Reed, Jerry - City Of New Orleans Lyrics

Well I'm ridin' on the City of New Orleans
Illinois Central Monday morning rail
Fifteen cars fifteen restless riders
Three conductors and twenty-five sacks of mail
All along the southbound odyssey the train rolls out of Kankakee
Rolls along past houses farms and fields
Passin' cars that have no names switchyards full of old black men
And graveyards full of rusty old automobiles

Well good morning America how are you
Say don't you know me I'm your native son
I'm the train they call the City of New Orleans
I'll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done

Well good morning America how are you...

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Reed, Jerry City Of New Orleans Comments
  1. Paul Dashwood

    What happened to great country music .it certainly didn’t go in the right this and all the old timers...

  2. Michael Brook

    Makes this classic his own.

  3. Timothy Viard

    Awesome better quality

  4. Barry Barefoot

    I believe Jerry is playing a Baldwin like Willie had before it was destroyed. The luthier took the Prismatone pickup systemout and put in a 1969 Martin N20 classical guitar and sold it to Willie. This is the one and only "Trigger" that we all know and love.

  5. John Bootle

    To Jerry's family....thank you for one of my life's great inspirations. From a time when truth was truth, and God was with us.

  6. Dylan Lambert

    Jerry could make a guitar talk

  7. YerPope

    Very nice interpretation of a truly great song.

  8. Tom King

    Ok, so we bought a phase shifter and it kind of clouded our judgement for awhile ... it happens ...

  9. Jimmaculate

    Anybody got a lead as to how he plays, theory, amount of practice, anything?

  10. Phillip Holt

    Reed considered himself as a show off and he should because he is one of the most influential guitar player.

  11. Kyle Backman

    Steve Goodman wrote some great music that a lot of amazing musicians did some serious justice. It's cool to see all the musicians you love cover each other's songs

  12. Magic Man

    Famous for novelty songs, but proves here that he was a helluva singer & picker period.

  13. DonoVan Murphy

    A lesson in how to burn cool. A zen magic only known to true masters and a calm that comes after weathering great storms. The subtle weariness and strong confidence of a lifetime lived by a thoughtful, good hearted man. Pure soul. Thank you, Jerry.

  14. Elijah Bush

    gone but never forgotten

  15. jfq722

    Yep. To be that good and yet not known for playing is something. Unless I misunderstood I thought he was not seen as a Glen Campbell on guitar.

  16. jcdykesjr

    I worship willie nelson, and love arlo guthrie, but holy fuck this is great.


    Great stuff! Beats the hell out of "Hot mess in the cab of a pick up"!

  18. Bill Sharkey

    Love his version. Great picking'.

  19. realist7250

    I don't know how many times I've watched this - a lot. I think tuning is open G - DGDGBD, (capo at 2nd fret, so open A).

  20. Dinodas Bunce

    I love Jerry's version of this song, I just wish that he had sung more the just the first verse and chorus.

  21. Michael Stoneburg

    I love the way he throws in all those great licks between the verses. He's a one man band !

  22. Sapphire Blue

    Honey hush

  23. Cold Winter

    With Burt Reynold's passing, a lot of us are revisiting Jerry and his music as well. What a talent! He was one of Burt's very best friends. RIP good buddies...

  24. Jimmy C

    Ole Jerry was something else

  25. rickhelm

    Incredible interpretation of the tune. What a freak of nature Jerry was.

  26. condenser mike

    The man. Jerry Reed.

  27. Christine Korn

    I Pman you said it perfectly. RIP for sure. We miss you Jerry!

  28. Moe Howard

    Jerry was awesome.

  29. Biggmike

    Try and get your hands on a Galdwin 801 these days!

  30. Frank DeBiase

    greatly under rated guitarist. great and funny actor too. god bless jerry

  31. curtzblues

    That was so dang good I'll forgive his Smokey and the Bandit bits, JK!

    Cold Winter

    The movies he did with Burt gave him a ton of exposure to others who would not have seen/heard of him. I think East Bound and Down was one of his best selling songs ever! (His buddy Burt made him a ton of money!) 😉

  32. 42lookc

    I just love this man. The skill and talent and charisma of Jerry Reed defined an era.

  33. TwinStick Garage

    Man makes it look easy ... what a talent ... rest in peace Snowman #whosgonnafilltheirshoes

  34. Robert Sullivan

    A complete and total natural gutiaist/musician. He made it look effortless.

  35. 1-Shot slinger

    John Denver tried to steal this song from Steve Goodman by taking writing credit on his album. Steve Goodman wrote the song. John Denver had to change wording on his record.

  36. s mcilrath

    if that's the way jerry reed wants to play it, then that's a real good way to play it. consider yourself lucky to hear it.

  37. hisayo ishige

    Wow!!! Sugoi!!!

  38. Eleanor McWilliams

    The Great Jerry Reed is my favorite guitar player and singer. I listen to him almost every day.

    Peter Wallis

    Same goes for me 🤠

  39. Kevin Smith

    A massively talented guy.

  40. Matthew Garrison

    So natural and at ease.

  41. Notta Victim

    Native Son is right! Jerry Reed was the Real Deal

  42. soulsurvivor2001

    Love this fool...but ike Willie's version more.

  43. cjpreach

    Love this rendition of a great, great folk song! Jerry knew what to do with the material given him, didn't he?

  44. TractorMonkey with JL

    Am I the only one that caught his mistake? He sang Graveyards full of old black men, instead of Freight yards full of old black men. He sings it correctly on the record.

  45. jesse berryhill

    Best version, like I done said for the last 11 months.

  46. jesse berryhill

    I love Willy's version but Jerry's is the best!


    jesse berryhill I love Goodman’s but the complex arrangement by reed is just something to enjoy

  47. Beau P

    SON!!!! Grew up listening to Jerry with my grandfather. Thx "Pop" for introducing me to a Master of music. RIP

  48. teebz R

    When America was good.

    Jimmy C

    teebz R Trump MAGA

  49. Frank Anderson

    this is crap


    You are a pop van aren’t you!
    Jerry is the best and this is withouten autotune!
    Yes, there is music without autotune!

    Frank DeBiase

    and whats good? snoop dog?

  50. musicman201047

    Anyone know where to find this on cd? None of his cd releases have this on them,which is an injustice and travesty.

  51. 66toogy


  52. Matthew Willner

    16 tons

  53. Matthew Willner

    Sixteen posters define pathos.

    AKA "I'm o

  54. Graham Robertson

    I never knew this guy was such an awesome musician . Only ever saw him in the bandit films .

    Cold Winter

    He wrote and performed most of the music in the the Bandit films as well as other films he was in with Burt.


    A very orginal version of this song. Bravo Jerry!

  56. Rolly Polly

    Jerry channeling Chet Atkins...

  57. Drew Howard

    ...and there you have one of the all-time very best musicians and entertainers.
    Moments like this are gold.

  58. jesse berryhill

    The beat version of this song, hands down.

  59. Lynwood Peterson

    Good version

  60. Russell Makar

    Could this man pick or what ? !!! Gotta luv it !

  61. rcbeamer

    I LOVE the phasing effect!!!

  62. B Miller

    Steve Goodman (who wrote the song while he was dying from leukemia) died 4 days before the Cubs clinched the division in '84. He was slated to sing the National Anthem at game #1 so Jimmy Buffet sang it and dedicated it for him.

    He also wrote A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request:

    and then wanting to leave the Cubs something more upbeat, wrote Go Cubs Go before he died, which Cubs Fans now sing after every win at Wrigley Field.

    Today, Cubs are 2-0 in NLDS over Giants...40,000+ fans sang Steve's Go Cubs Go song after today's game.

    Come on back Steve, we've got a seat for you right behind the Cubs Dugout this year...

    John Hudson

    B Miller i

  63. IPman77

    i love Jerry. no matter how bad your day has been, stick on Jerry and everything's gravy, RIP


    he has such a nice friendly face and smile

    tunefultony johnson

    Georgia Jerry's version is probably a bit better than Arlo Guthrie's version -- which was more 'commercial' and a bit more predictable, but altogether it's still a great lyric....

  64. Saaki

    Who the masters listened to and loved..... Jerry Reed.

  65. Michael Robins

    Just an animal on that axe.

  66. Dan Rohde

    Great Travis picking version. Cool intro. Like the singing, too. Smooth, not too loud.

  67. MrCoffee Crisp

    Where music is art

  68. Mick Kollins

    Travis style pickin' case yer nails this version

  69. Greg Jones

    Now I'm gonna pick!! YES PLEASE !!!!

    jesse berryhill

    Greg Jones Yesr

  70. roland brejon

    Version française : "Salut les amoureux" par Joe Dassin.

  71. Max Power

    is it me, or does the guy at 1:48 look a bit like Chigurh from 'No country for old men'


    haha yes its him, he was going to hit Jerry but he was to fast

    Rolly Polly

    Ahhh! LOL

    Jack Starnes

    Looks just like him

  72. Philip Geraci

    super talent.

  73. Herman Lelieveld

    Wat een geweldige gitarist was die man toch!

    Sander Broekmate

    En componist en zanger en showman

  74. 77FIREBIRD

    Pure Charisma.....I love this cat. This version of this song is on high rotation at my joint atm.

  75. rowdy murphy

    I can't believe that a man who loved life so much and did so much to enjoy life could possibly be this talented...One of a kind!

  76. Despina Luigini

    Una versione magnifica....

    Glen McBride

    ooh yes !! I LOVE THIS GUY!!! Can't he play that guitar!!!!

  77. Thomas Vermilye

    One of the greatest pickers. There must be a real good band in Heaven. Considering all of the names that have gone there.

    Mark R

    Only God could have created such talent.

    Possum Jesus

    Mark Roberts God didn't make them talented, decades of intense practice did.


    God gave them the talent. If He hadn't, no amount of practice on their part would have amounted to anything.

    Robert Lee

    Possum Jesus You’re both right and wrong. God made him talented. In an instant. Jerry made himself skilled. Over the course of decades.

  78. LarryLegend73

    The Snowman was truly a LEGEND!

  79. Tim Hardy

    Love it thanks for posting.

  80. wiguttaa

    Just cant keep my feets still.........that sound !

  81. None

    Is that a Wurlitzer model guitar or something?

  82. theritedart

    jerry is classic, and the best of the best. Style is not like chet, but just as good. When jerry covers a song, he owns it !!!!!!

  83. Luis Bueno

    Reed, greatest among the great!

  84. Neil H

    Best version by far.

  85. Andreas Nyman

    who else but me got to know about jerry reed by watching scooby doo

  86. slash841

    Thats really good good music . ( Everything of Jerry Reed ) ....


    I personally think this is the best version of this song!!!!!!

  88. Tablesaw

    SON !!!!!

  89. Dave Brough

    Awsome Jerry! What a legend.

  90. writer125

    The late, great Snowman, Jerry Reed, he was the best. Great actor and musician.

  91. Karl Owens

    Big thanks to Jerry for his music, and the personality, from here in Liverpool UK

  92. sellobic

    An amazing guitar player. son.

  93. richard russell

    What a great artist in so many ways.

  94. Chris Brasher

    jerry truly was one of a kind too bad to see this great legend gone.

  95. gaëtan Rasson

    thanx for this video :)