Raury - Leviathan Lyrics

(Oh, oh, oh, oh)

True, though I left you
I'm exploring my love
True, though I left you
I miss loving my ohhhh

Some live in churches, some magnify
Other move their [?]
Who would rather die ohhhh
We're not, we're not tired of running running around
Running around

True, though I left you
I was growing, I was growing
True, won't forget you
I respect you, your decisions

Did you believe in me?
Or were you deceiving me
Once again yeah
Though I'm tired of running of running running around
Running around, running around
(Running, running, running)
Running around
(Running, running, running)


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Raury Leviathan Comments

    I ain’t crying :( Your crying ...

  2. Doris Rapp

    I needed this. ✨💜✨

  3. Ricky Ncukana

    so dreeeeaaamyyy. I love you so much, Raury

  4. Indigo Baybee

    I will forever run with raury. My manifestation is to go to the -woods- and be in harmony with you. I create this thought. - Indigo baby.

  5. lot0pie

    This is beautiful

  6. Salvador Perez

    This Is My Escape..
    I've Been Waiting And This Album Was Worth The Wait .....

  7. BATSUU.Mobi

    The man who detached himself from society. You'll never understand how much you have helped a lot of us. Thank you.

  8. Rap Connoisseur

    Bro i swear i was having the harshest day the other day and almost as if he knew how much he was needed, he drops this shit. Love tf out of your art, craft and the person you are in general Raury. Thank you for staying you.

  9. robb dogg

    Raury you beautiful soul

  10. PRT2