blows spliff and play some good dude
Used to make love by the statue
And not enough drugs for the tear dropped tattoo, bitch
At least she let me hit it from the back
And here's a kiss to ever girl I ever put up in my raps

I'll do shmoney of the Henny
Blow a kiss and kiss my ass
I'm swinging handsome with the lefty
She had a chemical 'fro and yet the cum is wet
On sunny days alone I'm on the phone
I'm like the saddest wep
To be the greatest man I know it's only ever true
I'm cry tears when overlooking the broken residue
Oh yea, I'm over you, over you on the second beer, and
Joey knew the cousin was a half black Latino fan, nigga
She calls me snow man in December, and we
Remember when the grub stain spilled upon the love letter
And I ain't over you, over you but I'm doing me
I'm funny to the bone 'cause I took her fucking virginity
But is you kidding me? The belly's gotta eat and so
And sorry once again for being cold in the sheets
Fuck it I ain't playing with you girl, just another fucking mistake
What a shame I bought you pearls
I got an album on the mother fucking way
So cut the check and eat a dick and have a nice day

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