Regine Velasquez - For The Love Of You Lyrics

Driftin' on a mem'ry
Ain't no place I'd rather be
Than with you, ooh yeah
Lovin' you

Day will make a way for night
All we need is candelight
And a song, ooh yeah
Soft and slow
Well .... oohhh

Glad to be
Here along with the lover like no other
Sad to see
Anew horizon slowly comin' into view

I wanna be livin' for the love of you
All that I'm givin' is for the love of you
Is for the love of you

Lovely as a ray of sun
That touches me when the morning comes
Feels good to me ...
My love, make

Smoother than, than a gentle breez
Flowing through my mind with ease
Soft as can be
When you're in love with me

Love to be
Riding the waves of your love
Enchanted with your touch
Seems to me we can sail together
In and out of misery

I wanna be livin' for the love of you
All that I'm givin', givin'
For the love of you
Is for the love of you

You're my lollipop
You're my lemondrop
You're my sweet pea
You're my queen bee
When i look into your eyes
Like a ray of sunshine
You're the kind of girl
I wanna sport
When I'm on a roller ride
I'ts love I'm livin'
All for you
The first girl in my life
That I'll always be true
Some get jealous
Of what we got
But there's no way to stop
All the feelings we got
Just the little things
That made me gig with you
The way you look in my eyes
The way you find the time
The way you touch my hand
When I'm not in demand
The way you make me feel fine
When I'm cryin' at night
Paradise within my mind
So i huff and I puff
But you know I ain't trippin'
I told you before that I'll only be livin'
For the love of you, my boo

I wanna be livin'
For the love
For the love of you girl
All that I'm givin'
Is for the love of you
That's why everything I do
I do for you

Might as well
Sign my name on a card
That could say it better
Time will tell
Cause it seems that
I've done just about
All that I can do

I wanna be livin' for the love of you
All that I'm givin' is for the love of you
Is for the love of you
You ... you ... you ...
Givin' ...
Oooh ooh ooh ooh
Driftin' on a mem'ry
I wanna livin for your love


Hey Regine!

What's up?
What's up?

Guess what?

We're livin' for the love of you

Is for the love of you

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Regine Velasquez For The Love Of You Comments
  1. Ireneo Ramirez

    OMG this is 20 years ago and I was listed as post production producer

  2. Ulra Deja

    Remembering Los Angeles CA

  3. Mailah Zailon

    My god ang DYOSA

  4. Migs Magleo

    Andaming Mariah influence into pero yung pinakahalata na influence niya ay yung dun sa music vid na "Breakdown" ni Mariah

  5. Jessa Fatagani

    I love her lips!

  6. carry B

    R2K recieved a lot of flak but her real artistry came out on her REIGNE era. Her best of the best album ever

  7. Del Lunzaga

    So much resembles of mariah carey remixes from my all, sweetheart, heartbreaker and honey

  8. Ken wong

    Rapper ni Mariah si Jay Z

    Rappers ni Regine si Gabby and KC

    (pareho “ee” ang sound)

  9. Mayette Nepomuceno

    amen... !!!!! 🇮🇩🇲🇾🇵🇭

  10. LaDy ButtErfLyMe

    Grabe pala ang transition ng career ni ate Reg!! Now i know why she is still in the limelight kasi versatile/flexible siya. She goes with the trend..

  11. Collabs with Paolo

    eto yung time na kasikatan ni MC talaga pati yung style maririnig talaga yung MC style eh but ganon naman talaga pag nag e-explore ka palang ng sound mo eh

  12. A Veloso

    Regine was definitely sexy in this number

  13. Anastasiah Romanova

    She really idolizes Mariah. This music videos is giving so much "Heartbreak" vibe. Even her affectations here are very Mariah. And the butterflies, Mariah's symbol.

    Ireneo Ramirez

    Because this was done after "Heartbreaker" aired so there was a lot of comparison

  14. OneEnchanting Songbird

    ok naman sila magrap eh. let us appreciate nalang. kasi kahit tayo hindi natun kayang gawin

  15. OneEnchanting Songbird

    huhu ang tapang niya. hindi sya takot sa ahas

  16. Pessimistic Guy

    Di naman ginaya, uso kasi yan nuon, di naman cguro masama makiuso db lalo na its for a show.

  17. baby gee

    The Original artist? the Isley Brothers...

  18. baby gee

    Sooo influenced by Mariah's "Honey" video. -_-

    Michael Velasquez

    As a lamb I don't see any resemblance of it from the Honey video though the crochet bra is originally from the Heartbreaker video but whatevs Regine is a Mariah Fan.

    A Veloso

    baby gee not really watch the honey video and see the difference between this and the honey video

  19. TheMarqwithaq

    This is a great song, but that mid-song rap is an absolute embarrassment. I can almost hear KC and Gabby fumbling through their notebooks trying to read their whack-ass lyrics.

  20. jobert sucaldito

    I really love the Melanie Marquez hair! Hahah

  21. IamChase

    wala naman siguro masama kung i idolize nya si mariah when it comes sa pananamit.. aminin natin na Mariah Is Mariah and Regine is Regine. di ba pwedeng magkaron si Regine ng inspiration na singer and with this video pinakita nya na talagang idol nya si Mariah. Wag natin problemahin kung sino ang mas nauna. kasi the have both distinctive STYLES lalo na sa singing. Besides, this song is a revival from Whitney Houston's Album, "I'm your Baby Tonight" in which Whitney's version is Jazzy while in this version is completely different because of its funkiness and may pagka RnB ang approach pero i love both versions But you must agree with me na nakakauya yung part ng rap sa version na ito. 

  22. Richard Ernacio

    remake from Whitney Houston plus copied Mariah Carey image. So sad.


    Actually the original artist was The Isley Brothers they recorded it in 1985, Whitney covered it in 1987, and then Regine covered in 1999.


    haha pare parehas lang ang style sa 90’s bobo ka

  23. Green Yu

    29 - 1999

  24. BabyboyBrowneyes1221

    She sounds like Faith Evans in this song

  25. Green Yu

    R2K is also 1999 , yung single na on the wings of love ang nirelease ng 1999

  26. msmartin0121

    but i love the sone original isley brother..

  27. AJ John

    Wow mariahng Mariah na talaga. Mariahng Mariah. Idol talaga ng mga pinoy si Mariah Carey. Mariahng mariah.


    AJ John huh? bobo ganyan naman talaga ang uso ng 90’s so ginaya ng destiny’s child, tlc, aaliyah si mariah kasi ganito din ang style nila? assuming ka

  28. endaime26

    un din una kong naisip. so mariah.

  29. dncehalldrug

    She was hot back then she's still hot now.

  30. Ms.California

    how old was she here?

  31. Raven Ho

    @Ehadurkah idol gayahin, kc kaedad nya lng,, pareho cla ng style which is belting.. but her greatest idol is barbra streisand-- ang pangit aman kung ggyahin nya c barbra sa fashion dba?? hehehe

    buti lumabas din c mariah.. mariah is her modern idol

  32. JP Sardua

    @JPSardua actually, the Issey Brothers did it first before Whitney, so it's an old song. Loved how she made it contemporary though (except the rap part - she should have used true blue rappers)

  33. JP Sardua

    @maxinetic if I'm not mistaken, I believe this is also a cover song of a Whintey Houston original - just arranged differently. I think Regine really shines if it's an original song

  34. Maxine Light

    breakdown yung hairstyle and make up, yung damit sa heartbreaker. It's very mariah BUT this song is actually good, mas gusto ko sana she continued with these type of songs instead of singing revivals.

    Jei Silverio

    Actually this is a revival song.
    Marami ng foreign artist ang kumanta din nito. Isley Brothers in 1975 and of course Whitney Houston in 1987.

  35. Avon Lady

    Super Idol nya Talaga si Mariah anu!? Super gaya nya yung Concept ng Heartbreaker...this is the time din na nakita sya ni MC aat!! dun narin nag start yung Isssue na "so the brown Monkey can really sing!?" thing!

  36. Mark Carandang

    Very nice song :)

  37. bigman9099

    Love the song and Regine is very sexy..must agree the rapping is a tad weak...

  38. Josephine Aldaba

    This is a great cover...medyo nasira lang sa rapping....

  39. mimispice2007

    kaya nga sabi "medyo" lang, it means yung ibang style ng heartbreaker ginaya din talaga..ok lang idol din naman nya talaga si mariah eh..i like regine too!

  40. Melai Beaue

    wow! ganda tlga nito..... i like her laughing.

  41. Cenapack John

    your correct!

  42. Cenapack John

    may tama ka!

  43. Mayora TeamJona

    ok na sana kaso medyo ginaya nya ang HEARTBREAKER video, pati style ni MARIAH..but sana magkaruon sya ng originality ok po!..un lang!!.but i like REGINE in a little way..