Raury - XXL Freshman 2015 - Raury Freestyle Lyrics

Chill out with the bullshit, don't be messing with my vibe
Sun is slowly setting on the children of the light
We be used to staring at the clouds, stars, gleaming lights
UFOs beaming 'cross the East Atlanta sky
You think they exist and so do she and so do I
Heard he said they walk amongst us dressed like human kind
You would keep on talking bout some otherworldly topics
Praying that they couldn't hear us cause we know they got the spies
I heard you going to college and I know your mama proud
You gon' take a loan and get financial aid or something
Told me keep in touch when I get big and breaking out
Hope that I can say I know you twenty years from now
Watch the stars go up as the sun went down
All the friends pulled up, Mary Jane went round
All bound for a day to be kings with the crown
And the queens with the gown way beyond the hometown
But that's not always how it goes
Everyone they living how they think they were supposed
To live, and they look at me like a dog and bone
I can teach you how to fish but I ain't handing you salmon, dammit
You can meet me by the lake and we can try again
I don't care how long it take
If it don't work we'll be here another day
Until then lay in the grass and relax and watch
The stars with me

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Raury XXL Freshman 2015 - Raury Freestyle Comments
  1. Kidd.CYNICAL

    this the closest we gon get to earl sweatshirt on xxl

  2. Level Up Visions

    sleeping on this dude

  3. Cora Lewis

    Raury Freestyle - 2015 XXL Freshman

  4. Black Gaara



  5. Planet Soul

    GoldLink, Raury & Vince Staples were the only real talented O.G's that killed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Gerardo Mora

    Raury Fire AF still relevant in 2018

  7. Gwrightproductions1

    Some cats from 2015 should be way more famous by now

  8. Joel Castillo

    Nigga this shit trash

  9. NAAP B.

    raury nd denzel like the two consciousness angel nd devils. Raury the angel nd Denzel the devil💀💀

    Nerd's Nature

    NAAP B. denzil Porter?


    no denzel curry dumbass

  10. Boogie Cousins #BC0 #Rebirth #NOLA

    That hat holdin on for dear life.

    Ray Kazembe

    hanging on for dear life....for the love of the money


    Hash Slinging Slasher Jit lookin' Luffy

  11. Niko idk

    Looks like he unlocked the 5th element, hat-bending. Forreal. How's that shit not in the floor yet. Like he's not even wearing it. It's floating behind his head

    Meeckle Bonez

    His master was the mighty creator of hatbending himself: T.I

  12. Zareuz

    people sleep on og Maco though

  13. bazlowsound

    I think they needa hit felly up for 2016

  14. Sunny

    fuck anybody talkin shit, this is dope, different, unfortunately original/conscious shit is considered overrated, but fuck yall, really

  15. loveleo

    Raury flames

  16. Yzaiah Jordan

    what is he wearing?

  17. xhale

    Towards the end of the verse it made me think he was making an allusion to "The Old Man and The Sea"

  18. Ryan Oppegard

    This is garbage AF.

  19. Davion Newman

    Sounds real smooth...I dig.

  20. Ana Solis

    Did better than shy and fetty probably tied with dej loaf

  21. Shawleigh Rivers

    Definitely refreshing...

  22. SaTbReH

    I cannot, for the life of me, read this guy.


    What do you read thats important or significant from the other XXL freshmen? Or any other rappers in general? Troy Ave? Curren$y? Vince Staples? Kendrick Lamar? Big Sean? Travis Scott? Chance the Rapper? haha


    Im really interested haha


    Holy shit, I'm so sorry for being late af. But, I try to read their vibe and how they do things, or maybe even who they are. But I can't catch this guy.


    Haha its all good! Thank you for replying :)
    Have you checked out more of his work? He's dope!


    @mdwjr07 I haven't. I'm considering it since he's pretty great.

  23. Pimple Covered

    meet by lake

    Chanel Tarantino

    i thought it was meet me at the lake 😂

    Pimple Covered

    Bobby Tarantino MEET AT LAKE***

  24. Antonio Price

    I ain't trying hate but i enjoyed 2014 xxl freshman class more than 2015. They should of put bishop nehru and lil herb on there, some of those artist not even freshmans

  25. Khalil Tigner

    Please go to my channel I'm a Artist from Atlanta GA too I'm going to change the game straight up 🎧 also download my music for free spread the word may got bless y'all 🙏


  26. Sir Dion

    i group him with chance the rapper.

    hes  nice

  27. kindA but not really111

    3 stacks and a weird mixture of kid cudi and little R&B. I like this guy. He seems like he just started since he only has one mixtape. Cant wait for more music. He does seem interesting.

  28. Itsbraingrey

    Not bad yo best so far, sincere shit.

  29. stunnaboycodotcom

    he look like he related to tink and vince staples

  30. Mach6ixx_

    he (and vince) shitted on every other freshmen in this group and for raury mainly being an r&b artist thats kind of sad. maybe next year theyll use artists with more than just a radio hit and a nice melody. fuck wimme doe, i produce write, rap, sing, record, and shittily mix all of my work. soundcloud.com/sativasonic

  31. Emery Coston

    Nah not all female rappers sound like Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill or Lil Kim. You obviously don't pay attention to other female rappers. Look at Eve, Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, YoYo. Personally to me no female rapper will ever be better than MC Lyte. she Trumps every female artist ever.

  32. ItsATrap

    Imma remix the shit out of this

  33. Forbes Ferrari

    He snapped

  34. Ivan Burns

    Wannabe Andre 3000

  35. CamCANTRUN

    Pretty sub par...

  36. Madara Uchiha

    Raury wants to be Monkey D.Luffy so bad


    I'm done 😂

  37. Arlivia Thompson

    He remind me of Will Smith son... Jaden Smith

  38. Dapper Dan

    is it just me or does he look & remind anyone of Charles Hamilton?

  39. Spyro Bandicoot

    This industry plant is bland and boring . I've listened to indigo child and it's not good just another songwriter with ok vocals

  40. Deasy2000

    Dude isn't bad. I guess it's because I'm a 3000 fan and I feel that he swag jacking. But when I go in open minded he's decent. Should try r&b writing tho

  41. Tate Buchholz

    Raury is an artist. You can't really say he's a rapper. He's a good, all around artist and he'll make some noise pretty soon.

  42. Chad

    Raury is fucking underrated.

  43. Risktaker tony

    How ft did this kid fly so far under the radar.

  44. Darrius Huskey

    he did great 👏🏽👏🏽 mad props

  45. Kelby Spann

    He kinda reminds me of earl...

  46. BreadKing Jahmal

    One of the worst xxl covers in my opinion

  47. Go Berzerk

    I know none of these XXL rappersso I am completey unbiased when I say THIS is THE best rapper on it. Raury you got a new fan!

  48. Rom The Don

    im sorry but 2013 and before that xxl had great artist showing up and rapping but now its like its only getting worse sadly

  49. brushed cashmere

    Childish 2.0

  50. Y.R. Productions

    They Passed Up Lil Herb For This?

  51. J. Lew

    Its very disrespectful to 3stackz when you compare this guy to him smh ppl pls stop

  52. Chris Ramirez

    What tha fuck is on his head! He sucks

  53. Thomas Ryan

    dude look like knock off denzel curry

  54. ThirdEye Rap

    Raury's sway freestyle is on my channel and its FIRE.

  55. WaterBenBury Channel

    They should of put King Los on xxl this year

  56. Justin Sealy

    Not really impressed with him seems bland

  57. saint falafel

    feels like this shift of consciousness slowly takin place is challenging the norm so people hate on it

    saint falafel

    +EsotericRea yea it's nkdrm_69

    saint falafel

    do u have fb?


    @Ziggy Dmt  Yeah just tweet me so I can msg you

    saint falafel

    @EsotericRea​ what's your handle?


    @acebodyroc I already followed you

  58. Hypebeast

    He likes OF or just used the meet by the lake line because he felt like it ?

    Jacob Cooper

    that line is originally from Tylers song analog, not analog pt. 2 by OF

    Jarrick Williams

    Coupe Dogg When he was doing free promo with his "Anti tours" he went and performed at a Tyler concert after it was finished. Hope this helps.

  59. Jordan Winters

    I really like his flow, his metaphors, etc.Idk why, but I just am not feeling his voice. At all. Maybe it's just me. And I ain't hating, before I get all these comments against me 😒

  60. Poèt El Ra Shun

    This is alright

  61. the boy

    my dream song is gambino, chance, raury and goldlink.

  62. m10Grizzly


  63. DJ Milli Millz

    Best XXL freestyle here.



  65. TroyLLF

    dude got that 3stacks flow and style heavy...Vince & Tink definitely had the best ones

  66. jaredxcantrell

    tf was this ?

  67. mIchaela burton

    Why do y'all feel the best XXL freestyle should have?

  68. Jay Day

    I think he's trying to hard to be deep his flow weak but he got decent lyrics but he just trying to hard to be different

  69. Hymond Moore

    @Hip Hop Music he sounds like b.o.b

  70. klartz1

    Lauren hill i mean tinks XXL is amazing go check it out

  71. Samad Savage

    Best one I heard so far

  72. Bruce Wave

    iswear this kid thinks hes 3k forreal

  73. P L

    3/5 -- Not Bad, Not Great .... Just enough to say "Ok", there's something here.

  74. TZ4789

    i get a feeling of arrogance from him through all the planned smiles and quasi-deep lyrics. glad he accepts being an industry plant, it's getting him that money.

  75. R2TheArTisT

    This mane music sounds more like pop to me tho


    @R2TheArTisT It's no where near pop... It's Indie/Folk/Soul/HipHop mashed up... Pop is in no way involved.


    He will be mainstream soon. @EsotericRea​


    Not in the way you may think. I'm counting on it.

  76. Mute The Messiah

    Raury is such a talented musician but I feel like he doesn't really rap a lot in his music. I don't think he should be in the xxl list because he isn't much of a rapper, he's just a dope multitalented musician. I think he will become very famous one day tho

  77. SonOfaBerg

    nah naa nope!!!!!!!!!!!! How TF herb got beat out by this type of shit come onnnn man im audi

  78. Chris Padilla

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him/her drink

    "I can teach you how to fish

    But I ain't handing you Salmon

    damn it "

    That was tight

  79. Yung Mane

    I just saw Andre 3000

  80. Jesus Pieces2

    I don't how to feel about this dude lmao but he's dope

  81. Surreal Season

    Somebody listen to my raps way better than this shit


    i a gree with most the comments

  83. Aashwin

    Raury and Vince are probably going to be the most interesting rappers coming out of this bunch, especially with this indie style of hip hop that Raury brings to the table.

  84. Young SauceDripperz



    Lol wtf was this..

  86. Tristan Miller

    Raury has some great lyrics. I'm excited to see what Tink and OG Maco are bringing to the table.

  87. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    Ok thats 1/3 of atl's rappers....lets go OGG

  88. Keeys

    I think 2014 XXL freshman class was better than this year's freshman class

  89. Jim Johnson

    Here's the lineup for the three cyphers if you were wondering...

    Fetty Wap, Dej Loaf, Shy Glizzy

    Vince Staples, OG Maco, GoldLink

    Tink, K Camp, Raury, Kidd Kidd

  90. Mezzy


  91. john jackson

    Raury always Roars like a lion.

  92. Terrell Peyton

    Wasn't feelin it Herb shoulda got his spot.

    Terrell Peyton

    @soolah voidset Nigga shut up this dude makes good music but he shouldn't have been on this list instead of Herb. My Opinion 

    soolah voidset

    shut up boyyy

    Terrell Peyton

    @soolah voidset Bruh stay in a child's place n quit responding it's annoying.

    soolah voidset

    shut cho bum ass up you da one responding you shoulda ignored. stop that shit. Child.

    Terrell Peyton

    @soolah voidset Damn again?? go somewhere. Ya bumb ass should never commented annoying ass kid. 

  93. Chris F

    Rhythm. and. poetry. This dude killed it

  94. DopeBoiFresh

    I'm confused I listen to a few of his tracks and I don't consider his music hip hop at all .

  95. Will Tenenbaum

    Damn is he wearing an industry plant t shirt?? He beat me to it lol. At least he's self aware I guess