Rea, Chris - New Way Lyrics

I go to work in a bubble
I got everything I need
I get so high on no trouble
It's a great feeling, being free

I say a prayer at thanksgiving
I bless the night and the day
I look up to the sky with a smile on my face
And I praise the lord of the new way

The sweetest sound I ever knew
Was the sound of reason falling
Like the summer rain
And the truth washed the pain away
New way

I don't watch tv anymore
Don't need to see it now we all know the score
And all the politicians know what they're there for
It's a new way
New way

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Rea, Chris New Way Comments
  1. Rose Jacobsmeyer

    Chris Rea. the New Way is upbeat and satisfying to the ear. Thanks Athenamats!


    You're very welcome Rose !

  2. N666bg

    Харесва ми, мерси...

  3. johanna busser

    bedankt een mooie clip ,johanna,