Rejjie Snow - 294 Lyrics

I wanna clear something with you
I heard you used the expression:
"An electric church" - As an ambition you had
Was that speaking metaphorically or poetically?
Or do you really wanna?

Honestly, I don't know man
It's just a belief that I have

Snow make a baby crap his pants
Flick crawl brawl and I'm scuffing your Ray Bans
Yo cutey, I'm tryn'na grab the booty
Grabby Mickey Mouse, you rap clowns stay fruity
Juelz turn green when he's flirting with his mickey
I mean the microphone's itchier than sticky
Scratch him with a razor, too pennys Mr.Captain
Fake Gucci loafers on his tippies when he's dancing
And Ye's handsome, but smelly'er than Brad Pitts
Catch him on the moon while he's pissing out some horse shit
Uhm, but a leader off the reefer
Cooking up a rapper while he's smacking them at Fifa
Turn duck sneeze leave 'em leaking at the open mic
Showing up pissy speaking Greek to the fist fight
Came a long way, no longer flirting with the moon
Showing no love, like the beats got DOOM
Picking out the earsnot, pussy rapper blood clot


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Rejjie Snow 294 Comments
  1. Pirty Denis

    Please go back to making music like this man. shits hard

  2. joeseph lamorte

    Machine gunnnnnnn
    Machine gun by Hendrix is the sample

  3. Celebritie pranker

    Back to hiphop? Black eye peas? Jack yo shit?

  4. kittyvanderlee

    Name of the whole song ?

  5. Damon Fitzy

    Always come back for this legendary instrumental.


    I MISS OLD REJJIE SNOW :C WITH his friends Dj jd sports,mc pinty,ragoo foooot, jadasea , jamie isaac y maxwell

  7. mcflurryrap

    tony hawk 3



  8. odgloom

    much prefer this shit over your new stuff, but hey, ur new shit is still fire, been a fan since day 1

    Damon Fitzy

    gloom fish & chips rep bruv

  9. cry0x

    too short

  10. Damon Fitzy

    Damn rejovich, W

  11. gucci hernandez

    i need this instrumental

  12. Harvey Milk

    The instrumental is heaps similar to Jimi Hendrix - Machine gun

    Harry Burrows

    @Zac Duczynski Isn't that hendrix at the start?

    Harvey Milk

    yeah it is

  13. adrienne chaukura

    Definitely inspired by MF the super villain

  14. Fin Begg

    sounds like jimi

  15. Colby X

    Slowly becoming one of my favorite rappers


    +Colby X one of mine ever since I first heard loveleen

    m a x

    @cry0x same here bro but since i first heard Olga haha

  16. Jade Paul

    Is that tom the baby couch at 0.09?


    Yeah it is 

    『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф

    holy shit bc b lurkin

  17. SET

    amazing stuff

  18. Amir Majeed

    This beat is fantastic

  19. Felipe Kazuman

    This instrumental is very similar to "Fender Rhodes Suicide" by Circle of Tyrants.

    Felipe Kazuman

    @ignas.z. Del tha funkee - If you must
    actually saw a comment who's got the sample

  20. Haroldean Peace

    That beat is all vibe fr tho

  21. connor hickey

    doooope so fuvking dope

  22. Danny Cavasin

    so dope.


    lecs luther is not his other persona he had to change his name cause of copyrights you retards

  24. Alex Naz

    Beat is filthy

  25. death

    the hendrix sample gives me da chills

  26. dead

    avzt you fucking baws.


    top commnt

  28. Thad Rios

    Zach fudge! If you like his work check out his other video, Tom the Baby Couch- Oy,


  29. Rusty Ron

    Lecs Luthaaaa, it's snowing!

  30. John Creamer

    Del tha funkee - If you must

  31. Sean Sartin

    Holy fuckin shit

  32. Jordy Fresherr

    end your life

  33. Thomas

    isnt the VHS camcorder look awesome haha i love it

  34. gully gone

    This edit reminds me of a palace or supreme style

  35. cornflakes crew

    this is dope man you should make more i subbed

  36. gully gone

    This is so fucking sick

  37. David Guerrero

    If you ever compare Rejjie or YL with anyone in OF again I will slit your fucking throat.

  38. ray kill

    stopped keeping up with you for a minute, rejovich was very nice.

  39. Anayonana

    Yung lean and this guy remind me of OF ❤

  40. Samir Brown

    Are you going to review Rejovich?

  41. Donnie Basque


  42. Evan Plake

    no one belongs in OFWGKTA

  43. Ousmane Diallo

    Shut up.

  44. The Art Gallery

    damnit.....don't make this mainstream like what you did with milo.

  45. Johann-Lovis Alexander Mattausch

    Flying Lotus = Captain Murphy ;)

  46. The Art Gallery

    He needs to put up his instrumentals.

  47. SkatersOG

    you should collab with 3rdiiiUth

  48. Simon Dempsey

    your joking right?

  49. ThatNinjaBLAQ

    ok dawg i see u...kinda lost faith when i found out dude wasnt captin murphy but this dope bruh

  50. ugotgused

    nah there'll be a full feature soon, he tweeted it earlier


    ugotgused lol

  51. ugotgused

    you are gona review rejovich right?


    5 tracks.

  53. Jerome khan

    this is beautiful work of art you should do a track with Yung Lean

  54. Simon

    keep it up

  55. SAUCE!

    Yo im a 17 year old rapper who has been compared to Rejjie. You might like my music. Im just looking for fans before i try to get really big. I would appreciate if you gave my music a listen and left some feedback. I know im not as good as Rejjie Snow but i think i deserve a chance. Thanks for your support

  56. gallagher0919

    honestly he probably found him years before you, not that matters.

  57. Alimghty Rex

    i love dicks

  58. Хуан Пабло Наварро


  59. hermit

    "lecs luther" is his other persona if you want to have a look, and there's meddling loops. have a look around on the youtube search if you haven't already, dude.

  60. aaron71369

    This is amazing.

  61. Danny Cavasin

    got damn

  62. August Truini

    It's a good music video and rapings great but the background was ok

  63. Kyle Foks

    Keep this shit lowkey

  64. lordnino

    lol, so the internet's biggest music nerd finally found rejjie snow aka lecs luther.

  65. Torin Arsenault

    im trynna keep this low key

  66. CWhelanTV

    henley life

  67. Fran Yaj


  68. Simon Breuckmann

    hell yeah

  69. arrowheadfoodman

    sounds a bit like a sample of deltron 3030

  70. Edward Boyle

    Needs to get his shit on Spotify

  71. Zakir

    The irish accent comes through on this track, sounds sick

  72. mossy vynl

    Hell yes

  73. masenz

    rejjie killing it again

  74. Enis Salihu

    this is great

  75. Dafe Orugbo

    and now we wait

  76. s.lowe

    top edit

  77. Scrub lord


  78. NovusGem

    Dang earl killed it.

  79. Jesse Belor


  80. aaron

    omg superlative <3

  81. Wet Sloth

    "Snow make a baby crap his pants"

  82. dangeroftime

    sweet sample

  83. theThugLife112

    Reminds me of captain murphys duality video so much. It reminds me of like a brainwashing video but I'm stoked for rejovich!

  84. DOUBLERR516


  85. Jay green

    this is the shit

  86. NicholasX9

    Fancy finding you here.

  87. It's Djeff C

    always nice to see you around on videos dude

  88. Valentino Garavette

    should be longer..


    Roll on REJOVICH!!!

  90. WhiteAfricanPoet

    I want to have that instrumental so bad!

  91. Ousmane Diallo

    Where can I find more from Sun Patzer? His tumblr has no info.

  92. Ousmane Diallo

    It's ok, I'm not really impressed. I can't wait for Rejovich tough.