Rejjie Snow - Black Pancakes Lyrics

She had curly hair, looking like Annie
What a young rhymer got to do to touch the fanny?
I mean granny, she ate up all the chicken
Bellys all fuzzy and the pain starts to kick in
But he's skinny and he walks around with gold teeth
Slang with a twang and real rare like a black sheep
I mean a white kid rapping in a durag
Two gold chains and a voice like... (hoohaa)
Never let the rabbit catch a habit
Like a fully blown pub brawl, make you stab it
Waking up sweaty from the medicine
Snow is not human, he's a monkey with a ball pen
Jab the words in graffiti
Sandstone rapper, you will light me off the spliffy
All the kids in japan
Suckers for a nigga with a mic up in his hand
Had this young shawty, met her out in pre
She was all bloody from the gash in her knee
Said she was a virgin and I said "oh yes"
Blood starts pushing as I kiss upon her breasts
Oh shit man this chick has a dick
I reach for the stanley as I scratch upon his...
(What the fuck?)
(Yo yo yo, to be continued)
The worlds made of piss and I'm the joker to the story
Not in balamory is a tale this gory
Sweet like the apples that be hanging out in Eden
Head full of chemicals and hair line receding
Used to be a singer with a voice like Aretha
Had a little baby but the cracks started seeping
Tears up in a puddle, and a kiss for the weeping
Not to be alone but I'm stale with the seasoning
Slow like a runner but a bummer that my girls gone
Want to be a hooker top, cray with her shades on
Money where its sunny but the grass grows too long
And who you gonna blame when I'm hungry and the foods gone?
Same story, growing up broke
Dancing with a beer, on a diet from the Coke
Never ever ever will I do it all again
Love is like a drug and its stained to my pen
Want to pin you, who you gonna blame?
All shawtys are the same
And who you gonna blame?
All shawtys are the same

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Rejjie Snow Black Pancakes Comments


  2. Levani oqropiridze


  3. Laro


  4. NovaSuper420

    2019 and still fuck w this song

  5. Henry Harris

    sweet track

  6. Stress

    better late than never huh?

  7. James Kleinschmidt

    this song should be on spotify

  8. Drew Valadez

    It’s 2019 and this shit still goes

  9. Ignacia Barrios

    Is this on Spotify? Which albumor sth

  10. Yung POLO

    Listened to this in middle school, the transition is pretty bad but I still like it.

  11. GalacticBlue Herrera

    this rejjie is the real one, what happened to him🤷

  12. film effects

    wow that's a great song... that I am never listening to again because of that transphobic shit halfway through the song.

  13. Tristan Sweatshirt

    With a voice like "who-ha"
    Reminds me of Delusional Thomas.

  14. david facundo

    Kinda sucks too see this guy not blow up

  15. Victor Tr

    This track still the best he ever made imo. So hard.

  16. Chromecannon

    Too dope. #ill #dope #nice #fresh

  17. S I C K T R I K Z

    British Tyler the Creator

  18. Jano Musse

    Smh I thought this was gonna be about pancakes and how to make them 😤😤😤

  19. Marcelo Reyes

    God jsjs🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🌎

  20. enzoooj

    fire :)

  21. Marlon Santos

    When Rejjie Snow was good..

  22. TheNorthman1957


  23. DaPatinador

    Who else misses north face rejjie?

    Dylan Franks

    DaPatinador me

    G A Z E

    he's still north face rejjie, his creative output just different 😷

  24. Storm Reede

    This Just has this sertain vibe to it thats Just...

  25. buckwang

    this rejjie would be pissed off with what dear annie became

    Dylan Franks

    buckwang u think? I don't know, like he said it's the real version of rejjie snow. It's what he wanted rejjie to become . Imo I still prefer old rejjie with the doom inspiration


    yeah man he evolved into what he became but I cant help but think that he sold out after he started going big and lost his creative momentum, anyways just wish he stuck to the stuff that I first heard, including this.

    Dylan Franks

    buckwang ye I agree u can still see signs of it in his new album but most of it's that love shit

    Dylan Franks

    buckwang in an interview he said this is the last of rejjie, like his gonna change his name idk maybe his music will return to what it wAs, probably just my own pipe dream

  26. joe mama

    sick just listen to this whilst gamin lol its a good tune to just chill with

  27. Feint Editing

    been here since 2013

  28. swank

    REMEMBER WHEN BRO WAS COMING UP. PROUD OF HIM. been bumping since a youngin

  29. RespectYouNeed

    This video makes me relive watching Wu on MTV in the 90's. Golden!

  30. Filip Zikmund

    ooo shit when did this hit a million

  31. イジェイク

    You can definitely hear his Irish accent in this

  32. A Ghetto Commentary

    But whos watching in 2018 tho???

  33. kefka

    Wish Rejjie still rapped like this. Not to say I don't like his singing voice or anything, but the stuff he's currently doing is being done already by so many people. This shit was legendary

    Dylan Franks

    AQUA - チャンネル agree, it's what he wants to be tho so idk

    GalacticBlue Herrera

    you know mah man

    Danny Buchanan

    Yeah but this stuff has been done for 25 years. Idk I've always thought he's had issues with being kinda derivative. Hopefully he'll find a better balance between the two sounds I remember when Dear Annie dropped even he didn't sound entirely pleased with it

    Eric McDaid

    I know I’ve been thinking this

  34. toffegozer

    Please my man, post this on spotify!

  35. Ari Josue López Caamal

    Name the song in the final ??

  36. Jellions

    my niggggaaaaaa

  37. Jonk

    Hi chubbs

  38. Hernan Tapia

    amo escuchar esta cancion de madrugada , me transmite todo el sentimiento



  40. Zholopshis

    0:21 did he lowkey give spooky black a shoutout??

  41. simone merlin

    Merci a vous pour cette Musique Agréable a l'Oreilles Il faut continuer Merci a vous

  42. SycheRyder

    goddamn the vibes I get from this song

  43. dylan foley

    only tthe irish fans will get the ballimory reference haha

  44. Maks Gorczynski

    Man, you're my favourite rapper!! Nobody makes music similar to yours!!

  45. Its_Luca

    Song at 2:12?

  46. Gangster_R-L

    chill lvl 9000

  47. LarsY VegaS

    Mndsgn & Ivan Ave style

  48. Ismael jimenez

    The God of best
    Nothing the new rap or hip hop is best than my goblinn Rejjie ♥

  49. luckas

    jaja alpina es solo una leche capullos

  50. poopsfeast420

    The production and lo-finess reminds me of Madlib/Quasimoto.

  51. none none

    fuck wit a nigga music on my channel

  52. none none

    check my music out on my channel ya dig

  53. bobby gendron

    yesterday this legit had 800k now 900k wtf

    Radical Azrael

    First time i saw it it had like 10k-15k ._.

  54. bobby gendron

    that little clip at the end is so sick

  55. Zeno Planets

    lesbians trib to this

  56. shinjifeels

    Samuraihacks u r the best<3


    la qualité me rappelle mon enfance.

  58. RiddleBoxRanger

    What the fuck i want to buy this on iTunes but it's only available in the UK

  59. guest1754

    When the album drop??

  60. Hobbie Yuponce

    love his nostalgic feel 😍😌

  61. Raúl Muñoz

    What's the name of this song's outro?

  62. Mataglio

    I thought this was earl Sweatshirt the whole time when I heard this song on a mix hence the reason I couldn't find the song

  63. Young Wiz

    i fucking love you rejjie

  64. mathis

    this is 🔥🔥

  65. Perfect Haastalgia

    i could see tyler the creator featuring in this song

  66. mac de_marco

    damn sounds so old school!

  67. Scott Daly

    tolka park

  68. Aoife Keeley

    "wha' de fuk" that Dub accent haha

  69. Danny Dan

    Stobi Flips ftw! <3

  70. Joseph Cyars

    You can tell my man's was HEAVILY influenced by Tyler heavily. I fw it though.. he straight.

  71. blaise kerle

    Anyone know the track at the end ??


    blaise kerle the answer is some where in the comments.


    Ain't no time fa nothin by the futures

  72. Pumvdk

    Reminds me of massive attack

  73. Y2K

    what's the song at the end?

  74. Victorious Russo

    I'm so obsessed, I just found out about him 10 mins ago.....keep clicking through his songs and they're all soooo good

  75. Anthony Beltran

    keep doin ya thing REJJIE

  76. Matheus da Silva

    Mano, esse irmãozinho é foda!! Eu conheci agora, cê é louco!!!

    Filipe Rodrigues

    Foda pra caraca neh man

    Matheus da Silva

    @Filipe Rodrigues Foda demais!! Eu nem conhecia esse irmãozinho, curti demais!! Muito foda, mano!!

    Filipe Rodrigues

    olha a beat na musica (sun patzer) dele

    Filipe Rodrigues

    passa seu face ai bro, tenho umas indicações de rap monstras

    Gabriel Valentin

    slk tô ouvindo o som desse mano agr , é suave os flow dele ... o beat ... curti curti 👌

  77. drfunk1986

    so everyone is saying this is dope, but does anyone have a clue what this song is about?

  78. Pepe The Weed Smoking Frog

    I FUCKING WISHHH i lived in UK so i could go see him in concert.

  79. fredydinero

    i was the 700.003 view :D

  80. brayden potts

    shits sick

  81. Sur Imi

    he should make a whole album with MF DOOM. MF DOOM is the big villain and Rejjie can be his wingman in destroying the world


    Sur Imi I think so too!


    tbh wouldve preferred that over bishop nehru

  82. Smokey B

    but this song on Spotify

  83. Seamm7

    man this is fresh

  84. Alfreda Deda


  85. shamir rizvi

    This is ridiculously good.

    Never stop making music you genius man.

  86. Alberto Saldana


  87. DeVideos

    You're a god

  88. kaitlyn zuniga

    that song at the end is bangin

  89. Yiggd Mik

    몇 곡 들어봤더니 확실히 얼 스웻샤쓰의 어떠함이 좀 느껴지긴하네

  90. Porter13

    this shit fire

  91. Paula A

    Goddd shitt

  92. Pyoko Kikuchi


  93. 송문근


  94. emilyfitchett

    this is so fucking smooth

  95. L312U

    wena vola