Raury - Rubi Lyrics

Oh Rubi Rubi sing to me
So many things that I would love to know
And take me high on broken wings
No other place that I would rather go

(Oh oh oh oh oh)
(Oh oh oh oh oh)
(Oh oh oh oh oh)

Rubi, oh Rubi, oh hold me down and use me
Oh Rubi, oh Rubi, no average girl, no groupie
Oh Rubi, oh Rubi, oh why do you confuse me?
Oh Rubi, oh Rubi, I never could abuse thee

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Raury Rubi Comments
  1. Jordan Turner

    “Take me high on broken wings”

  2. 1 1

    Rubi Rose

  3. Wise Fellow

    I swear, I heard a song identical to the part of this one from begininng to 0:26. Just other words were used. Original was released in 70’s by some famous rock band. Anyway great album, just wish to know where it came, so I can relisten it.

    Austin Jones

    Wise Fellow The Beatles - A Day in The Life?