Reba McEntire - Oh Happy Day Lyrics

Oh happy day
Oh happy day
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
He washed my sins away

Oh happy day
Oh happy day
Oh happy day
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
When my Jesus washed
He washed my sins away

Oh happy day
Oh He taught me how
To watch and pray
Fight and pray
Fight and pray

Every day

I live rejoicing every day

Oh happy day
Oh happy day
When Jesus washed
When my Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
He washed my sins away

Oh washed 'em away

Oh He taught me how
To watch and pray
Fight and pray
Fight and pray

I'm livin' and rejoicin'
Every day

I live rejoicing every day

Oh He taught me how to watch
How to watch and pray
Every day

Oh happy day
Oh when my Jesus washed
Oh my Jesus washed
Oh my Jesus washed
He washed my sins away

Oh he washed my sins away
Oh yeah!
Come on!
Join in!
All God's children singin'
Get your hands up!
All God's children singin'
Come on!
Join in!
God's a-smilin' at you now
Lift 'em up!
Sing it out!
Happy day!

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Reba McEntire Oh Happy Day Comments
  1. Cheryl Whitestone

    Nice version, thank you Reba. Oh Happy Day

  2. Marie-Catherine Letendre

    Just a step closer to Heaven with this song!

  3. ayronsmama05

    How can anyone not be moved by this awesome version of a glorious song!! OH HAPPY DAY! I am so thankful for my Lord Jesus and His precious power daily!!

  4. Jennifer Pryor

    I love song I like her best my friend

    Jennifer Pryor

    Ask you something about Kelly Clarkson if she can sing same thing like Reba mcentire she had same like yours

  5. Liz Gichora

    Praise God!..just wonderful...💜

  6. Natalia Stornello

    Today will be a happy day!

  7. Susan Mccorkell

    Love u reba these songs have come at the best time for me I have been slowly losing my faith I've lost my dad my mom my step dad my sister my brother in law n my husband just 2 years ago but listening to your songs of faith has lifted me back up love u Reba god bless you

  8. Sandra Wetzelcollins


  9. Sandie TAF

    Love this album

  10. wayne hamilton

    Love that Joy Shining on your face. Finish my disciple class end of April. Will be down after that.

  11. wayne hamilton

    That was a happy day. i just hope we can see where he needs us to be every day

  12. Darlene Meredith

    I truly enjoy this album. I have owned it for a few months now. I have enjoyed Listening to Reba for many years.

  13. Nicholai Barak

    She did a great job on this version! Melissa Peterman was actually the one who recommended "Oh Happy Day" to go on the album "Sing It Now: Songs Of Faith & Hope" when Reba asked what she wanted to hear on the Album. So thank Melissa! Any day is a happy day when I get to listen to Reba honestly!

  14. Berlinda Armijo

    Spread the gospel John 3:16 📖 a great way through music also 👍

  15. Cindy Lou

    THAT SAX!! Great cover Reba. I keep playing again and again🎶💜🎶💜

  16. John and Carole Telman


  17. Dottie E

    love this!

  18. Regene Huddleston

    absolutely a happy day when I got refreshed with the holy ghost! yes I sang this a Baptist church Calhoun Louisiana with choir* Waylan & Karla piercy I miss u so much! Thnks always for ur prayers for my daughter's an me

  19. Marlenee Danner

    I just love you and your songs and movies and show you are down to earth your are my girl

  20. It is so beautiful .Andrew Pernia Pernia

    This is a great music *OH HAPPY DAY* 😀

  21. Bruno Bahry Dos Santos

    I am brasilian, and i love your voice❤❤❤

  22. YO MAMA

    He does make Life So MUCH Better! I Was 27 it took me that freakn long; Shame! Cause Now Idk how I survived w/out HIM! God Bless America in Jesus' Name!

  23. Jean Rader

    My Mother's beautiful little Sister, J, back in 1939, sang Oh Happy Day, while my Grandad, Ed, played the harmonica.

  24. Heron Tamez

    Reba is amazing woman one of my favorite country folk singer ever

  25. Betty Mcminn

    I love Reba's new Christian/ Gospel songs 😀🙌 And love her to " she has beautiful voice.

  26. Betty Mcminn

    I love Reba's new Christian/ Gospel songs 😀🙌 And love her to " she has beautiful voice.

  27. jai fletcher

    Can't go past Reba

  28. geraldine dunlap

    Beautiful song and singer

  29. JesusSavedJoshua

    well done Christian lady. Glory to God! thank you Jesus. Victory in Jesus alone.

  30. Todd Freeman

    Praise and glory be to our Heavenly Father, and his son Jesus the Christ!

  31. Jane Ragan

    You just keep on giving your best to us, don't you, Girl?! Thank you - can't wait to get the new album - Back to God - WOW!
    Thanks again, Reba, for lifting me up again. Love you. Jane Ragan

  32. Debra Adamski

    I Love Reba's new CD I got it for Valentine's I listen to it everyday. I Love the Lord I thank him every day for saving me

  33. Mercedes Villanueva

    Reba's dealing hard times I reckon... Dealing important things and trying to heal the pain. Good for anyone. This new album brings out some of her life family songs. Can't wait!

  34. DeLaDank

    WOW! this is one of the best versions of this song i've heard. You nailed it Re-Re!

  35. Peace in Jesus Christ

    only God Jehovah can heal this land! can make America/World great again! this world need's to bring God back! man cannot! will not make America great again! he dose not hold the power to do this. WE THE PEOPLE DO! BY PUTTING GOD BACK IN AMERICA/WORLD! REPENTING & TURNING BACK TO GOD! AMEN! YES IT'S A HAPPY DAY CAUSE JESUS CHRIST IS MY SAVIOR MY KING, MY LORD, MY BEST FRIEND! GLORY HALLELUJAH 🙌🙌👏👏

  36. Rhonda Flanders

    I love this song & I can't wait for the album!

  37. Mary Schmid


  38. Laura Out There

    Love your new album, Reba. I'm not typically a country fan, but you're always the exception. You're a breath of fresh air. Thanks, and blessings to you and yours.

  39. Eddie Burke

    Thank you Reba for giving me music in my heart

    Eddie Burke

    oops sorry on my sons page Kathy Burke

  40. Debra Johnson


  41. Chris Holbrook

    How many times has Reba been married?

  42. Debbie Conn

    oh yes yes what an Awsome Album Ty Ty Jesus for this woman's heart bless you Reba

  43. Peggy Taylor

    One of my favorite songs well done Reba

  44. Dorothy. B Rogers

    I love me some Reba music!!!!

  45. Jean Rader

    That was God's perfect timing, Ms Reba, as you said tonight...give this world back to God. Or, the rapture will be coming soon and very soon.

    Andrew Pernia

    Jean Rader -My. Name. Is. Andrew. Pernia. What. A Blessing. Song.! !
    Oh. How. I. Love. Jesus. ..Amen 😃 🙏

  46. EvangelistLouise Schmaling Eads


  47. Stacy Medina


  48. sarah pepper

    Damm this great song .. I love this song any song comes from her is amazing I love ur songs

    Zechariah Scott

    sarah pepper I agree

  49. Lynn Schwemle

    Great music

  50. June Ritchie

    FEEL GOOD MUSIC!!! Love it!!

  51. Wendell Edward Edwardwendel

    I really need of Reba mcEntireve music now

  52. Fay

    Thank You Jesus!!!  Beautiful Song  ♥ ♥ ♥

  53. i57#! Bracy

    I love Reba's rendition of "Oh Happy Day." It is very moving and refreshing.

  54. tjak76

    Great song.  Needs more of that raw live choir sound in the background from the start.

    Beverly Hicks

    tjak76 best version I have ever heard was in Secretariat when he came around the back stretch! A faith building movie!

  55. Jacqueline Carpenter

    love it

  56. Caffeinated Nation

    2017: Year of the Ginger.

    First, Ed Sheeran and now the one and only Reba. ( giggles with glee! )

  57. caylin robison

    love Reba and I am so excited about her new gospel cd. We really need something positive and caring. Amen Thanks to you Reba

  58. Virginia Smith

    I love Reba and love this!♡♡♡♡

  59. Vicky Gadit

    Great singing Reebs!

  60. Stormie Poetry26

    OH HAPPY DAY! I love this song!😄

  61. Dawn Fowler

    OHH how I love thee.. Reba McIntire is surely amazing!!! The Bestest :p

  62. Alain Bruno

    Amazing lyrics!!

    chris friemiento

    this is real music

  63. Genni Glassglow

    💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.
    Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.

  64. Roy de Vos

    I've never been so excited for a Reba album.

  65. KelLY Sanders

    that's my girl♥♥♥

  66. SingingEMU9246

    you are boring

  67. Sandra Cosby

    Dose she have more like that? Reb

  68. Sandra Cosby

    I love that song of Reb

  69. Katie Smith

    Love this!! ♪💟💟

  70. jennifer blancett

    awesome about time to hear the lovely voice sing gospel

  71. Olivia Anderson

    I love this and you to red!!!💗

  72. Bruce Hampton

    That song was awesome can't wait to see the video

  73. Margaret Routt

    yes indeed amen I love this song & Reba

  74. Duricas

    All these years, I thought it was "When Jesus Walked..."

    Cindy Waggoner

    Duricas I sing it both ways. lol!

  75. honeybun13

    It was a mistake to listen to this as I'm trying to do homework. I couldn't stop dancing and there was absolutely no focus on my notes!!

  76. Miguel Boffa

    Love Reba...mmm. 💖💓💗..

  77. Audra Penney

    Waited a long time for Reba to do this kind of album. So happy she finally did I love it. Can't wait to get the whole album.

  78. Kayla LK

    Trailer Trash Tammy must be so happy


    What are you talking about


    Um... what?

    Julian Baker

    Kayla LK Tammy most definitely is happy

  79. Dream Catcher

    I hate this song it just repets oh happy day that's anong

  80. Stive Rosen

    perfect as the Restrainer worketh thru trump until he taketh out of the way. we have a little more time and this sing is perfect!

  81. Isaac Robinson

    just happened to be the day I watch this I don't have school

  82. Genea Maines

    I love it !!! ❤❤❤ Reba !!!

  83. Noah Kaser

    I wish she would do more love songs and break up songs instead of Christian songs but it's okay.

    Courtney Johnson

    Noah Kaser This is her first time even doing an Christian/gospel album. Other than that, her songs have always been, break-up/some guy has done me wrong songs. She has never been into singing love songs much.

    Noah Kaser

    I love it but I'm not use to it yet

  84. Robert Elizabeth Peterson

    To bad 6 people don't have any taste in music.

  85. Jesse Frausto

    Absolutely amazing! Oh What a Happy day this is! Amen!!!

    Strefa Gastro

    Jesse Frausto hńu

  86. William D

    Reba's new album is exactly what the world needs ❤️🙏🏻

    Larry Moon

    William D u

    Amit Rajput

    Charles Haga

    Karen Holt

    Larry Moon a

    Karen Holt

    William D V

    Arlon_Magistar Tanking

    Amen to that, William! It's time and past that our country artists started putting their faith out front: it really encourages us fans to do the same. Don't hide your Light under a bushel, Reba sure isn't! :)

  87. Diane

    Ohhhhh happy day is right!!!!

  88. Ciara Mikel

    Love it

  89. Danny

    Yes yes yes!!! I am so excited about this album.

  90. Kimberly Veal

    Love this!

  91. Naomi Gonzales

    LOVE ❤❤

  92. Skye

    That was so amazing! You have such an incredible voice. Love you Reba!

  93. Courtney Johnson

    love it