Raury - Fountain Of Youth Lyrics

Pull up, hop out, no time on my watch wrist
So bold, so young, so cold but I'm not sick
Walk 'round, head down, so proud on the watchlist
Wish time had a stop switch, wish time had a stop switch
So I could watch this
All happen sometimes this shit's unreal
Just wanna watch this, just wanna

Come home, shoes off, hand greet me with a backrub
She kills for me, cries for me, longs for me but is that love?
No it's not, not at all, real love is a lack of judge
In the court, suit and tie, feel afraid but I'm Darren Wilson
It's careless
At least you can listen
You always there in spirit, always

Stone Mountain, hometown, crossed path with my old boys
Most of 'em ain't livin' right, ten years ago we stole toys
From the store, now we grow, far apart but I roll joints
When I'm in town, hang around, chose this life and you chose yours

But you ain't smilin', you get high
But you ain't, smilin'
No you ain't

Fountain of youth, I'm bound for you, I promise that my heart is gold
I live for love, I live for peace, I live to keep from growin' old
To tell the truth, I'm scared to die, terrified I'd lose it all
So verify I won't lose it all
Cause all my life I been losing things and I'm not attached
I don't chose and clean, to miss things I lost, [?]
Cause that plants the seeds of unhappiness that becomes a tree
And you lose yourself and forget the peace is inside of you and inside of me
And you lose the feel of your memory
I mean how you'd feel back when you were three?
You would dream and think lucidly
You and me would hit school and we would get change for life and stick glue to seats
You would see to be cool that we must get shoes like these and be loose in streets
But this is just nothing new to me
Turned around from New Years to see

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