Reggie And The Full Effect - Props To Tha Queen Of Pop A.K. A Keep On Climbin' That Velvet Rope Baby Lyrics

No my first name ain't baby
It's Janet, miss Jackson if you're nasty

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Reggie And The Full Effect Props To Tha Queen Of Pop A.K. A Keep On Climbin' That Velvet Rope Baby Comments
  1. AKPoetry67

    Super cute Jess! I love this purple color, it is the bomb. :)

  2. Yellowdiamond00

    Whats the lippie you rocking please and thank you

  3. Shanell Pearl

    My goal for this weekend is to try to watch as many of your videos as I can. I know that wont bring back your following but at least it will boost your numbers on YouTube. Even just a tiny bit.

  4. Shuawn L

    This wig is pretty color and everything!!! She looks great on u!!!

  5. nikkinik26

    This color is everything!!

  6. Charmaine Espeut

    I love when the wigs don't have combs. The combs snag my hair out so I don't use them

  7. ŁąŁą'ś Wõŕłđ

    Super cute😍😍😍😍

  8. TCUP Hosted by Makayla Sol-Speed

    Pretty pretty pretty

  9. Ms. C. B. Walker

    Love the color Jess. My daughter is a purple girl and would love this unit. Tfs

  10. Tamarra Christmas-Stradford

    The color is great and the body of the bob is 🙌🏽!

  11. LoveIT OR LeaveIT

    I agree you look Goodt!!! Lol😍💙

  12. lea perry-trunnell

    I’m loving the lipstick your wearing 💄💄

  13. QueenbeeJudith

    Looks good on you. The color suits you well.

  14. Unapologetically _dope78 Blk

    Beautiful as usual

  15. Tee T.

    What’s the name of the song?

  16. Donielle Tyler

    I love that color on you! You make every wig look bomb.

  17. AC 333

    Wow, that unit is styled nice! That color looks good on you Jess! 💜

  18. She Slays Wigs - SamoreLoveTV

    Yea this is super pretty color. I think I see Rain Maker 😉

  19. Cynthia Cummings

    Girl, that color is 💣!!!!!!!!! 😍

  20. TrueSugar

    I need the unit that you started off with, can you share the details?

    Donielle Tyler

    It's a half wig called Rain Maker. I believe it's by Sensationnel. It's beautiful and so natural looking! I just got it in the mail.


    Donielle Tyler thank you 🙏

  21. Kelly Molette

    Wow that unit you're wearing at the beginning of the video is so so beautiful on you. The new unit is pretty on also. I love the color on you