Refused - Malfire Lyrics

The wolves are at the door
Forever and ever more
A nightmare that we've lived before
The wolves are at the door

The day they came they took it all
A people robbed, their future gone
A toxic state; we watched it roll
That downward slope like ancient Rome

The towers falling
Down down down
A path of no escape

The wolves are at the door
And they've made us look before

They came in boats, they came on land
Alone and scared with empty hands
The founding thought: come if you can
Your tired, poor, your huddled mass
In grand old eyes a life reviled
Becomes a threat, a parasite

The wolves are at the door
Forever and ever more
It's a different type of war
When the wolves are at the door

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Refused Malfire Comments
  1. Luqmaan Waqar

    so this is an anti-refugee song?


    It shows that w Refugees comes a certain threat as well. So they portrait Reality.

  2. endfm

    I've returned.

  3. Mark

    So good live too

  4. Desi Thug

    why are you guys so good ??

  5. Mike Carlson

    The album I've been waiting for Refused to release since The Shape of Punk to Come. Back in true form, what a great album.

  6. Dalibor Dvanajscak

    Its hard after SOPTC to have another great album

  7. MrMotherfuck123

    It sounds better live.

  8. Пл Пл

    damn, dats fucking awesome!!

  9. david chaves

    Surprised because I didn't think this album would actually be better then Jinjer's new Macro which was the opposite that it hardly didn't impress me from first listen

  10. david chaves

    Wow this is so good....they haven't disappointed......very versatile but yet still REFUSED......

  11. Donkey Gazella

    Rufused is "sådär" for humans, but my swedish animalpunk is kicking donkey ass with a vocalist with astma. check GORDON GAZELLA

  12. Paul Connolly

    My early favourite from the new album. \M/

  13. Renaldo Matadeen

    sounds like AFI

    Adrien McCarthy

    Renaldo Matadeen AFI wishes.

  14. Hronis Arva


  15. C B

    how long you gonna show this dude's damn feet lol

    Renaldo Matadeen

    hobbit porn

  16. Darjan Jamnik

    this is my 8th time listening to the album.... must quit............ but.... just one.... more

    Myotic Tesseract

    One more revolution?

  17. Darjan Jamnik

    tool: ima write a deep song
    refused: hold my beer

  18. Darjan Jamnik

    it give me chills........

  19. Leisure Muffin

    did the drummer get a lobotomy after The Shape of Punk to Come

    Darjan Jamnik

    @Trina Breon blasphemy

    Legs Magee

    @Trina Breon


    Trina Breon

    @Legs Magee W/e. You know I'm right. This album is poop compared to any of their others.

    Legs Magee

    @Trina Breon

    You're stuck in the past. This shit is fucking fantastic. Not my problem you've got earwax impacted.


    @Trina Breon Bloodred is a banger though.

  20. Ra Fu

    This one is a banger

    Darjan Jamnik

    and ive didt just one more....

  21. musicaquente

    Sounds like a New Noise pt 2 (and that's a compliment).

    Luiz Marcos

    mas olha quem está aqui

    Darjan Jamnik

    @Luiz Marcos je fakat je dobra stvar


    @Darjan Jamnik stvar nije losa, ali ne znam otkud ovom gore asocijacije bas na New Noise