Reba McEntire - What Am I Gonna Do About You Lyrics

The kid down the street mowes the grass every week
The neighbor next door fixed the roof where it leaked
Job's going fine and the bills are all paid
And everyone thinks that I'm doing OK

There's a guy down at work
He's asked me out once or twice
I haven't said yes
But I'm thinking I might
And on my way home I thought I saw you walk by
If only I could get you out of my mind

What in the world am I gonna do about you
Oh your memory keeps coming back
From out of the blue
Oh well I try
And I try
But I still can't believe that we're through
So tell me what in the world am I gonna do about you
What am I gonna do about you

I went to the store
But it wasn't much fun
It doesn't take long when you're shopping for one
Standing in line I thought I saw you walk in
And that's when it started all over again

What in the world am I gonna do about you
Oh your memory keeps coming back
From out of the blue
Oh well I try
And I try
But I still can't believe that we're through
So tell me what in the world am I gonna do about you
What am I gonna do about you
Darling what am I gonna do about you

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Reba McEntire What Am I Gonna Do About You Comments
  1. Oakie

    RIP Eric Hooyschuur 1964-1993

  2. Charleston Berry

    See....this is how YOU TELL A STORY!! These days are long gone! Thank you Reba!! I love u

  3. Jeff Hill

    I’ll tell you what your gonna do. You’re going on to have a very successful career! With heartache.

  4. Paul Hoffmann

    This song was a giant hit in 1986 because it spoke to a lot of people. I know it did me. 1986 was a giant year for C&W. It's the year Reba got big, Dwight Yoakum and Randy Travis came out that year too. Lyle Lovett too. Trio came out that year too. List is long. Whew, lotta sad songs. Early and mid 80s was the golden years for C&W.

  5. Francis Beauregard

    This woman is timeless

  6. Lyndsey Wise

    97.7 Hank fm plays the older country songs and I love it. I wish country music was still like this.

  7. Charles Fish

    I wished I could afford to see you before it's to late

  8. Charles Fish

    I love your music so much I am 55 years old but think your so amazing thank's reba

  9. Bill Levins

    This was the best era in country music in the mid 80's. The sound was perfect and it is hard to put into words what I am trying to say. This song and many others at the time is this really good mellow feel to them and these great songs have aged very well over the years. This video is beautiful and the biggest then was MATURITY. The country songs back in 1986 were about real things like love, heartache and when a artist sang a fun song they did it well and sang about something everyone could enjoy. Nowadays the industry is shot and every artist sings about sex and alcohol and many other silly stuff. This is why the 80's is looked at now with such greatness because back then the singers and record execs knew what they were doing.

    Marty Rezac

    Amen !!!

  10. His wife His babyJ His babyJ his babygirl

    He didn't think about our family just took off and i got to pay his way back home what the hell am i going to do

  11. Sharon Martin

    Thank you for saving my life

  12. Melissa Denton

    Reba hits the heart and soul and of I could just get someone anyone to hear it and take me away from it all and be strong enough to be beside me and help me thru it all. I just need one person to believe in me that I'm not what everyone thinks I am. Which is a broken lost knows nothing and is Alone

    Marty Rezac

    Sorry kido !!!

    Melissa Denton

    @Marty Rezac Thank you for trying!!

  13. Rickey Engle

    don't no,,,what are you going too do about me,,

  14. reg profant

    My wife died IMY arms in 1992, November 14th at 6:00pm and I still am wondering the same

  15. Scott Russell

    so a fantastic voice and so beautiful

  16. Ashley Peterson

    I love these old songs of Reba's they mean so much !!!! They make u feel ,they hit home. Not like the songs u hear now on the radio. I love ya Reba u made women's country music and u took to all our hearts ..n that's exactly where music needs to go when you hear it

  17. sifridbassoon

    the guy playing her husband looks like David Keith. just noticed that


    It is...

  18. GENO

    Back when country music had depth.

  19. Kevin Heflin

    Been a fan since 1990. Her music is timeless ❤️

  20. His wife his babyJ his wifey babyJ baby J

    I have played this more now

  21. bubbanuts

    Reba and Loretta is the queens of country music

  22. Brenda Isajiw

    A song like this one is "talking" about life. Love it!

  23. Jon West Sr

    Back before she became a crossover dingbat she was peerless

  24. Brian C

    Meet Me.Columbus,OH


    🕉💜i remember these days like they were yesterday. I listened to this whole album once & i knew every song by heart. I was also getting a divorce. I had two sons they were coming with me. I lived my whole life for them & worked three jobs for them. Since their father just couldn't be bothered to help financially. I didnt want them to be alcoholics. It was my dream to be a professional singer since i was a little one. So when the boys got to their senior year i looked for a band to sing with. We toured all around the state. i ended up representing my state in a national singing competition. Toured the whole state of Tennessee & sang for some phenomenal people. Made a demo tape. Faith Hills manager approached me & wanted to represent me. At that point i met the most wonderful supportive man in the world & i decided that life with him would be more fun & it was. A dream come true for me & my sons we loved him so much. He passed away seven years ago this november. But the best part of my life started 30 years ago when i got divorced. I celebrate every march. Thank my ex for teaching my sons how not to be. Thats love too believe it or not.💜🕉💜Thank you Reba McIntire for helping me through some of the best times of my life.💜🕉

  26. Msleonie061

    2019 and still here!

  27. Charlotte Shumate

    No body sings like Reba I love all her songs so much heart in her voice! One of the very best! ♥️👍🎶🌹🥰

  28. his wife his baby J his baby J

    Keep loving him don't let nobody else take his place he keeps coming back

  29. cyn 76

    I did enough for u for 7 years that u took for granted and didn't appreciate...that I don't owe you or anyone else anything... I'm gonna shop for me and take care of me. I really don't need anymore bs

  30. Jennifer Pryor

    She good smart beautiful
    Guy he love her Reba mcentire nice person lady be okay fine today give him other chance Romantic mement time spent together

    Jennifer Pryor

    I love her best my friend never had

  31. mike rayner videos

    beautiful song and sing ♥

  32. Cheryl Suds

    My 3 year old would say “ play kid down street”’ he grew up on Reba and Vince Gill music.

  33. hector hinojosa

    so many years have past. I see myself older. how i wish things were the same

  34. Cowboy Hat Radio

    What are we gonna do about Reba stealing the spotlight? Break the replay button?

    Ya darn right we are!

  35. william gable

    What a career this lady has had! Great traditional country...rare today.!

  36. love hurts badly

    I know that feeling

  37. mothersdaughter61

    I just love you Reba! Your songs go straight to the heart.

  38. jim wilson

    doesnt take long when your shopping for one.

  39. Julie Bryan

    David Keith Thank you. Yes he was in An Officer and a Gentlemen

  40. Julie Bryan

    What is the Actors name in this video with her. Your right it is a timeless song

  41. Deanna Cava

    Love Reba and her songs

  42. Mark Kemmerer


  43. Kelly Farmer

    Miss videos😔

  44. love hurts badly

    Love hurts so bad

  45. hector hinojosa

    This song is what real love was. They say change is good. Its true. But I miss the old days when I would see houses like this and people really felt something for someone and not like today where you just jump into bed with someone ells and think nothing about it.

  46. John A.

    I remember back in the early nineteen nineties Reba was really big.

  47. Mumbug Me

    What a beautiful song, sung like an angel

  48. John Funkhousr

    I Love Reba McEntire in Music Video She is Nice Voice.

  49. Sundrop Princess

    You know what I love about this video? Reba has lines between her eyebrows, hollows under her eyes, and dresses like a soccer mom....but nobody cared! Her voice and emotion made her a superstar...which is why she will always be one! She was the 80s Adele. Love her!

  50. Adam Crabtree

    I really like this song.

  51. jason inglis

    what can u say about reba but this lady has the hole package voice looks and brain

  52. Natalia Stornello

    This is such a beautiful & sad song

  53. jelynix

    Her voice!! ❤️

  54. Shalana Hunt

    I miss the songs like this on the radio...

  55. kenneth Picklesimer

    Old school songs are the best I sure wish Country music singers would listen

  56. wayne hamilton

    Always Remember. Friends are Friends for life. Godly Love never dies.

  57. Rachel McGhee

    Love this song.Been a year since he left me for drugs:(

  58. Brian C

    You sold out again in Columbus,OH.

  59. jim wilson

    One of my Favorites , love the melody bittersweet memories, we saw Reba in Nashville ,Fun times,Been marrie d55 years & still holding hands lov eyou Nancy,

  60. Guy Brooks

    she"s got THAT voice , like Steve Perry , the gal from sugarland , they could all sing the phone book acapelo , and still sound great !

  61. love is hard to find who cares love is not real

    I know that pain it's hitting me now

  62. Barbara Robb

    This song reminds me.of.the guy I let go.long.time ago that miss so much

  63. Lance B

    That old ass Toyota Tercel in the beginning just cracks me up and it was brand new! lol Just really shows you how old this song is.

  64. wayne hamilton

    Put it in Gods hands and let him lead. He will show us what is to be if we learn to wait on him.

  65. Adam Crabtree

    What a great song by Reba?

  66. Adam Crabtree

    This is a amazing song by Reba.

  67. God's girl 1963 Malone

    This was my Song when it first came out .. fit my situation right down to a T .😥. This guy & I broke up 💔. I thought it was True L💖ve but it wasn't 💔. But I kept thinking about him . Through the years I got over him & continued my life ...😉👍

  68. wayne hamilton

    I am coming down soon.Class will be out as of tonight.

  69. Baba Yaga

    G.B. wuz here

  70. sadie diarisso

    Why cant Reba sing songs like this anymore.I LOVE old Reba but i dont care for the new stuff.

  71. Shon C

    I smell Windex every time I hear this song. I use to clean the Windows and tv with Windex as my mother did laundry and dishes and she would play this song on. A 45 over and over.

  72. big kuntry

    I'm 15 didn't grow up listening to this but my grandad got me addicted to it first song I heard was this sure ain't like so called country today

  73. Bonnie Kammeyer

    I love Reba songs

  74. Barbara - Williams

    I love u cj with all my heart see u soon m'd

  75. wayne hamilton

    Reba, your music just reaches down and touches my soul. Wish i knew Gods plan for us both?

  76. Amanda Lewis

    my very first love broke up with me out the blue said he had to move and that he had no choice he didnt move but like a hour away and then he met someone after he moved married her and had 2 girls i was devestated he was the man i shoulda been with hes faithful caring honest and a hard worker and i know he wouldnt ever leave her but why couldnt it had been me ive had nothing but heartache my whole life because hes the one i shouldve been with i still love him and havent even talked to him since and ive never felt that way abt anyone else if he called today id drop it all and go and never look back i still cry over it that is crazy that i would even care but i do so much we were only 16 17 but it was a strong love i had for him and we didnt even sleep together i dont get why im still loving him

  77. Heather Sago

    Reba I love you too baby girl and I am going to have them cancel the room we stayed in his mom w a yard work and chilled the or something else that I am an amazing woman in a room with the kids and it started right up the street from the kids even though I was gonna see if it weren't for a week and got a new phone number and tell him he will get the stuff from Jeremy is there any way I have never heard of her friends around tgere to go to the store for me not to be there at her friends and family and she is in recovery of it want me to bring you some help bad as a manager of the hospital for a week and got a free lol I'm so hurt over and make the best of it and said she was leaving fri and she said I just can't seem to flick through this week I needed someone else to get the kids off the bus by themselves and she said I just can't seem like the pay stubs to go home tomorrow at work now have been in the kids off the bus and keep them til Brenda thete to be there at 7am or not sure if I would have to make it work on ourselves to go to the store for

  78. wayne hamilton

    Bedtime . sweet dreams tonight. It makes me proud there is good out there needing love showed in return.

  79. wayne hamilton

    Good song with a good question..

  80. julie brtek

    Truly think that is missing in Country Music today. More junk songs can't understand words. This song take me back years so many times walk away from guys that drink or turn me away from me. Awesome song. Does hurt ones can't have. Every time hear song take me back my first job had back 1984 and later was fire and guy like never got chance be with. Boss rules. Kind funny how did my job better then his girlfriend at work. In factory job well Music and put mind to work. On book mark line. Guess say was very special talented comes to my work. Always enjoy Reba classic hits songs kind take you back good old days songs were pure country music sound. I truly miss them so much as Fans do. Why still collect old classic cds or records. Fun listen to. Bring back great memories was listening on radio stations .

  81. Nicholai Barak

    She did a really good job & I like the part where she thought she saw him @ the grocery store! But the album "What Am I Gonna Do About You" is really great & this is one of the best off it!

  82. Shon C

    I smell Windex every time i hear this song. I always helped my mom clean the house when I was a kid and she always played this record over and over as she folded clothees and did dished as I want around with the Windex and clleaned the tv and Windows

  83. Matthew Jones

    Who did this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  84. Carolyn Whorton

    Love her a ll these songs bring up so memories

  85. Darla Tsotaddle

    Yes.....that right.......... she is a awesome singer and never get tried of listening to her. I am 63 now and she is on my bucket list to meet her one day. Reba you have wonderful voice so keep singing. I am from OKC, Oklahoma

  86. Regene Huddleston

    wow this song must be 30 yrs,old & Reba still the queen of country music in my eyes god bless yes I've met a banjo player knows Blake Shelton cuzin!

  87. kathy Pryor

    if youget reward cmt

  88. kathy Pryor

    im miss her so much

  89. Nicholai Barak

    Reba rose in fame in 1976 & she is still making progress with her success every day! Many talented singers can't do what you do Reba, just sayin'!

  90. Shambala InMaine

    have we all not been there?

  91. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    Nice song.

  92. EvilWhiz

    Wish I had a love life like that. At least I got classic music like this :)

  93. Shambala InMaine

    GUILTY PLEASURE, I DO LIKE Miranda Lambert

  94. Brian Sengstock

    REBA..!! I LOVE YOU..!!! I ALWAYS WILL..!!

  95. lea amore

    She's my Idol I love all of her songs , 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  96. Victoria Brooks


  97. Michelle Gleason

    Reba songs taught me at an early age that love isn't easy.

  98. Sam Woods

    what ever happened to country music